10 Helpful Tips To Move Heavy Boxes During Home Relocation

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10 Helpful Tips To Move Heavy Boxes During Home Relocation

Jan 31, 2022

Are you moving to a new home in Brisbane? The city offers excellent housing options, top-rated schools and world-class healthcare facilities. Make sure you do proper research and find the most suitable location for your new abode.

In addition to this, begin planning for a safe and secure home relocation. Pack up necessary household belongings into boxes and hire professional Brisbane removalists for a stress-free experience.

The most difficult task is handling heavy and large boxes when relocating home. It involves heavy lifting, leading to physical injuries, such as back pain or shoulder pain. It is important to follow the proper lifting techniques, and here are 10 helpful tips that will make things easy for you when moving heavy boxes.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Planning is Important

Always start with the planning process if you want to achieve desired outcomes. You should know what rooms and household belongings to handle first while moving house. It will also help you streamline the entire process and avoid double-lifting items and boxes.

Preparing a list of rooms and checking them one by one is one of the easiest ways to handle stress.

2. Prep Your home

Make sure all rooms are clutter-free, and you know exactly where the moving boxes are going in your rooms. Remove piles of clothes, cluttered items and hazardous stuff from the entrances and walkways.

Pack all boxes properly using high-quality materials and write the relevant name on it so that you can find them easily.

3. Avoid Overstuffing

According to Brisbane removalists, a moving box can hold around 30 to 150 pounds, depending on its quality and size. However, it is good to set their limits because overstuffing boxes can be a disaster when lifting.

You should avoid handling extremely heavy boxes or stuffed with too many items. It is good to arrange different sizes of boxes for all your household belongings. You can add heavy items, such as books, into separate boxes and fill the gap with lighter items. Make sure you can manage their weight during the lifting process.

It is good to use the best moving boxes to pack every room in your home and avoid overstuffing.

4. Prepare Your Body

There is no denying that moving large furniture and heavy boxes can take a lot of toll on your body. It is good to prepare your mind and body in advance before lifting heavy boxes. Also, warm-up and stretch your muscles before grabbing boxes. You should stay relaxed and focused.

Always stretch before and after heavy lifting to prevent injuries. Drinking plenty of water also keeps you stay hydrated.

If you are suffering from any injury or want to hand over your belongings to professionals, look for the best moving company in Brisbane within your estimated budget. They will help you transit household belongings without causing any damage.

5. Use Proper Moving Equipment

It is good to arrange moving equipment, such as furniture dolly, trolley or handcart to transport heavy boxes and furniture without any stress.

All you need to do is load boxes on a handcart and move them without the fear of any breakage, injury or property damage.

6. Slide Heavier Boxes

Do not lift heavier boxes, especially if you do it without professional assistance. Instead, you can slide boxes with ease. Boxes can easily glide right if you have carpets or plastic sheets on the floor. For hardwood floors, you can use a blanket with minimum friction. This will also slide without leaving scratches behind.

You can use different types of boxes to pack collectibles for a house move and these boxes can be moved easily.

7. Use Right Lifting Technique

If you don’t want to hurt your spine and back, use correct lifting techniques when carrying heavy boxes. Make sure you bend your knees when lifting the heavy box and push through your legs. Don’t strain your back when picking up any bulky item as it can cause injury. Also, hold the box as close to your body as possible to achieve proper balance.

8. Wear Proper Footwear

Apart from correct posture and right lifting techniques, wear protective or supportive shoes to prevent accidents. This will give you enough control over your legs and make it easy to

handle large and heavy boxes.

9. Hold Your Grip

Carrying heavy boxes is a back-breaking task. It is good to focus on your grip while lifting heavy boxes. Carry them just abode waist height. Never carry it on your shoulder or above the shoulder height.

10. Hire Professionals

Handling large and heavy boxes requires experience and proper skills. You can search for the most affordable removalists in Brisbane for a safe and sound moving journey. They will lift and relocate your belongings with extreme care, and that’s why people prefer hiring professionals. You can research and find the most suitable option depending on your needs and estimated budget.


Relocate your boxes using the tips and tricks mentioned above in the article. You can follow the right lifting techniques and use quality boxes to prevent physical injury or damage during the home relocation process.