How To Move Heavy Furniture Yourself?

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How To Move Heavy Furniture Yourself?

Sep 25, 2020

Moving furniture is a stressful and strenuous activity as it requires a lot of time, energy, and elbow grease. Performing this activity without planning or caution can lead to serious injuries, especially while trying to move heavy items like sofas, dining tables, wardrobes etc.

According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), about 2,600 Australians need hospital treatment due to injuries caused by toppling furniture. Thus for people planning to pack, handle and transport their furniture, it is essential they either hire professional removalists in Brisbane, or they gather the knowledge required for moving furniture themselves.

Hiring professionals to handle the move is the best option as they have the expertise and resources, but if for any reason you are planning a DIY furniture movement – here is your complete guide with tips on how to move heavy furniture yourself. Have a look.

Create an Inventory

An inventory is a list of items which are categorised by type, size, location, and other things. When moving furniture, it is essential to create an inventory of all the furniture in your property that you intend to take along to the new house. In the list create a variety of columns to fill with useful information such as type of furniture, number of items of each type, size, and location in the house before/after packing, etc.

When professional furniture removalists in Brisbane are hired, they visit the property to analyse the items and create the inventory of things you want to be packed and moved to the new house. Therefore, you should do the same even when a DIY movement is planned, as this practice helps streamline the furniture handling and moving process.

Note: Before creating the inventory, make sure to declutter and downsize (if required) to pack the furniture that you will need at the new house.

Arrange Moving Equipment

Handling and moving furniture is physically laborious, and without using the right equipment, the chances of getting hurt while shifting heavy furniture increase substantially. Therefore, if you want to avoid sprains, muscle tears, fractures, and other injuries, then arranging appropriate moving equipment is necessary. Here are some of the things professional furniture removalists in Brisbane use for handling heavy items.

• Moving dollies
• Straps and harnesses
• Furniture sliders
• Hand trucks

These tools can be rented for a day or two when managing a DIY furniture move or some can be purchased, especially by people who move regularly.

Use the Correct Techniques

Knowing about the correct posture to assume when lifting, sliding and handling medium-sized and heavy items is imperative as it is easy and common to get injured while moving furniture when the right techniques are not used.

Here are some techniques that experienced removalists in Brisbane use for handling furniture that you should know for movement of heavy furniture.

• Don’t try to lift heavy items instead push them
• Keep your back straight
• Crouch and bend your knees whenever lifting heavy items
• Make sure your feet are only open up to the width of your shoulder
• Keep the furniture towards the centre of gravity of your body which means support it at your waist
• Don’t lift any item above your head as it can lead to a severe injury

Take Assistance of Near and Dear Ones

Moving heavy items like tables, desks, wardrobes, bookshelves etc. is not only tedious but also tiring, which is why it should not be attempted alone. Many people sustain serious injuries like muscle tears, fractures, and concussions, among others while managing DIY furniture movement without assistance. Therefore, it is essential to seek help from near and dear ones to avoid injuries when moving and making this activity safer, less tiring, and fun.

Wear the Right Clothes and Personal Protective Equipment

Mishaps can occur if you wear clothes that are too loose or tight when moving heavy furniture, which is why donning the right apparel are necessary. For packing, handling and transporting heavy items, wear jeans or pants made from a thick material that won’t tear easily.

In addition, wear a cotton top or the one made from a breathable fabric as you will get hot and sweaty during the physical work. Make sure the clothes fit comfortably making stretching, bending, and other activities easy.

In addition to wearing the right clothes, while lifting and shifting furniture, don’t forget to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, coveralls, shoes, knee covers and masks etc.

Dismantle Furniture before Packing & Label Everything

Some furniture items are hard to move as a whole unit which is why dismantling is wise and safe as well. Thus, before starting the packing process, analyse all the furniture you want to take along with you to the new home to see if it requires disassembling.

Click pictures of the furniture items for reference after you’ve identified the items that need to be taken apart before packing. While dismantling any furniture, make sure to keep the manufacturer’s guide handy for any information related to the item. The guide will be useful at the new property as well when you reassemble the furniture. In addition, label the pieces correctly for easy identification and reassembly while packing.

The Bottom Line

Moving furniture is physically and mentally exhausting activity that should preferably be done by professional removalists in Brisbane. However, if you are planning to move the furniture in your property yourself for any reason, following this guide will help tremendously. It has insights from experts and useful tips that will make moving furniture yourself more comfortable and smooth.