How To Find The Best School For Your Child When Moving House?

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How To Find The Best School For Your Child When Moving House?

Dec 02, 2019

A move to a new locality or a state is harder for children than adults. Even when you have the help of family, friends, and professional removalists in Brisbane, moving can prove strenuous. The stress can make your child irritable and less receptive to the change. It is understandable, as your child is accustomed to his/her daily routine and will find it difficult to leave a familiar environment.

So, when you plan to move, you should make the process less emotionally draining and more exciting for your child. Keeping this point in view, you must find the best school for your child when moving house. The school could make the move more rewarding for your child and fill them with excitement to meet new people and experience new things.

Before you learn about finding the best school in Brisbane for your child, read on to know a few critical points to keep in mind.

• Be patient as moving can be one of the toughest experiences in your child’s life. If you are moving for the first time, the shift can be heartbreaking.
• Understand that changing school has a significant impact. You child will have to leave behind all his/her friends, classmates and teachers. Going to a new school can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience.
• Involve your child in the process. After you inform your child about your intention to move to a new house, ask how they are feeling. Comfort them and try to make them see it as an exciting opportunity to meet new people and attain new experiences.
• If required, let them help you. It will immensely help if you explain how you will move to the new house with the help of removalists and other professionals in Brisbane.
• Be sensitive to the mood swings, retaliations, or out of sort behaviour of your child. Be kind and let them get used to the idea. Give them time and space to adjust to the news and gradually make them realise how good the move will be for everyone in the family.


What is Good for Your Child?

To find the best school for him or her, know what your child’s talents are. If your child is good in academics, search for schools with advanced courses in subjects of your child’s interest. If your child is good at sports, find schools with proper facilities for a variety of sports. Write down your child’s strengths and weakness and accordingly check schools that can work on both. If your child needs particular attention, seek schools that can offer specialised services or programs for his/her needs.

As a parent, you know what is best for your child. If he or she thrives by following rules or a strict regime, find a school with strong discipline. If your child is likely to learn more in a creative environment, then choose a school with a fun and modern learning regime. It is important to keep your child’s future in mind, so go for a school that prepares your child for the future.

Plan Your Move Accordingly

If you are familiar with good schools in any particular area in Brisbane, then you can try to purchase or rent your new house there. If your reasons for planning a move are among the following, then you can easily look for properties near the best schools in Brisbane.

•Your tenancy is about to end, and there is no option for extension.
• You want a bigger house.
• There is a lack of facilities such as good schools, hospitals, shops etc., in your area.
• You want to move to a better, safer, and well-connected neighbourhood.

Rely on Numbers

Numbers are facts and to find the best schools in Brisbane, look at the statics of the tops schools. Check the ranking, performance, results, annual enrolments, and other data to select schools. Call the school administrations to learn about the fees structure for affordability. Narrow down your search by finding schools with the top ranking, good student count, affordable fee, and other factors based on numeric data. Also, if you know where you have to move, check the distance of the schools you’re considering from your new house.

Go International

If you are new to the state or country, the safest way to find an excellent school for your child is to enroll them in a reputed international school. These schools have high standards, and they are culturally diverse. Children from different nationalists attend them, and it is a nurturing environment for your child to learn about different cultures. These schools generally have smaller classrooms. Teachers give full attention to students, and they customise teaching sessions to suit every child’s needs.

By following these tips, you can find an excellent school for your child. Also, it would help make the transition easier for your child if you prepare a moving checklist for him/her. While you plan, book removalists in Brisbane, declutter, and clean, add this one task to your to-do list as well. Here is what should the checklist have.

• Start researching about good schools, and give your child a clear plan of what he/she must expect.
• Notify authorities such as schools, sports centres, and other organisations your child visits to learn something. Tell them about your move and prepare for movement or termination process.
• Visit the schools you have selected for your child and inquire about the admission process. Enroll your child in a school in Brisbane that meets your requirements.
• Ask your child if he or she wants to host a farewell or moving-away party for their near and dear ones. Make arrangements and ensure everyone has fun.
• If you feel your child will find moving hectic, arrange for a family member to take care of them while you move with the help of removalists.
• Expert removalists in Brisbane suggest packing a bag of essentials for your kids for the first night at the new house.
• Ask your relatives or friends to help you on the moving day to keep the kids out of the way and keep them entertained.


Moving with children is stressful and draining. You have to take care of their needs and ensure you find the best school and accommodation for them. Once these formalities are done, your work is still not over. You have to take care of other needs and complete tasks related to moving all the belonging in the house. Therefore, it is best to take the help of friends, family members, and professional removalists in Brisbane. The additional assistance will help you sort tasks and complete within a stipulated time, and ease the burden of moving.