Cheapest Brisbane Suburbs To Live In: Movers Guide

Cheapest Brisbane Suburbs To Live In: Movers Guide

Feb 01, 2024

Undoubtedly, Brisbane is one of the most developed cities in Australia, having a variety of suburbs, beaches, and entertainment hubs. People from all over the country are moving to this beautiful city to explore possible career opportunities or because they want to live in this place. Regardless of the reason, keeping a check on your expenses is vital. Selecting the right property to live in is by far the most important decision you need to make.

There are certain suburbs in Brisbane where the properties are quite affordable without sacrificing quality of life. Knowing the names of these suburbs will help you finalise the decision and move with the help of budget removalists Brisbane. Here are the cheapest Brisbane suburbs to live in. Exploring these places will make it easier for you to find a suitable place.

1. Chermside

Chermside is full of many cheap hidden gems. This suburb is known mainly for the Westside shopping centre named after it. It is located about 9km from Brisbane CBD. This suburb has plenty of convenient and fast buses which will help you visit the centre. The shopping centre will likely fulfil all your shopping requirements with hundreds of retailers.

Chermside is also quite affordable, and you can find many great properties there. If you do not prefer houses, there are plenty of apartments in this suburb as well. Explore this place, and you will certainly find great places to live.

2. Mt Gravatt

The Mt Gravatt suburb surrounds the visually pleasing Mt Gravatt as well as Griffith University. This place is known to be filled with budget-friendly homes and green space. It is situated only 9km from Brisbane’s CBD. Just south of Mt Gravatt is Westfield Garden City.

It is one of the best places to shop at. Mt Gravatt is also quite affordable, so you do not have to worry about the expenses. You can find several housing options here. Explore your options and move with the help of expert removalists Brisbane.

3. Moorooka

The suburb “Moorooka” is located on Brisbane’s south side. There are a variety of home options at this place. It has something for everyone, whether you are looking for a luxury home or affordable yet beautiful apartments. It is just 8km away from Brisbane’s CBD. It is an accessible suburb with an exceptional train connection.

Within this beautiful suburb, you can find plenty of parks as well as a few convenient shops. The renowned Westfield Garden City is just a short trip away. It is worth noting that this suburb has several affordable housing options. You can find many cheap and hidden gems throughout the suburb.

4. Logan Central

high rise buildings around the Brisbane city

About 30km away from the Brisbane CBD, there is a suburb known as “Logan Central”. It is situated in the neighbouring city of Brisbane, i.e. Logan. In the past, this suburb did have a poor reputation. However, that has slowly faded. Logan Central’s position is unmatchable because it is right on a major train line. It is surrounded by visually pleasing bushland and hosting Logan’s art gallery.

Plus, this suburb is quite affordable, whether you are searching for a small or big home. There is a lot of variety and opportunities for families. This way, once you pick one home, moving in with the help of the best removalists Brisbane will be simple.

5. Redbank

Along the banks of the Brisbane River in Brisbane’s west, you can find the Redbank suburb. It is well-connected and situated about 21 km away from Brisbane’s CBD. Due to a major rail line and highway, you can easily visit any place in the city.

For shopping purposes, if you keep heading west, you will find plenty of opportunities at Ipswich. There is a variety of housing options available in the Redbank suburb at an affordable cost. Explore the hidden gems and select anyone you like.

6. Stafford

If you want to stay at a place that is close to almost everything, Stafford is the ideal option. This suburb has its own shopping centre for your regular shopping requirements. As for your occasional and bigger shopping needs, you can either visit Westfield Chermside or Queen Street Mall with ease on a bus.

As for housing, this suburb offers plenty of great options depending on where you are living in the suburb. However, the vast majority of them are quite affordable. This way, you can pick one, and it will be easier to move with the help of expert removalists Brisbane.

7. Slacks Creek

Slacks Creek is another great suburb situated about 22km from the CBD on Brisbane’s south side. This place is known to have many great amenities around it. It has a major shopping centre, i.e. Logan Hyperdome, nearby. As for connectivity, this suburb has sufficient buses that travel into the city.

The journey does not take longer than 30 minutes. This suburb also has affordable housing, apartment options, and hidden gems. It is best recommended to visit Slacks Creek and explore the options to find a new home for you.

Cheapest Brisbane suburbs to live:

Top Brisbane Suburbs To Live In Movers Guide

Wrapping Up

Due to a growing demand for properties in Brisbane, finding affordable options has become more complicated. However, it is not impossible to find budget-friendly homes and apartments. You can find many of them if you search in the right place. Visit the suburbs mentioned in this article, and you will likely find great and cheap options.