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We are one of the leading removals companies in Brisbane, QLD offering quality packing and moving services at the most reasonable price.

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Moving Made Easy With Better Removalists Brisbane

We know the hassles of moving out and the hard work that comes along with it. Whether you are relocating within Brisbane or moving interstate, our experienced professionals have you covered. With over a decade of successfully servicing our clients, Better Removalists Brisbane has become a preferred removal company for both moving houses and offices. Armed with proven techniques, foolproof packing materials, and state-of-the-art equipment, our professionals are committed to making the procedure a tension-free affair for you.

Our high-quality and efficient services cover a gamut of packing and moving solutions in Brisbane that are customised to suit the needs of individuals and businesses. We assist in removal, packing and unpacking while aligning with the standards set by the mobility industry.

For our highly-skilled, qualified, and dedicated staff members no move is too big or too small. We promise to take care of your prized possessions like our own and extend a hassle-free move conducted by a polite and courteous staff. Our reputation speaks volumes about our credibility, efficiency, precision and security. If you have an upcoming relocation, we would like to hear from you. Call us now at 1300 766 422 or fill out the contact form for an instant online quote.

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We Take The Load Off Your Shoulders With Our Unmatched Packing, Moving, And Unpacking Services. Give Us A Call Today Or Get An Instant Online Quote.
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Trusted Removalists in Brisbane

Packing the furniture with utmost care and delivering it to your desired location in Brisbane is our forte. We unpack the belongings as per your instructions and guarantee superior services, which are a few notches above the rest in the market. We are committed to offering quick, hassle-free, and advanced assistance for moving anywhere in Brisbane. With us by your side, you can rest assured about finding the new home neatly organised and ready to be occupied with ease.

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Leading Interstate Removalists in Brisbane

The thought of uprooting your family and well-settled home is upsetting in itself. Do not add to the anxiousness by undertaking the laborious task of relocating to another state all by yourself. Spend quality time with your family to get them acclimatised with the change, while we take care of the packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking of your stuff. We are recognised all over the country for our exceptional services which have helped thousands to move effectively and tension-free.
Packing is the hardest part of moving out. From securing the crockery and precious porcelain to bubble wrapping the paintings and glass top furnishings, the struggle is real. Only a professional can put your doubts related to transporting of delicate household items to rest. We use superior packing material and robust cardboard boxes to organise your stuff neatly in labelled packages.

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World-Class Furniture Removalists in Brisbane – Call Us Now for An Instant Quote

A lot goes into moving a house or an office. The daunting task can become overwhelming because of the volume of the effort and time spent in managing all aspects of the procedure. No doubt it is a Herculean task that cannot be carried out by an individual or a few friends. This is where we come in with our expertise and experience of moving, packing and unpacking solutions in Brisbane. Better Removalists Brisbane is your one-stop destination to get all your moving challenges fixed by proficient teams. We have been in the business for too long and know what it takes to make every job a successful endeavour. No two households or offices are alike and every customer has individual needs and budget. Thus we make sure to customise our solutions to fit into your requirements and pocket. Whether it is a local or interstate job, Better Removalists Brisbane is at your service at any time of the day or week. We have a strategically placed network of talented professionals available throughout Brisbane including Brisbane City, South Brisbane, Forest Lake, Sunnybank Hills, Capalaba, The Gap, Coorparoo, Ipswich, the Redlands region and all the adjoining suburbs. Additionally, our clients benefit from our round-the-clock support system which is happy to help you at any hour of the day.
Our Specialised Brisbane Removalists will Leave No Stone Unturned to provide With The Best Moving Experience. Call Us Today For A Free Quote!
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A Name You Can Bank Upon - Better Removalists Brisbane

With Better Removalists Brisbane by your side, the moving journey just keeps getting better and better. Besides other transportations facilities, we also offer shared backloading, which is a boon for customers who do not have a truck-full load. To save the cost of hiring an exclusive truck, you can book space on one of our trucks returning from a completed interstate move. Saving while moving is the best way to kick-start your new life.Whether you are relocating to a new residential property or a new office space, Better Removalists Brisbane is here to help. If you have any query related to our services, call us today and get a free quote!


Best Removalists in the City

With over a decade of experience in furniture removals in Brisbane, we can tailor a move to suit your every need. Dedicated to offering complete moving services that won't break the bank or your back, our dedicated team can accommodate removals from high-rise apartments, houses, offices and more! We are the best movers in Brisbane and with extremely competitive rates and a service second-to-none, we are confident you will be more than satisfied with your move. Our highly-trained professionals will come to your place, pack your belongings and transport them safely to the new location. We are experts in office and home removals and that’s why people trust us. If you are on the lookout for a removalist company, then feel free to give us a call right away.

Our Robust Customer Support Team

With a wide base of happy customers backing us, we have become specialists in the moving business. Our high-quality packing, attentive service, robust customer support, door-to-door serviceability, and round-the-clock availability have made us a name to reckon with in Brisbane. We take out stress and anxiety from the removalists procedures and provide a seamless transit which helps you settle in the new home or office comfortably. We use complete vigilance while moving out the stuff so that the walls do not get scratched or valuables don’t bump into the doors. Our professionals inspect the property and the list of the items to be moved and arrange for the removal without damaging any walls. We work according to a planned schedule and follow all the safety regulations to render the best possible service to our customers.

man holding file in hand in front of a van
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Have any Question?

Planning and executing effective removals, Better Removalists Brisbane ensures 100% service guarantee. If you have any questions related to our services, take a look at the FAQ section below:

Better Removalists Brisbane is not authorized to move hazardous chemicals, combustible items or explosives. If you require safe removal or disposal of hazardous items, please contact the experts in this field.
Moving is a time-consuming and exhaustive process which can take a toll on you. However, you can save yourself from all the back-breaking work by opting for professional removalists in Brisbane. Our prices are dependent on the size of the shipment, distance to the destination, additional services required by clients and various other factors. There are no standard prices for the removals. However, we ensure our customers that we do not overcharge them and have no hidden costs. The final quote is estimated after discussing the details of the move with the clients and are provided upfront. It allows the customers to compare the prices and do not feel cheated. We provide the details of our service online as well as on the phone. You can contact us to enquire the inclusions in the removal and make the most of our transparent service. Our high-quality packaging, careful loading, smooth transportation, and meticulous unloading ensures that you get a seamless service. With our comprehensive service, you do not need any other support. Our affordable prices are sure to fit in your moving budget and give you the elusive peace of mind. So call us today on 1300 766 422 to get your free estimate without any obligations.
When you complete the quote form, will redirect you to fill your inventory and inform us of any access points such as stairs, driveways, narrow doors etc. We will work according to your requirement to give you 100 % moving satisfaction.
For independent houses, we try to park the truck as close to the front door as possible to reduce the time spent in going back and forth with the heavy load of boxes. It increases the loading time and makes the professionals feel tired. If you live on a busy road with limited space, then you can ask your neighbours to cooperate for a day and make space for the truck. If this is not possible, then we will park in the closest spot on the road and demarcate the loading area to avoid any bump ins or mishaps. Also, if the road has high traffic during the peak hours, then we will request you to schedule the booking at the hours when the traffic is low in the street. If you want to reserve some space for the truck, then you can park your own cars in the spot until we arrive. If the weather is not in our favour, then it can become challenging to load the boxes in the truck if it is too far from the house. Thus, we prefer to have the closest spot so that our job can be completed within the defined timelines and with less effort.
Yes, our removalists in Brisbane are fully capable of disassembling your furniture. While some customers do it themselves, we are ready to do the job while packing up the belongings. Our professionals use the instruction manuals to follow the step-by-step procedure and do not damage or deface your possessions. They are utterly careful while handling fragile things like electronics, which need disassembling to fit into the original packaging. With an experienced person on the job, it is easy to get the heavy and bulky items disassembled and effortlessly loaded in the truck. It does not end here. Our professionals make sure to assemble the items back after unloading them. They do not leave you with segregated pieces of furniture to figure out the assembling like other service providers. Our end-to-end service ensures that you get a full removal that does not let you make any effort. Since it gives a respite to the customers from the arduous and strenuous work, they can utilise the time and energy to do other work and spend time with family. Our professionals ensure that nothing goes wrong, and the items are not damaged in any way. Also, they take lesser time in the process as they are used to doing this and have the right tools to complete the task. They are careful about not losing any nuts or small pieces while disassembling. They put all the nuts, screw, nails and small pieces into Ziplock bags and label them so that there is no confusion during the assembly.
The best time to book a removalist is a week before the moving date. Here is why it is important to do it in time.
  • Planning in advance helps you to get the desired date booked without any problems. Our flexible scheduling makes it easier for you to get the date you want.
  • If you end up booking at the last moment, then chances are that you might not be able to get the chosen date.
  • You also need to take the fact into consideration that the end of lease cleaning should happen after the removal and you must have time for it before the final inspection. So you must plan the move accordingly if you are vacating a rented property.
  • It is not easy to fit everything in the schedule but booking removalists early can help to avoid the rush and urgency. It will also help you decide the itinerary for the next few days.
  • It is highly important to plan everything so that you are not left worried about the next course of action during the relocation.
  • Thus, you must get the date booked a week in advance to make the move without any delay and feel at ease.
Yes, we do! Owing to our team of experienced and qualified removalists in Brisbane, we can manage interstate moves as excellently as local moves. We are well-versed in helping people relocate to a new house or office without any hassle or stress.
Absolutely! We understand that sometimes other removalists companies may not show up on time or cancel your booking last minute. Just give us a call at 1300 766 422 and book today for no extra charge on last minute bookings.
We are experienced removalists in Brisbane who are adept at handling all types of moving. Our fully trained professionals are ready to serve you in any weather condition. However, we would avoid loading the trucks if the external condition is dangerous or unsuitable. Our priority is the safety of the packages, and thus we do not allow any damage due to seepage of water into the boxes or extreme heat.
  • If it is raining, then we take all the precautions to pack the boxes with layers of tape to avoid breakage due to moisture.
  • We cover the boxes with plastic sheets and moving blankets while loading them so that water does not fall directly over the boxes.
  • We always hold the boxes from the bottom to make sure they can withhold the load.
  • We also have plastic bins which can be utilised for carrying some lose items. The smaller items are placed in biodegradable plastic bags and garbage bags are also utilised to cover the luggage from the downpour.
  • We cover the labels with packing tape so that they do not get washed away by the rain and cause confusion.
  • We wrap all the furniture in moving blankets and plastic sheets so that the upholstered sofa and the wooden table do not get damaged due to the rainwater.
  • We also use tarpaulin to cover the furniture in case of torrential rains. After loading all the stuff in the truck, we use a dry cloth or towel to wipe all the surfaces and avoid moisture from ruining your possessions.
A Transit Insurance can cover for all the loading, transport & unloading of items. If you want to get a transit insurance with your move then do mention this while making your booking.

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