Moving On A Budget: Brisbane’s Cheapest Suburbs To Rent

beautiful view of Brisbane city

Moving On A Budget: Brisbane’s Cheapest Suburbs To Rent

Feb 24, 2020

Brisbane is one of the most developed cities, with so many wonderful suburbs, golden beaches, high-rise apartments and entertainment hub options.

People across the country are relocating to this vibrant city to discover potential career options, best schools and education facilities, health care services and a lot more.

However, no matter whether you are shifting to the next city or across the new city, it is vital to keep a close eye on your moving expenses. Creating a rough budget makes it super easy for you to track all your costs throughout the journey- from start to end. This will also help you find the most reliable removalists in Brisbane at the most suitable rates that can best fit into your budget.

With a little planning and right strategies, you can minimise the unnecessary expenses involved in the moving process. If you are planning for a move within an estimated budget, then head towards Brisbane.

The city has proven itself to be one of the cheapest metropolitan cities when it comes to buying a rental house or unit in Australia. There are many suburbs in and around Brisbane that offers leased properties at affordable prices.  This is a golden opportunity for tenants to pay cheap rents and live a high-quality life close to Brisbane’s CBD.

However, the rents are expected to increase, and vacancies are tightening in the capital city of Queensland. If you are searching for the best rental property, then have a look at the list of Brisbane’s cheapest suburbs to rent.


Situated just 9 kilometres south of the city, Rocklea is one of the largest suburbs in Brisbane. It is the most affordable suburb to rent a unit or house for your entire family. The median weekly rent for a three-bedder house is $365.

The suburb is a hub for both the residential and industrial sectors because it is close to the city’s CBD. Rocklea offers high-end local amenities such as best schools, health care facilities, culinary delights, cafes, gym and yoga centres, expansive nature reserves and much more.

Tip: Make sure you research the most suitable residential properties for rent in Rocklea, Brisbane before finalising your moving date.


Renowned for the Queensland’s largest shopping centre, Chermside boasts of world-class educational institutions, hospitals, residential properties, shopping complexes and great public transport. It is Brisbane’s most promising suburbs offering tenants a chance to pay lowest rents for a spacious and beautiful house or unit. The median rent of a house in Chermside is $390 per week.

The suburb has a lot to offer when it comes to high-class local amenities. There are numerous renowned fine-dining restaurants, modern cafes, theme parks, playgrounds, etc. There is also a cricket club at Marchant Park, which is ideal for exercise and offers great facilities.

Mount Gravatt

Located 10 kilometres from Brisbane’s Centre Business District, Mount Gravatt appeals to young couples, working professionals, families with kids and independent students. If you are looking for an affordable residential property on rent, then Mouth Gravatt is an ideal suburb for you. The median weekly rent for a unit in Mount Gravatt is $415, so you n estimate your moving costs and see if this suburb falls within your ideal price range..

When it comes to local amenities, the suburb offers the city’s best educational institutions, schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping complexes, playgrounds, greenery spaces, and other entertainment hubs.

It also offers smooth, accessible and affordable public transport services – including tow man bus stations (Garden City and Griffith University). This means it will take around 18-20 minutes to reach the city’s CBD through public transport.


Best known for its affordable housing options, great public transport network and vast green spaces, Salisbury is also popular if you are searching for a house or unit at cheaper rental rates. The median rent for a unit is $420 per week – which can be ideal for both young couples and parents.

The suburb is home to some of the best schools, educational institutions, hospitals, gyms, yoga centres, restaurants, art scenes, exhibitions, churches and other entertainment centres.

There are also townhouses, cottages, spacious apartments, modern-age homes and other accommodations. If you are planning a move, then do your part of the research and also don’t forget to hire reliable Brisbane Removalists at the most reasonable cost.


Stafford is one of the cheapest rental suburbs in Brisbane, Queensland. This is an ideal suburb for families with kids, working professionals, singles, retirees and students. Buying a rental house or unit in Stafford on rent is quite affordable, with a median weekly rent of $420.

The suburb has everything to offer- from best schools to universities, hospitals to hotels, banks to the police station, culinary delights to gyms and yoga centres and much more. There is also a great and accessible public transport in the form of buses.


Keperra is a beautiful suburb on the north of Brisbane, Queensland which offers a relaxed, affordable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. If you are under a tight moving budget, then buy a residential property in Keperra on rent. The median weekly rent of a house in Keperra is $425 – which is quite affordable.

The best part about this suburb that it has a lot of affordable housing options, townhouses; old wooden houses which make it look cheap as compared to high-rise buildings.


With the median weekly rent of a house is $430, Moorooka boasts of world-class schools, spacious green areas, relaxed lifestyle, health care centres, accessible public transport, shopping complexes, restaurants, bars, cafes and a lot more.

The suburb has become the centre of attraction for many people with their kids, young couples, working professionals and students. If you are moving to Brisbane and looking for an affordable rental property, then look no further than Moorooka.

Carina Heights

Surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of forests and hills and plenty of greenery, Carina Heights is an upcoming suburb. With an area of 3.4 kilometres, you will find plenty of beautiful houses to live in here that are also budget-friendly. This quiet neighbourhood is perfect for your family and has plenty of nature spots where you can go for a walk or enjoy the nice nature trails and hills.

There are some great views here, and you can enjoy some good fun outings here with your loved ones. Some of the great attractions here include the Westfield and Camp Hill cafes and restaurants, Carindale shopping centre, Market Place shopping complex and the Clem Jones Sports Centre. There are also plenty of suburbs surrounding Carina Heights like Camp Hill, Carindale, Mansfield, Mount Gravatt East and Holland Park suburbs.

The prices of the houses here are all affordable and value for money. You can choose any house you like at an average price and enjoy some great moments in this natural and quiet suburb in Brisbane. It is close to the airport and a ten-minute drive to the city and universities are just a drive away as well so you will have some educational facilities for your children.


In the last few years, the demand for rental premises in Brisbane has increased by 0.9 per cent, which is comparatively higher than other metropolitan cites. If you are moving on a budget and want an affordable rental property, then have a look at Brisbane’s cheapest suburbs. Make sure do your thorough research and don’t forget to hire the most suitable removalists in Brisbane that can give you a safe and secure experience at a reasonable price.