11 Moving Home Traditions From Around The World

11 Moving Home Traditions From Around The World

Mar 13, 2024

Moving to a new home is a significant life event. Achieving the milestone of buying a new home in a prime location, such as Brisbane, gives a sense of stability, accomplishment and pride. Everyone wants to ensure this new journey begins with good luck.

Whether you are relocating next to the street or across a new state, keep bad energy at bay and manifest a happy and prosperous life. That’s where home-moving rituals and traditions come into play.

From aligning cosmic energy to embracing spiritual harmony, different traditions and cultures from around the world symbolise prosperity, growth, and adaptation in diverse societies.

If you want to make the most of your new home, have a look at these 11 moving home traditions or rituals from around the globe. They include American rituals, Asian culture, Australian beliefs, and African traditions that you can adopt when moving to a new abode.

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Bring Good Luck with Salt

Australia is renowned for its diverse culture, and thus, people might adopt rituals associated with relocation from their heritage. Many people in Brisbane and other parts of the nation follow this tradition to keep negative energies at bay when moving into a new home.

It is common in Scotland where family members and friends bring salt to a new home as a housewarming gift. In this ritual, folks must take the salt and spread it throughout the property, inside and outside. It is believed that salt can ward off evil spirits and keep them away from your home.

Let Your Cat Enter First in a New Home

a cat inside of a new house

Aussies follow this moving tradition to bring good luck in a new place. This Russian custom is considered to keep evil spirits or negative energies away from your home and life.

Make sure you allow your cat to first walk across the threshold of your new residence. It is because cats can scare any potential evil hobgoblins lurking inside your home. If you don’t have a pet, source a cat from your local area and follow this ritual.

Paint Your Porch Blue

This unique tradition originated from the Gullah Geechee Community in the USA. According to them, evil spirits can’t travel over water. So, it is good to apply a fresh coat of blue paint to your porch, ceiling, and doors to keep evil spirits away.

It also ensures that there is a protective shield around your home. So, it is good to leave the packing and other tasks to the professional removalists Brisbane and visit your new home to paint the porch blue.

Burning the Sage to Cleanse a New Home

It is one of the oldest home-moving rituals conducted by tribal elders in Native America. In this custom, you burn sage or medicinal herbs to let smoke waft through every cranny of your home for purification.

The smoke can also help you get rid of lingering negative energy mosquitoes and ensure a cleansed living environment.

Tip: Make sure you dispose of harmful chemicals and other hazardous items because Removalists Brisbane cannot transport items that pose fire hazards.

Lighten a White Candle

Moving into a new home is a big achievement. As you step into a new space, follow a ritual of lighting a white candle to get blessings from your ancestors and repel negative energy.

This tradition is hailed straight from Latin America and signifies purity, hope, and a bright future. It will help you adjust quickly and make your new house feel like a home with ease.

Bringing Fruits as a New Home Gifts

According to the Chinese Tradition, different types of fruits represent different fortunes, and that’s why they are often presented as a new home gift. Here is the significance of the following fruits:

  • Pomegranates: They bring opportunities
  • Oranges: Prosperity and Happiness
  • Peaches: Good Health
  • Apples: Safety and Security

So, if you are visiting your friend’s housewarming party, gift a pack of these fruits in a fancy bucket and gift joy, happiness, prosperity and good health.

Leave a Loaf of Bread and a New Broom

This is a deep-rooted Irish ritual where a family leaves a loaf of bread and a new broom at the doorstep. It will make it easy to say goodbye to an old home and you can bring prosperity and happiness to a new place.

The loaf of bread represents abundance and a blessing for a never-ending journey in a new space, while the new broom symbolises a fresh start, keeping lingering negative energy and misfortune at bay.

Step in With Your Right Foot First

According to Indian traditions, new homeowners would step into their new residence with their first right foot first. You can also design your new home according to the Vastu Shastra principles or Feng Shui to harmonise positive energy flow in your home.

Ring a Bell

Ringing a Tibetan bell can clear out blocking energy or dying chi from your new home. This will bring positive energy into your rooms and help you lead a peaceful and prosperous life.

Fun Fact: Queensland has a collection of 25 traditional music instruments from Tibet that are used in Buddhist ceremonies and events.

Spill the Beans

As per the Korean tradition, spreading red beans in and around your home can keep evil spirits at bay. According to their spiritual leaders, red is the lucky colour when starting something new.

Hosting a Housewarming Dinner

This moving home tradition is performed all around the world, including Australia. New homeowners basically host a party and invite their friends, family, and new neighbours. This is the best way to get to get involved with new neighbourhood. On the other hand, you can allow your old friends to take a tour of your new house via this dinner event.

Before hosting a housewarming party, unpack your boxes and settle into your new home properly so that you can share happiness and laughter with your family and guests.

Moving home traditions or rituals from around the globe:

moving home traditions or rituals you must know

Wrapping Up

These are 11 most popular and prosperous traditions or rituals associated with home relocation. You can follow any of these customs to ward off evil spirits, negative energy and misfortune when entering into a new home in Brisbane.