Moving With A Newborn Baby: Expert Guide

Moving With A Newborn Baby: Expert Guide

Jul 07, 2023
Relocating a home with a newborn baby is a complex task for every parent. It is because infants thrive on routine, and shifting a place disrupts their familiar environment, sleeping patterns and daily schedule. The process involves a lot of physical activities, such as arranging packing supplies, disassembling large furniture pieces, packing boxes, lifting heavy items, etc, that can pose a potential risk for your newbie. So, you must be extra careful and create strategies to reduce your moving stress while keeping your baby safe and sound. Here is an expert guide to help you move with a newborn baby. Let’s Get Started! Highly-trained removalists Brisbane recommend people to prep everything before the moving day, especially when a newborn is involved in the process. So, here are some great tips to keep in mind that will keep your baby in a comfortable state when preparing for a big move.

1. Stick to the Same Routine

Newborns love their set routine. So, don’t let the de-cluttering chores or packing tasks hinder your daily routine. If you feed them at a specific time, stick to that routine. Changing it can lead to fussiness or discomfort for the baby. Instead, use their nap times and early bedtime for moving preparation. You should also take an ample amount of rest because you take more responsibilities as young parents.

2. Create a Moving Schedule

Alleviate your moving stress by creating a detailed schedule in advance. It is good to plan your move at least 8-9 weeks prior to the final day. Add tasks according to the timeline and carry out things in a streamlined manner.  Make sure you decide the right time of year for house removals when a baby involved in the process. You can create a customised checklist keeping your baby in mind and set different phases with a timeline to keep track of the process.

3. Visit Your Current Pediatrician

You must contact the pediatrician, especially relocating to a new state. Ask them for tips to keep your baby comfortable and happy during the journey. They can also help you find a new pediatrician in the new city. Make sure you get all the copies of your baby’s medical records and prescriptions. Ask them for reliable recommendations.

4. Book A Good Moving Company

Search for the most reliable removalists Brisbane and plan things accordingly. They will come to your place on a scheduled date and relocate your belongings without giving you a hint of stress. You can even hire them for packing household belongings. Good Companies bring all the necessary packing materials to keep your items intact during transit. This way, you can pay more attention to your infant and keep them relaxed.

5. Hire Childcare

The moving day involves the shifting of large boxes and bulky furniture pieces that possess a lot of safety risks for your little one. In order to keep your baby safe, hire a professionally-trained and trusted babysitter, or ask your family member or friend to take care of your tiny tots. You can also use childcare for a few days before the move to spend more time completing the pending tasks, such as transferring utilities, changing the address, etc.

6. Pack Baby’s Essential Kit/Bag

A newborn should be your top priority when preparing for a house move. So, prepare a separate bag with all the essential items your child will need during the relocation and the first few days in your new home. This includes:
  • Milk formula or baby food
  • Bottles
  • Baby clothes
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Talcum powder
  • Pacifiers
  • Blankets,
  • Favourite toys, etc

7. Set Up a Nursery ASAP

The first thing to unpack after relocating to a new home is the baby’s nursery kit. This will let you change your baby’s clothes and easily put them into sleep mode.

8. Set Up the Crib

The next step is to set up their crib when you reach home. Make sure the crib must meet the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Remember the safety guidelines when setting up and reassembling the crib for your little one.

9. Baby-Proof the New House

It is important to ensure that a new home is safe for your little one or not. Make sure you baby-proof all the rooms by securing large furniture, covering electrical outlets, installing safety gates and childproofing windows and door locks. Let the trained removalists in Brisbane unpack your belongings, and you can spend quality time with your loved one.  Make sure you prep before the arrival of movers so that they can pack and relocate your belongings without any delay.

Wrapping Up

New parents have the biggest responsibility to keep their baby safe and comfortable when preparing for a house move. The points or tips in this expert guide will help you and your baby navigate the moving process without any hassle.