7 Biggest Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them?

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7 Biggest Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them?

Jul 03, 2020

Moving a house from one location to another is a hectic process. Apart from the safety of your precious belongings, you have to complete plenty of task in a timely manner. With proper planning and professional assistance, you can experience a successful house move.

However, with so many tasks to carry out, it becomes easy to make a silly mistake while prepping for a moving day. It is imperative to avoid moving blunders; otherwise, you could end up with chaos. The least amount of mistakes you can make, the more relaxing the entire relocation process will be for you.

To avoid last-minute hiccups and reduce the stress out of your move, consider hiring the best Brisbane removalists. They can transit your much-loved household belongings with extreme care and precision. You can

If you are planning a house move, then learn from the following moving mistakes and try to avoid them.

1. Not Creating A Moving Checklist

Do not forget to write a good moving checklist if you want to avoid a last-minute mess. People who are relocating homes often forget to create a checklist, which results in disorganisation and loss of household belongings.

How to Avoid:

It is super simple! Take some time out of your busy schedule, and create a to-do list of everything- from sorting out household belongings to arranging packing supplies, packing process to transferring utilities.

Do this at least 8 weeks prior to your final moving day. This will help you stay organised and focused throughout the moving process.

2. Hiring a Moving Company without Proper Research

It is always good to take professional assistance for a safe and sound moving experience. However, not all companies offer the same quality and commitment. To find the best company, you need to do complete research. It is important to read reviews, check the quality of services, compare quotes before making the final decision.

If you hire a company without any research, you will end up taking the risk with your precious household belongings. This is one of the biggest moving mistakes people do to save time and money. Getting a good deal is a serious business if you want to keep your items intact during the lifting and transiting process.

How to Avoid:

It is important to do thorough research. Begin with a verified list of experienced moving companies in Brisbane and shortlist at least 5 best options depending on your specific needs. Compare the quotes, read customer reviews and choose the one that best fits your requirements and estimated budget. Make sure the company you are choosing has years of experience in moving all types of belongings from one place to another.

3. Delaying the Packing Process

This is one of the biggest mistakes that can create a huge mess on your final moving. You could lose or damage your precious items if you delay the packing process. This could also result in disorganisation, which could lead to moving stress and anxiety.

How to Avoid:

Make sure you include packing to your pre-move checklist. It is good to begin the process at least 6 weeks before your moving day. First, get rid of unnecessary items and pack only those you are taking along with you. This will help you save a lot of time and keeps you stay organised.

Tip: Do not forget to arrange high-quality packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, furniture protectors, etc for the safety of your valuable items.

4. Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes

Moving boxes come in different sizes to accommodate all sizes of household belongings. One of the common packing mistakes is to put heavy items, such as books into a large box. This will make it difficult for you to lift the box.

Using the right size of a box for different types of items is essential to avoid physical injury or other accident during the lifting process.

How to Avoid:

Always remember that a moving box should not weigh more than 50-60 lbs. It is good to pack dense and heavy stuff in small boxes.

Delicate items such as glassware and art pieces need maximum protection during the move, which is why professional Brisbane removalists use triple wall china boxes. These boxes keep the items intact while making the lifting process quite manageable.

Tip: You can use medium and large boxes to pack lampshades with lots of crumbled newspapers in the spaces around the item.

5. Not Disposing of Hazardous Items

This is not only a mistake but can put everything at risk. Items like flammables, aerosols and corrosives are not allowed to move. So, beware of putting hazardous belongings on a moving truck.

How to Avoid :

Make sure you ask your moving company to provide you with a list of the types of items that need to be disposed of properly. Here is some of the list of hazardous items that must be disposed of before the house move:

• Cans of old paint
• Chemical products for swimming pool
• Fertilisers and pesticides
• Gasoline and other automotive chemicals
• Ammonia based cleaning products

6. Not Getting Right Insurance

Protection of your household belongings should be your topmost priority. But, most people don’t do thorough research before opting for the right moving insurance.

How to Avoid:

It is important to take full-value protection for the belongings you are moving to the new house. This type of insurance helps you get a replacement item of equal value, or the company will pay for the repair if a moving company damages the item. It is always good to ask about different types of coverage options available while hiring a moving company in Brisbane.

7. Forget to Pack a Moving Essentials Kit

A bag of essential items can help you survive throughout the moving journey. However, it is one of the most overlooked tasks. People forget to pack their essentials bag and then find difficulties when all the boxes are loaded onto the truck.

How to Avoid:

Pack a bag with all the necessities such as important documents, chargers, toiletries, snacks, water bottles, wallet, items for your kids, medications, change of clothes,  toys for your pet, etc.


Whether you are moving next to the apartment or across the new city, try to avoid these 7 biggest mistakes to ensure a successful move. You can also hire fully-trained Brisbane removalists to protect your belongings throughout the process.