How To Pack Liquids When Moving House?

How To Pack Liquids When Moving House?

Oct 17, 2023

Moving to a new home usually involves many tricky steps and a list of tasks that stress out most people. It all starts with sorting and decluttering and ends with packing and moving your stuff. A big challenge comes your way during the process, and that is packing liquids. Following an effective method to prevent damage and spills is essential.

There can be multiple reasons behind the spilling of liquid during transit. The boxes can tip over, or sometimes things can get jostled around.

If your liquids are not properly secured, then it can create a lot of mess. You can request your preferred removalists in Brisbane to take special care of the liquids, but that will not be enough. Packing it properly is more important.

Here is how to pack liquids when moving house. Follow these tips to make sure your household liquids are safe and secure.

1. Evaluate Your Liquid Items

It does not matter which type of liquid you have, all of them have the potential to cause severe damage. For instance, water can degrade the packed boxes, leading them to break. So, it becomes important to understand the liquids you are dealing with.

This way, you will know how many packing materials you need. It is worth noting that moving dangerous goods and liquids in a moving truck is not allowed. As a general rule, if the item is toxic in nature, flammable, corrosive or explosive, Brisbane removalists will not move them.

2. Eliminate the Unnecessary Liquids

The fewer liquids you have to move, the better your moving process will be. Just like you eliminated risky liquids, get rid of the ones you do not plan on using in the future. It also includes the ones you have not used in the past few months or even years.

These items are worth the risk of packing if they are not going to serve you at the new residence. So, it is best to eliminate them during the sorting and decluttering process itself. Furthermore, if there are liquids that can be used, then donate them to those in need. If not, discard them appropriately.

3. Pack All the Liquids Together

Arguably, the best way to protect your belongings from getting damaged during the move is to separate all the liquids. Packing all liquids together means all of them will be well-contained. Worst case scenario, even if there is a spill, it will not cause much damage.

To further minimise the risk, it is recommended to pack the liquids by type. Pack the kitchen-related ones in one box. Similarly, pack the toiletries and cosmetics in one box. It should be fairly easy if you have already sorted your liquids. Packing similar items together makes it easier for you and the budget removalists in Brisbane to take care of the essential liquids.

4. Apply the Right Packing Technique

For maximum protection, it is best to purchase the appropriate packing materials. Start by gathering the necessary supplies, such as garbage bags, plastic wrap, and packing tape.

  • Put the plastic wrap on the liquid container’s opening after you have removed its top. Once it is done, put the top back on.
  • To wrap the top from the outside, take a bigger square of the wrap. Wrap it around the top’s outside. Finally, secure it using packing tape.
  • If you are using cardboard boxes for the job, then also get the garbage bags. Place the bag in the box to ensure the opening is facing upwards.
  • Place your wrapped and sealed containers in the bag facing up. Secure the bag from the top. Lastly, tape up the box.

5. Use Plastic Bins for Packing Liquids

It is smart to use plastic bins to minimise the risk of spills when the removalists in Brisbane are moving your stuff. Unlike cardboard, bins will not let the spill leak out to the other items. Plastic makes sure that the liquids are contained, making it easier to clean and reuse in case a spill does happen.

Incorporate the bins that have secured lids into your packing approach. Place the sealed and secured containers in the bins while tightly sealing the lids. Having bins for liquids and appropriate packing boxes for other stuff makes the process a lot easier. They ensure the safety of your items.

6. Label the Fragile Liquids

Just like how businesses label their products, you should label your items to ensure a successful move. Liquids are fragile in nature, and that’s why labelling them as “fragile” is a good option. Use bubble wrap to wrap the stuff like glass containers for extra care. Place them in robust boxes and label them.

This will assist in making sure that the boxes are taken care of during packing and transit. It will remind the professional removalists in Brisbane that the items need special attention throughout the process. Labelling also makes your life easier once it is time to unpack, as you will know the content of the boxes through the label.

Wrapping Up

Packing liquids is not as simple as packing your other household stuff. It requires special care and attention. This is why you need the right approach and method. Following the tips from this article will ensure you have provided maximum protection to your stuff, leading to a successful move.