Navigating Tight Spaces: Maneuvering Furniture On Moving Day

Navigating Tight Spaces: Maneuvering Furniture On Moving Day

Feb 05, 2024

Moving large furniture through tight spaces and narrow doorways is the most challenging part of home relocation. Dents, scratches and even serious damage can occur if the furniture bumps against walls, doors or other objects during the move. This can also lead to personal injuries, such as strained muscles and pinched fingers.

However, with careful planning, techniques and tools, you can safely and efficiently pass your pool table, king-sized beds and other furniture pieces through the confined areas without causing any damage.

If you have a combination of heavy and delicate household belongings, book cheap removalists Brisbane for your peace of mind. They will do all the heavy lifting and keep your items intact throughout the journey.

So, here is a step-by-step guide to help safely move your large furniture via tight spaces on a moving day. This includes strategies ranging from disassembling furniture pieces to using dollies and sliders for a damage-free experience.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Take Measurements of Doorways & Furniture

Doorways/hallways and stairs have a fixed height and width that can be measured before maneuvering your large furniture pieces. So, grab your measure tape to get the dimensions of:

  • The length and width of your doorways- bedrooms and main entrance.
  • Staircases and elevators
  • Large furniture pieces- width and height

Make sure you compare these measurements to determine whether large objects can be safely accessed.

2. Disassemble Large Furniture

Believe it or not! Disassembling large furniture is one of the imperative steps to prevent damage and injuries when maneuvering furniture through tight spaces. This will also help you pack and lift furniture pieces.

Bookshelves, pool tables, dressing tables, beds and dining tables are all items that can be disassembled easily. Be sure you follow the manufacturer’s guide when taking off different parts of your expensive items. Here is a quick guide to make things easy:

  • Take the legs off of your chair, tables and sofa (if detachable)
  • Remove glass frames from your dining table
  • Remove bed frames and detachable legs
  • Take doorknobs off from your wardrobe if possible.

Tip: Keep screws and other hardware in a Ziploc bag and keep it secure until you reassemble them.

3. Pack Furniture Pieces

Moving large furniture pieces through confined doorways and tight spaces requires quality packing. This can prevent damage and ensure that your valuable items reach a new residence in good condition.

Follow the best furniture packing tips and use bubble wrap, blankets, cushioning and padding to keep your items intact during the move. You can also go green for your household move and use eco-friendly packing supplies to protect the environment.

Tip: Hire professional removalists Brisbane for a quality packing and safe moving of your household items with perfection.

4. Seek Help From Friends

couple packig up a cardboard box

If planning for a DIY move, seek help from your friends and family. They can help you lift and tilt large pieces through tight spaces. Guide them to wear comfortable shoes and clothes to avoid injuries.

5. Clear The Clutter From Your Route

Once you are done with packing and other tasks, walk through the path or tight spaces. Note down obstacles and make adjustments accordingly.

Do not forget to remove small furniture like racks, décor items, unnecessary stuff, dirt and rugs from the route. Clear your rooms and doorways to allow for smooth passage.

6. Opt for Rental Moving Equipment

You can rent moving equipment, such as furniture sliders, dollies and straps, to move large belongings through confined spaces more organised and safely.

These can also help you load and unload large appliances and bulky boxes without any hint of stress.

7. Be Flexible and Creative

Having top-notch moving equipment and helpers is not enough if you maneuver furniture through tight spaces.It is good to think a little creative. So, here are some tricks you can try for a safe and smooth passage:

  • Tilt or change the position of the large pieces to get through doorways.
  • Deflat ottomans and bean bags
  • Use furniture sliders for easy maneuvering.

8. Hire Professionals

Nothing is better than leaving the smooth maneuvering of large furniture pieces to certified removalists Brisbane. They have the experience, expertise, and equipment to move belongings through confined doorways and stairs safely. They can prevent damage while giving you peace of mind.

Tip: You can also report a scam if the company left your belongings in the middle of the journey or deny from giving compensation. It is better to do proper research and hire experienced company in your area.

Guide to help safely move your large furniture:

guide to help safely move your large furniture

Wrapping Up

Dealing with large furniture during a move can be the most difficult task. It becomes even more challenging when you have tight doorways and entryways. With the help of this guide, you can safely maneuver all types and sizes of furniture without any damage.