Best Suburbs In Brisbane For Anyone New To The City

Best Suburbs In Brisbane For Anyone New To The City

Jul 17, 2023 Are you moving to the capital city of Queensland? Brisbane is one of the liveliest cities to live, work and raise a family. Home to top-class schools, healthcare facilities, heritage sites and a booming economy, the city continues to attract potential property investors, home buyers and job seekers. The best part is that it is comparatively cheaper than other capital cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The average cost for a single person is from $400 to $750 per week, depending on other aspects. If you are still exploring this new city and looking for a suitable location for your new home, do proper research and find ideal suburbs that offer close access to schools, green parklands, clinics, culinary hubs and other community amenities. Brisbane has some of the best suburbs close to the CBD and the countryside that you should explore and choose the most suitable one depending on your specific needs and estimated budget. Here is a complete guide to help you know more about the best suburbs before hiring expert removalists in Brisbane and keep things organised.

Brisbane: Live in the Australia’s Subtropical Gem

With a total population of 2,505,000 people, the capital of Queensland has become one of the hotspots among new homebuyers. People with families are relocating to the city to leverage the benefits of local amenities while enjoying a sunshine-filled climate, a diverse and laid-back community. You can also discover the Stunning Brisbane River, South Bank Parklands, Lone Pine Sanctuary and Botanic Gardens while living in this new city. If you plan to buy a new home, contact the local real estate agent and look for the best options. If you want to live in a peaceful, green and beautiful suburbs in Brisbane, consider the following options:

1. Kangaroo Point: A Great Suburb for Young Professionals

Nestled on the eastern bank of the Brisbane River, Kangaroo Point is an inner-city suburb of Brisbane offering low-maintenance and high-density living in a green and beautiful environment. The suburb is best known for its breathtaking views, spacious homes, iconic cliffs, schools, and riverside homes. It is popular among working professionals and young couples – all thanks to the easy and easy accessibility to the city’s CBD. However, owning a house is quite expensive due to its proximity to commercial centres and other places. As of 2023, the median house price in Kangaroo Point is around $1,365,000, and the price for units is $557,500. The average rent for a house is $685 per week, with an annual rental yield of 2.6 per cent. You can even rent a house in Brisbane if running low on budget but want a lavish lifestyle and prime location for your accommodation. If you want to live in an expensive suburb close to the central business district, relocate to Kangaroo Point.

2. Alderley: City’s Most Sought-After Suburb

Surrounded by Kedron Brook to the north and Breakfast Creek to the south, Alderley is a well-established suburb located 4 km of the Brisbane CBD. The region boasts great amenities and cutting-edge infrastructure facilities, making Alderley one of the demanding places for million-dollar mansions. The state is also expected to welcome some of the major infrastructure projects that will increase the demand for properties across Brisbane and other cities and suburbs. It is home to Brookside Shopping Centre, fine dining restaurants, clubs, pubs and entertainment hubs. If you want to maintain your high living standard when relocating house, choose Alderley. The median property prices for a house is $1,200,000, while the average rent is $650 PW. The best part is that the suburb has some of the best primary and public schools within the residential area’s catchment.

3. New Farm: A Beautiful Inner Suburb of Brisbane

Located 2 kilometres east of the Central Business District and surrounded by the Brisbane River, New Farm is a beautiful, full-grown and thriving suburb that has a huge residential area and community parks. If you want a house that boasts breathtaking riverside views, mountains and lush-green parks, New Farm is the perfect place for you. The residential area is close to schools, healthcare centres, sports complexes, shopping centres and entertainment hubs. With a median house price of $2,535,000 and rent for $1,100 per week, the suburb has become one of the most expensive suburbs in the city. This makes New Farm as one of the best places to invest in the capital of Queensland. If planning to relocate locally, hire the best removalists Brisbane and transport your household belongings without any stress. This will give you enough time to get involved in your new neighbourhood so that you can settle down with ease.

4. Kelvin Grove : A Haven for Heritage Sites

Are you searching for a liveable, beautiful and family-friendly suburb in Brisbane? Look no further than Kelvin Grove. It is a historic suburb filled with well-preserved heritage sites, mesmerising buildings, recreational reserves, and lush-green parklands. The suburb boasts expensive residential properties with high-end amenities, school catchments, world-renowned hospitals, a commercial market and much more. The close proximity to the city centre makes it one of the hotspots in Brisbane – all thanks to easy accessibility to public transport, culinary delights, high-rise luxury apartments and new-age infrastructural developments.  You can learn about your new city and suburb and choose the best location within your estimated budget. The average price for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Kelvin Grove is $1,270,000, and the rent is $627 per week. The suburb has witnessed a significant growth rate of around 2.8 per cent for houses. If you want to invest in this beautiful and lavish suburb, explore the best residential options with the help of local real estate agent and make a well-informed decision.

5. Paddington: Enjoy A Suburban Lifestyle

Situated on steep ridges and hills, Paddington is also one of the ideal suburbs that offer great local amenities, sought-after residential properties, villas, mansions and sky-high apartments. It is just 2 kilometres west of the CBD and is considered one of the oldest suburbs. It has surrounded by tree-lined streets, mesmerising heritage sites, an art and craft scene and a vibrant café and shopping culture. These are some of the key factors that contribute to drawing the attention of young professionals, couples and families towards Paddington. The median price for a 3-bedrooms, 2-bathroom house is $1,685,000, and the rent is $800 per week. You can choose to live in a rented property if you want a sought-after suburb close to the CBD.

6. West End: A Thriving Cultural Suburb

Renowned for its multicultural centre, vibrant nightlife, cafes, restaurants and bars, West End is an inner southern suburb of Brisbane, QLD, that has gained a lot of popularity among young generations and working professionals. It allows you to enjoy a luxury lifestyle while cherishing an eclectic atmosphere, social hubs, culinary delights, and the best educational facilities. It is home to some of the best heritage sites, art galleries, retail stores and local markets. The transport is also smooth- thanks to buses and ferries. If you are planning to buy a house in West End or looking for a luxury residential property, this is the perfect place for you. The median house price in the suburb is $1,800,000, while the rent is $ 750 per week. Whether you are moving to a sought-after suburb or a family-friendly one, make sure you book local removalists in Brisbane and keep your belongings intact throughout the journey.

7. St Lucia: A Beautiful Riverside Suburb

Are you looking for a safe and family-friendly suburb in Brisbane? Look no further than St Lucia. It is a beautiful place with a low crime rate and high-end amenities. The suburb is best known for its luxury homes, thriving local market, cafes, restaurants, clubs, pubs, shopping complexes, boutiques, sports recreational centres and much more. The proximity to world-renowned institutions, such as the University of Queensland, and other top-notch schools, makes it an ideal place for people seeking quality life and the best education for their kids. The median price for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in St Lucia is around $1,450,000, and the rent is $620 per week. Depending on your specific requirements and budget, you can opt for mansions, townhouses, studio apartments and high-rise residential properties. You can also buy a dream home near the Brisbane River and, enjoy breath-taking riverside views, bike rides, and promote an exciting and active lifestyle.

Wrapping Up

This guide will help you know everything about the best suburbs if you are new to the capital city of Queensland. Enjoy a lively ambience, thriving local market, high-end amenities and great housing options when planning to move to Brisbane. Do your part of the research, create your estimated budget and buy your dream house in the perfect location.