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We are one of the leading removal companies in Brisbane, QLD offering high-quality packing and moving services at the most reasonable prices.

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Your Preferred Brisbane Removalists For Safe Removals

Relocating is a life changing decision that can affect your daily routine. However, sometimes it is inevitable, and you need a reliable helping hand to complete the task. Moving on your own can cause unnecessary stress and tiredness and take away the excitement of starting a new life. Thus, it is recommended to hire professional removalists in Brisbane who are experts in the field.

Better Removalists Brisbane has a successful track record of servicing the city and its suburbs for a long time. Our comprehensive range of services makes the relocation comfortable and stress-free for customers. We offer customised packages to suit the needs of students, individuals, families and businesses.

Our professionals are fully insured and vetted by the local police. They are trained and experienced in offering packing and moving services for commercial and residential removals. We have a strong support team dedicated to providing excellent customer service while booking and scheduling the removals. We put our best foot forward when it comes to packing and ensure the complete safety of your belongings. Our 100% Service Guarantee makes us one of the preferred removal companies in Brisbane. To get a free quote, call on 1300 766 422 or fill out the contact form.

Feeling Stressed About Your Move? Call Us Today To Book An End-To-End Removal Service in Brisbane For Your Local or Interstate Move.
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Trusted Removalists in Brisbane

Our homes are filled with memorable items and furniture pieces that have been collected over the years. A lot of love and warmth goes into creating a beautiful and comfortable living space. Thus, when you pack your stuff in boxes, you need dependable removalists in Brisbane who know their job. Our professionals are experts in handling all types of materials ranging from books and beds to wardrobes and study tables. We bring our own packing boxes and supplies to wrap up your stuff with the same tenderness as you would. We focus on sorting, filling, stacking and loading each box carefully to avoid damage. We have spent years perfecting the art of packing and moving without any loss and thus are the most trusted removalists.

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two men in uniform carrying cardboard boxes
two men in uniform carrying boxes

Leading Interstate Removalists in Brisbane

Moving to a different state can be overwhelming because of the change in lifestyle that will come with a new job, school, neighbourhood, roads, shopping precincts, etc. Gearing up for the new life can be challenging with kids, and the burden of completing the move smoothly can add to your tension. Also, you may feel pressured because of the deadline to move out of the rented space and get it cleaned for the inspection. Thus, it makes perfect sense to hire our removalists in Brisbane who are efficient in the long-distance transfer of your belongings. They know the packing and loading techniques and use top-notch equipment to complete the tasks in much less time. They use the finest quality packing materials to ensure superior safety of your boxes during transit and work proficiently to minimise the risk of breakage or loss. Our Specialised Brisbane Removalists will Leave No Stone Unturned In providing you with the Best Moving Experience. Call Us Today For A Free Quote!

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Get Quality moving services by hiring Better Removalists Brisbane.
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Renowned Furniture Removalists in Brisbane

Whether you are downsizing, moving into your dream house or moving interstate for better job prospects, we are ready to help you complete the move. Our professionals offer seamless local and interstate removals with 100% service guarantee. Our expertise lies in moving household items and corporate equipment safely and timely. To make the move entirely comfortable for our valued customers, we offer flexible scheduling, which allows them to choose the date of the removal. Also, we bring our packing materials and moving equipment, so you do not have to worry about making any arrangements for the task. The size of the boxes and the moving trucks is in accordance with the list of property contents and the packing takes place as per your instructions. We even help with the removal of the boxes after unpacking and organising the stuff in the new house. In addition, we provide transit insurance that keeps you relaxed while your stuff is on the move with our removalists in Brisbane. Thus, you can move your possessions securely to any destination at an affordable price and enjoy a convenient move.
Our Specialised Brisbane Removalists will Leave No Stone Unturned to provide With The Best Moving Experience. Call Us Today For A Free Quote!
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A Name You Can Bank Upon - Better Removalists Brisbane

No removal is too big or too small for us. We cater to all clients, whether they are moving out of a two-bedroom apartment or a duplex house. The size of the house or the distance to the destination is not a problem for us. We can work comfortably even if the house is on the top floor of a high-rise or has stairs. Our professionals are equipped with advanced tools that allow them to carry heavy loads without any stress. Also, they have expertise in disassembling and assembling furniture, which helps them to move the stuff out of cramped spaces quickly. Also, you can get the new house ready for use without any arranging and organising with our supplementary services.


Best Removalists in the City

The fear of damaging your furniture or the rented property while moving the heavy items is natural. However, when you hire Better Removalists Brisbane, you can rest assured about damage-free removals. We protect the sharp corners and doorways by covering the edges of the furniture. It helps to save the walls and the item as well. Our removalists bring sliders and dollies to move the heavy furniture without scraping the walls or hitting the corners. It ensures that the wooden floors do not get any scratches or marks while the wardrobes and beds are moved out of the rooms. Also, we dismantle the items that are too large to fit into the elevators or bring them down the staircase. We assemble them back at the destination to give you an all-inclusive service without any hassles. The process is dedicated to making the removal damage-proof and customised for you.

Our Robust Customer Support Team

We have an efficient and active support team that is ready to assist customers with their queries and confusion. They help you to customise your removal and offer a quick estimate so that you get the final quote upfront without any hidden charges. They help to resolve queries related to the process and inform the customers about the inclusions in the package. They help them to choose between an end-to-end service or a partial removal that may include only moving or packing. They are friendly and polite and give the customers the option of choosing the date of the removal for maximum satisfaction. It ensures that you do not have to change your appointments and commitments and book the removalists when you are free. Call us at 1300 766 422 to speak to our support team and get a free quote!

man holding file in hand in front of a van
We Have The Right Skills, Experience & Equipment To Transfer Your Possessions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Removal costs depend on the inventory that needs to be moved and the distance between the two properties. Thus, there is no standard pricing for local and interstate removals. We provide the costing after discussing your specific needs. Our support team will note down your needs and provide you with a free quote upfront. We do not add any extra charges at a later stage and are completely transparent about the pricing. You can also choose individual services, such as packing, moving truck etc. Call us today on 1300 766 422 to get your free estimate without any obligations.

No, we do not move hazardous chemicals, combustible items, or explosives. These can pose a threat to other belongings getting transported and the removalists on the job. They are highly flammable and can catch fire easily, which can cause the destruction of property and human life. Thus, you must dispose of such chemicals and items if they are a part of your inventory before the arrival of the removalists

Removal costs depend on the inventory that needs to be moved and the distance between the two properties. Thus, there is no standard pricing for local and interstate removals. We provide the costing after discussing your specific needs when you call our support team at 1300 766 422. They note down your needs and provide you with a free quote upfront so that you can manage your move effectively. We do not add any extra charges at a later stage and are completely transparent about the pricing. You can also choose specific services from the removal package, such as packing, transportation in moving trucks, valet service, etc. Call us today on 1300 766 422 to get your free estimate without any obligations.

Finding parking on the day of the removal can waste time of our removalists. Thus, we usually request our customers to ensure a parking space that is wide enough to accommodate the moving truck. The space should be close to the property so that we do not spend time carrying the boxes to the truck and then walking back. However, if you are unable to reserve a spot, we can manage to find a space close to the property.

Yes, we have a team of skilled removalists in Brisbane who are adept at dismantling bulky and heavy items so they can be carried down the stairs or out of doors easily. Our workers use the instruction manual provided with the item to disassemble the detachable parts and pack them up for damage-free removals. After the belongings are unpacked at the destination, they assemble the furniture back according to the manual and prepare it for use.

If you plan to move soon, you must fix the date and book our removalists a week before the move. It helps in the following ways:

  • You can get the desired date when you book in advance, even if it is a weekend or holiday.
  • Besides booking the removalists, you will have several other tasks during the move. So, booking early will help you stay stress-free and organised.
  • With our flexible scheduling, you can easily find time for booking other services, such as end of lease cleaning for property inspection.

We prefer advance bookings for our removal services because it needs planning and organising on our part. However, we understand that sometimes you may have an urgent need because you may not be able to find the right removals company or the company suddenly cancelled the booking. In such circumstances, we can arrange an emergency removal. You can contact us on 1300 766 422 to check the availability of our professionals.

Our professionals are skilled in managing the removals even in the rainy season when it can start pouring at any minute.

  • We ensure that your belongings are protected at all times and do not expose them to heavy rains, dust or wind.
  • The moving boxes are covered with plastic sheets and moving blankets to save them from getting wet during the loading and unloading.
  • The boxes are sealed tightly to avoid the seepage of water droplets that can create moisture and breakage of the boxes.
  • Our removalists cover the labels with transparent plastic sheets to ensure they do not get wet in the rain and become unreadable.
  • The professionals shrink wrap the upholstered furniture and wooden items to save them from damage and moisture. Also, they are not exposed to the environment until the rain subsides.

Yes, we provide transit insurance service to our customers for both local and interstate removals. It covers your belongings against damage caused during the transportation of the belongings due to natural disasters, fire, accidents, etc. It not only protects your possessions from harmful events but also extends peace of mind to the customers. Thus, it is a highly recommended service offered by removalists in Brisbane to ensure the safety and protection of the stuff being moved.

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