Moving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

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Women hurt while carrying a heavy cardboard box

Moving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Aug 31, 2018

Relocation is a stressful and painstaking process, especially if someone doing it for the first time without any professional guidance. From packing valuable belongings to lifting heavy boxes, the entire moving process requires physical strength.

Of course, you can hire the best furniture removalists in Brisbane to get this back-breaking job done without any stress, but what if you don’t have any other option than lifting the belongings on your own. You could injure yourself or hurt your back while lifting heavy furniture or loading any electronic appliance onto the moving truck due to the lack of proper lifting techniques.

In order to make the moving as safe and comfortable as possible, we shed light on the best moving safety tips that can help you relocate your items without any injury or damage.

Make sure you consider the following tips properly and adopt them while shifting your house from one location to another.

Let’s get started!

1. Organise your Move Ahead

The first thing you need to remember while moving your heavy boxes and furniture is a good organisation. Plan a safe relocation process at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to your final moving day. It is vital to prepare a moving checklist and plan your actions and implement them using the advanced moving equipment such as moving dollies.

In layman’s terms, use your brain before using your muscular power. Don’t pull anything until you know the right measurement of your items and the width and height of your main door.

For example, if your refrigerator just won’t fit through your main door, then don’t make a mistake of getting it through forcefully. It could leave scratches either on the surface of the fridge or the floor. Instead of using your muscle strength alone, it is good to find a relevant solution (you can tilt down your fridge or remove the temporary doors to get it out of the room).

So, think wisely and measure all your large items in advance for safe and smooth relocation. Proper time management, after taking into consideration the weather conditions in Brisbane, is also a vital part of the planning phase. Create a house moving checklist and work accordingly to avoid sudden injury or property damage.

2. Gauge the Weight of your Boxes

Never overload your moving boxes while packing your belongings. Cramming a lot into a box could make it difficult for you to lift it properly. Make sure you carry the moving box comfortably without any back or knee strain.

According to the moving experts in Brisbane, a moving box should be below 50 pounds. While lifting a heavy box, ensure you are using the right technique. Of course, you can use extra-large moving boxes, but don’t put heavy items such as books in them. Instead, you can pack linens, clothes, pillows, comforters and other light items. But make sure you weight your moving boxes before securing them with packing tape.

3. Leverage Right Lifting Technique

Shifting heavy furniture from one location to another can be overwhelming and back breaking. All you require is physical strength and mental balance. Instead of losing your patience, try to use the right techniques to lift your belongings.

The tasks of lifting, pulling, bending, pushing and twisting body during the relocation process may lead you towards severe injury. You could even end up with a mess if you lift your belongings using a wrong technique.
To avoid self-injuries and property damage, you should know the proper techniques for handling heavy furniture and boxes during the house relocation, including:

  • Good to push heavy items forward to avoid back or knee injury.
  • To prevent moving injuries, make sure you keep heavy items close to your body and centred in relation to the height of your body.
  • Try to avoid lifting heavy items over your head.

4. Ask for Professional Assistance

The process of moving a house filled with a lot of challenges. From preparing electronic appliances for a move to lifting & loading heavy furniture – you have to put all your efforts on your moving day to ensure safe and hassle-free removal. But due to lack of expertise and human resources, you could end up with a huge mess (it could be anything a severe back injury or the damage of your personal property)

If you want to reduce the stress out of your complicated move, then it is good to ask for professional assistance from a reliable and fully-trained removal company in Brisbane.

Look for the company that can offer you a complete range of solutions, including packing, moving, storage, high-quality packing supplies and a lot more. Make sure your shortlisted company has all the necessary moving appliances that can make your relocation a smooth and damage-free one. Also, ensure that they are familiar with all the moving safety rules to avoid injury and sudden accidents during the relocation process.

5. Keep Toddlers and Pets Safe

If you have small kids and pets, then you should keep them away from the entire moving process. Make sure you have an elder one to take care of your little ones because they can easily become injured during the lifting of furniture and heavy boxes. You can keep both of them busy and let them stay in a designated safe area of your house. Send them to your friend’s place.
You can ask your older kid such to assist you in packing your boxes and try to keep them away from lifting anything. Also, don’t forget to pack an essential box, which carries all the things you might need on the first day in your house. Take their help in arranging and packing an emergency kit to make them feel an important part of the relocation.

6. Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

If you want to move safely, make sure you eat well and stay hydrated, especially during the moving process. Eating healthy and drinking a lot of water can help you prevent the risks of weakness, exhaustion and a cloudy head during the packing and lifting process. Drink water every one to half an hour to avoid dehydration.


No matter how many times you’ve moved your houses, it is always crucial to keep the moving safety tips in mind while performing any cumbersome job related to the lifting, loading, pulling or pushing. Also, keep a first aid box handy to treat the injury as quick as possible.

Of course, hiring a professional Brisbane Removalists can save you from all those fears. You can do your thorough research and find the best company that follows safety measures while moving your belongings.