Moving Tips For Seniors And People With Disabilities

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Moving Tips For Seniors And People With Disabilities

Jun 12, 2019

Relocating a home for seniors and people with disabilities is beyond physical stress. It involves an emotional trauma, financial burden of unexpected moving costs and other logistic challenges. It is four times tougher when old-age citizens and people with disabilities move their home.

In such scenarios, it is imperative to avail the services of professional and reputed Brisbane Removalists who can take all the stress out of the move on their shoulders. They ensure the safe and secure removal of your belongings and deliver them to the final destination without any damage.

And the need for professional assistance becomes even more crucial when you are moving with seniors/elders and people with disabilities. From purging out the unnecessary items to packing the stuff, hiring professional removalists to taking care of elders or people with disabilities, everything should be managed property without any mess.

If you are assisting any senior or disabled person in their relocation process, then have a look at this post. The moving tips will help you organise the entire relocation without any mess or stress.

Let’s get started

1. Begin with a Moving Timeline

Moving a house without planning is impossible, especially when seniors and disabled people involved in it. Since they are relocating in a challenging situation, make sure you assist them and create a moving timeline to avoid any chaos at the end of the moving day.

The need for creating a moving plan increases because senior citizens have a worth of items to pack, while the disabled people may need to transfer medical equipment for their day-to-day activities. In both the circumstances, having a moving checklist can help you keep a track on your entire moving journey.

You can plan things ahead of time to ensure the safety of your belongings, arrange packing supplies and search for the best moving company two months before the moving day. It is because elderly or disabled people will likely to take longer as compared to normal move.

So, you can consider the following tips while preparing their moving checklist:

• Setting an estimated budget
• Researching the best moving companies in Brisbane
• Mentally prepare them for a move
• Create a packing plan
Scheduling utilities or updating an address
• Transferring and installing medical equipment for people with disability.

It doesn’t matter who is involved in the relocation process, creating a checklist can simplify things for the one who is mentally and physically stressed.

2. Removing Unnecessary Belongings

This is a crucial step when elderly parents are moving to a new house. It is important to purge out all the unnecessary items before starting the packing process. However, downsizing the items a senior has gathered over the years is not an easy thing.

Often, these belongings carry emotional value. It is a challenging task for a senior, and that’s the reason why the entire relocation of seniors and disabled people converts into an expensive and backbreaking affair.

Well, with the right approach, you can reduce the stress as well as the burden of an entire relocation. Try to make them understand that downsizing is the part of a hassle-free relocation. Plus, it will cut down the overall moving expenses.

So, make a list of all the things that you won’t be taking along with you, including old furniture, unused clothes, and other items. This is one of the best ways and can make it easy for you to transit the household belongings from one place to another.

3. Pack Wisely

Packing household belongings with care and responsibility is imperative when older people and disabled person is moving to the new house. You can help them in packing their personal belongings while letting them spend quality time with their loved ones.

You can also involve your parents in the packing process. Ask them to pack knickknacks and other small items that require less effort.

When it comes to quality packing, make sure you buy high-quality packing materials, especially for fragile items. Use the best quality of packing boxes to reduce the risk of injury.

Tip: Label all the packed boxes. Don’t forget to mention all the possessions packed inside the box. This will make the unpacking process organised and easier for elders and specially-abled persons.

4. Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag

Pack an overnight bag to ensure that every item which is needed immediately is available in the new house. Since old and disabled people can’t unpack their own, you can give them comfort by preparing their overnight bag for the survival of their first night in a new house.

This box includes medication, toiletries, mobile phone charger, medical equipment, blanket, snacks and water.

5. Hire Professional Removalists in Brisbane

Moving can bring a lot of stress for seniors and people with disabilities. Older people may find it challenging to move out of a place that they have lived for so many years while disabled people might struggle with the packing and moving chores.

That’s the reason why it is recommended to hire trained, dedicated and friendly Brisbane Removalists who can take the stress out the move and give them peace of mind and sense of happiness.

Look for the most reliable and affordable option before making any final decision. Compare the prices of at least five companies and make sure they give you thorough removal services with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

6. Organise their new space

Organising the new home is undoubtedly the most fun part of the relocation. But, for seniors and disabled people, unpacking and setting up a new space is a difficult job. It is vital to mitigate the obstacles and disability equipment should be strategically placed for a hassle-free experience.

It is challenging to put all the items in the right place, and that’s why it is important for you to assist them in organising their space.

Let them give you the directions because they also want to be a part of organising their new house. So follow their instructions and arrange things accordingly and unpack all the boxes in an organised way.


Moving a house is itself a difficult process, and when seniors and people with disabilities move with you, the process becomes tougher. Well, with the right information, you can assist your loved ones and make their relocation journey as stress-free as possible. Hire trained and committed Brisbane Removalists for quick and effective results.