How To Properly Prepare For The Moving Day?

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How To Properly Prepare For The Moving Day?

May 24, 2018

The preparation for moving day can be perplexing for those who are doing it for the very first time. From organising cleaning activities to discarding unwanted items, packing household belongings to contacting a removalists company, you have to manage everything to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

Besides this, preparation is also necessary to avoid moving day mistakes while letting people enjoy their move to the new residence. It becomes even more imperative if you are moving to the new city, such as Brisbane. For example, if you are moving from Melbourne to Brisbane, you have to prepare everything in advance. From hiring the best Brisbane to Melbourne removalist to changing the current address in Melbourne, you have to do before your final moving day.

Below are some key tips that will help you stay motivated throughout the preparation for your moving day. You can plan your strategies for a stress-free interstate move.

1. Clean up your entire house

When you are moving out of your house, make sure you give it a thorough clean, from windows to carpets, bedrooms to living area, kitchen to bathroom, etc. – everything should be cleaned. You can also hire a professional end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne if you are living in a rented property and want to secure your bond amount.

Such professional companies carry the best cleaning techniques and equipment to offer the custom-made cleaning solutions with 100 % bond back guarantee. With the superior guidance of highly-trained cleaners, you will get deep-oriented clean that will help you prepare for your final moving day.

2. Get rid of unnecessary items

It is always better to de-clutter when you decide to move from one city to another. We will take the same example of Melbourne to Brisbane Removals. When you are moving to Brisbane, you should take only necessary items along with you as it will save your entire moving budget (technically you will need to pay less for fewer items).

If you want to reduce the overall shipment of your moving items, then you should get rid of all unnecessary stuff that you don’t want to use or take to your new residence. For that, create a list of all the household items that you won’t be taking along with you and then purge them out of your house.

Quick Tip: You can also sell them online (those are in good condition) or donate them to charity in Melbourne.

3. Start packing your belongings

No moving preparation is complete without packing of your household belongings. Whether you are moving from Melbourne to Brisbane or Perth to Brisbane, make sure you start packing your stuff as early as possible. Make a list of materials you need to wrap your possessions. Also, de-clutter your moving boxes and even label them to ensure hassle-free move.

Tip: Ask your friends and family to assist you in packing chores.

4. Hire Professional Removalists

Don’t forget to look for a reliable and professional Melbourne to Brisbane Removalists for your interstate move. Highly experienced and dedicated removalists company can take care of your belongings and safely move to your new residence in Brisbane without giving you a hint of stress. They can also guide you about the communities and important places to visit in Brisbane as they are the locals of the city.

So, make sure you choose a company that can meet your tailor-made moving needs, budget and schedule. It is vital to do in-depth research before making any decision because one wrong decision could end up your entire moving process in chaos.

Try to hire a company that can give you quality service, packing solutions, a zero-damage guarantee and robust customer support at affordable rates.

Tip: Book a removal service two weeks before your moving day.

5. Prepare electronic appliances to be relocated

Large electronic appliances, such as refrigerator, air conditioner and microwave need extra preparation before the final move. They should be thoroughly cleaned, empty, unplugged and taken apart to save time and effort on a moving day.

For example: To prepare your fridge for a move, first disconnect its main switch, and deforest the freezer for at least a day, clean in and out. For gas appliances, turn off the gas. Drain out the water if you are preparing your washing machine.

Since, these can be overlooked easily, mention it in your to-do list.

6. Pack first night box

While preparing for your moving day, don’t forget to pack first night box or a box of all essential things that will help you survive throughout the moving journey. It includes the first-aid kit, toiletries, essential records, baby and pet food, tissue papers, etc. And also try to keep this bag handy so that you can use it whenever required. Do this ahead of time otherwise; you could forget to pack your essentials on your final moving day.


Planning is one of the key steps that will help you reduce the stress out of your relocation. You can prepare for your moving day according to the points mentioned above and ensure safe and hassle-free move.