How To Incorporate Self-Care Into The Moving Process

How To Incorporate Self-Care Into The Moving Process

Oct 27, 2023

Relocating home is one of the most stressful events. According to the ABS report, around 10.7 per cent of Australians experienced stress, and 7.7 per cent experienced depression in 2020-21 due to a house or office move. Even dogs and cats experience moving anxiety like humans.

It is an emotional breakdown to leave your friends, neighbourhood, house, social group, etc, behind and start a life again from scratch. Plus, there are plenty of factors that can accelerate your stress level, including packing household belongings and their safety, finding new costs, changing jobs and changing schools for your kids.

The over-burdened situation can make things worse, and it may lead to insomnia, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and even depression.

So, it is important to stay calm and composed when preparing for your house move. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to incorporate self-care and reduce moving stress.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Prepare a Moving Checklist

Nothing can be more stressful than juggling between packing and moving chores. This can trigger your stress level, and you may end up creating chaos on the final moving day.

If you want to stay relaxed, focus on creating a customised checklist to jot down all the important tasks with the timeline. This includes booking expert Removalists Brisbane, updating the address, transferring utilities, packing fragile items, and much more.

This acts as a roadmap and helps you track all the tasks without a hint of stress.

2. Start Packing As Early As Possible

Don’t delay the packing process, especially if you are dealing with a mental breakdown. Start packing up your items as early as you decide to relocate, i.e. 7-8 weeks prior to your move.

You can pack your non-essential items and seasonal clothing first using proper methods. It is good to pack room by room to stay organised.

Here are the tips to get free cardboard boxes for packing with ease.

3. Daily Workout is Important

Do you know workout allows our body to release endorphins, also known as happy hormones? These can boost your mood and energy. So, before getting into the moving process, spare some time and do warm-ups and muscle-strengthening exercises every morning.

You can also do aerobics, swim, or play basketball to stay fit physically and mentally.

4. Do Yoga and Meditation

Are you feeling stressed due to plenty of moving tasks? If yes, then keep your mind relaxed by incorporating yoga and meditation into your daily routine. This will keep your mind, body and soul aligned and helps you stay sane even during the most challenging situations.

5. Plan Out Your Meals in Advance

Packing household belongings is a time-consuming process, and most people often skip their meals – which is not good for their health.

You can plan out your meals for the entire week when preparing for a house move. Decide what you will prepare for each meal and consume food from your kitchen pantry.

If you want to stay energetic, prepare healthy and light dishes that can help you keep going throughout the process.

Whether you are relocating for a job or a better lifestyle, make sure de-clutter your house before the arrival of removalists Brisbane and organise the entire process without any headache.

6. Take Small Breaks

Clear the mental clutter and stay relaxed, especially when you are busy in packing your household belongings. You can take small breaks in the middle of the process and do the following things:

Do what you love, such as dancing, playing a guitar, watching a movie, etc

  • Spend quality time with your family
  • Play with your pet
  • Take a salt bath
  • Go out for dinners

Half-an-hour breaks can do wonders in keeping you sane during the moving process.

7. Get Quality Sleep

Do not compromise on your sleep because anxiety can make you feel restless and can create more sleep problems, such as insomnia. It is good to take enough rest and sleep well at night.

You can create a calming atmosphere, light a candle, and use natural oils that can help you sleep quickly after a long, hectic day.

8. Hire Professional Removalists

Do not take the stress of packing and relocating your household belongings. This can accelerate your stress level, especially due to the fear of losing precious belongings.

Instead, you can hire highly experienced Removalists Brisbane for the utmost safety of your possessions. They will come to your place, pack your stuff, dismantle your large furniture pieces, load them onto the truck and transport them without causing any damage.

So, do proper research and choose the right company that specialises in moving large furniture pieces and delicate items in Brisbane, QLD.

Wrapping up

In the chaotic process of home relocation, you can stay sane and mentally stable with the help of the self-care tips mentioned above in this article. You can create a proper plan; focus on your mental and physical wellness, a moving checklist and quality sleep to ensure a safe and sound moving experience without any stress.