10 Household Items That Are Difficult To Move Without Professionals

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10 Household Items That Are Difficult To Move Without Professionals

Sep 29, 2021

Packing and moving books, clothes, utensils and other property contents is manageable by most homeowners or tenants relocating to a new home. However, not every item in your house is easy to handle. Various objects require skills, expertise, and the right equipment to take from one place to another.

The best option is to hire professional removalists in Brisbane to move these items, as you avoid getting seriously injured and keep your belongings damage-free. Here is a list of ten household items that are difficult to move without professionals. See if you have them in your house and hire the experts accordingly.

1. Heavy Furniture

Avoid moving heavy objects like beds, shelves, wardrobes, couches etc., as the chances of these furniture items toppling are high. You can sustain cuts, bruises and fractures if your lifting or handling technique is wrong. Hire professional furniture removalists in Brisbane for moving heavy wooden or metal home decor items. The professionals have the expertise, moving equipment and knowledge to pack and handle heavy furniture.

2. Piano

Moving a piano is dangerous with professional assistance, and you can damage the delicate parts of the instrument. If you have a piano at home, make sure to book removalists in Brisbane that specialise in moving bulky musical instruments and furniture. The professionals will dismantle the item and ensure it is packed and loaded on the moving truck carefully.

3. Aquarium

Aquariums are difficult items to move since the fishes can die if the water temperature and quality are compromised. You need big containers for the original water, packing supplies for the glass box and equipment, and breathable storage for the fish. Managing these tasks along with other moving-related responsibilities is challenging, which is why you should hire professional removalists in Brisbane to move your aquarium.

4. Televisions

While handling, loading and transporting television sets with large flat screens, you need to be extra careful. Using the wrong lifting technique and no harnesses increase the chances of the screen getting scratched or cracked. Thus, you need to spend money on repairs or replacements in addition to managing moving-related expenses.

5. Bulky Appliances

When moving refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and other bulky appliances, inexperienced people pull muscles, experience back pain, or sustain serious injuries requiring hospitalisation. Therefore, to avoid the same fate, you should take the assistance of professionals to pack and transport heavy appliances.

6. Art & Antiques

Both are delicate items that require special packing materials and moving expertise because they are easy to damage. Artwork and antiques are affected by dust, moisture and temperature, which is why it is best to let professionals move them for you. Removal experts offering special items moving services have temperature-controlled trucks and the right packing supplies to ensure everything is moved without damage.

7. Glassware, Mirrors & Other Fragile Items

Unlike books, metal utensils and other sturdy items, you cannot toss glassware, mirrors and other fragile items in a box. You need corrugated boxes, foam and bubble wraps, cell dividers and flat boxes for these items. Professional removalists can securely wrap fragile items in adequately labelled boxes and move them carefully without breakage.

8. Special Equipment

Moving sports equipment or exercising machines is a hassle and stressful for most people. You need moving tools like a dolly, harnesses, straps, sliders etc., to ensure these machines are disassembled and packed properly before loading on the moving truck. You can injure yourself or other household members if you are careless while handling bulky equipment. Therefore, delegate the task to professional removalists in Brisbane with experience, expertise and the right equipment.

9. Hot Tub

Moving a hot tub is difficult without teamwork, proper equipment and the right techniques. They are heavy, which makes it challenging to lift or shift them. Plus, hot tubs require special moving equipment and expertise that only professional removalists in Brisbane have. They can move bulky items smoothly and ensure they remain intact and damage-free during transit and handling.

10. House Plants

Plants require sunlight, a well-ventilated environment and adequate watering to survive. During a move, you can neglect to take care of them, and they can rot and die if you don’t take proper precautions while packing and placing them on the moving truck.

It is best to gift your plants to a neighbour, friend or family member before moving. However, if you want to take them along, don’t hesitate to take the assistance of professional removalists to deliver them to your new address safely.


Moving is stressful and overwhelming, which is why you should book professional removalists in Brisbane to pack and transport the aforementioned items. By hiring professionals, you can also get other difficult to move items handled smoothly and ensure your relocation happens without loss of items or you sustaining injuries.