15 Important Tips On How To Pack For A Move

a girl packing her items inside a cardboard box

15 Important Tips On How To Pack For A Move

Sep 26, 2017

Your moving date is approaching. Till now you have been busy will all the paperwork, paying bills, cleaning etc. It has been a draining task, emotionally as well as physically.

At this point, your to-do list says ‘start packing’. It seems as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. Entering one room after another, you are unable to figure out, where to start from and which room to choose first. How to pack all your belongings in most easily and simply way possible? In this situation it is advisable to hire the best removalists in Brisbane to help you out in your chores.

But if you wish to handle it yourself, here are some tips to make your move much easier and stress-free:

1. Start as early as possible: First and foremost, start as early as possible. We often mistake to think that packing is the last day affair but it takes more time and energy than you have thought of (no matter how organised you are)
2. Start to de-clutter: Get rid of all the unnecessary items as it would only increase your work and occupy space while loading. Make wise choices, appliances which have been troubling you for months, get rid of them and send them for recycling. Coats or dresses you have not worn even once in last few months, donate them.
3. Arrange for the boxes of different sizes: according to the items to be packed. You can start collecting these boxes months before packing or can simply order them online.
4. Arrange for the packing material like bubble wrap, heavy duty packing tape, scissors, labelling stickers, marker pens etc.
5. Now make a list: Make a list of the items you use daily and the ones which are in the least use and thus can sit in packed boxes for a while. Start packing items of least use first. Then move to the belongings needed on day one like sheets, towels, toiletries etc. pack them in a separate box and mark them accordingly. I would suggest you mark them with numbers, in the sequence of need. It helps as all the boxes cannot be opened together.
6. It is essential to mark: Mark every box correctly and mention its destination and contents. For example bathroom; shampoo, paste, brush etc.
7. Always remember to put light things in large corrugated boxes and heavier ones in small boxes: Putting heavier items in large boxes can break them, thus slowing down your packing speed. Use ample amount of trash bags to pack lighter unbreakable things like stuff toys. They can be easily stuffed into space between the boxes while loading. You can also invest in different sizes of moving boxes to pack your household belongings. This will help you organise your moving items and protect them from damages during the transition process. Instead of buying new moving boxes, you can buy used boxes on rent from a local grocery store, liquor shop or a shopping complex in your local area. Make sure they are in good condition and can help you pack all types of household belongings. This is one of the budget-friendly moving tips.

8. Don’t leave your suitcases empty: Fill them with clothes and expensive items like perfumes. Don’t forget to bubblewrap any breakable object.

9. Instead of packing blankets or towels in separate boxes: use them as a wrap for your precious artwork or delicate china and save them from damage.

10. Now, for all the complicated setups like the back of your television set or your furniture: take a photograph to remember its arrangements, before you disassemble it. This will help you assemble it smoothly when you unpack. Also, take care to pack and attach nuts and bolts to their respective item.

11. For the kitchen: use food storage containers for all loose articles in the drawers. Put small things in Ziploc bags before putting them in big boxes. Plates or any other breakable items should be properly bubble wrapped to save them from breaking.

12. Place all the items in the boxes with extreme care and in the best position to avoid damage: Fill empty spaces in cartons with crushed newspaper or leftover wrap to avoid the collision.

13. Pack everything before the truck arrives: Don’t leave anything loose as there is always a chance of things getting misplaced while moving. Remember to remain safe throughout the move by wisely handling all the tasks and taking help wherever necessary.

14. While loading, place heaviest items first on the floor of the truck: followed by lighter ones. Finally, check every room so that nothing is left behind.

15. Your task can be made much easier if you hire a moving company: When choosing one, always read the company’s list of services, fine print and policies. Selecting a company with a proven track record like Better Removalists Brisbane ensures that the whole transfer takes place smoothly and without hassle.


If you are moving for the first time and don’t know simple yet effective packing hacks, then consider these 15 tips mentioned above in this article. It will help you pack your precious household belongings with extreme care. You can also hire trained Brisbane Removalists who can make things easy for you and pack all types and sizes of belongings for your relocation.