Pros & Cons Of Moving In A Short Period Of Time

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Pros & Cons Of Moving In A Short Period Of Time

Oct 05, 2020

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic many tenants faced the dilemma of either extending their lease or planning a move within a short period.

People living in rented properties who were impacted by the pandemic couldn’t be served eviction notice as per the temporary provisions by the Government of Queensland. However, lessees able to honour their lease agreements have to move out at the end of the tenancy.

If you are among them, here is a complete guide by professional removalists in Brisbane answering whether you should plan a short-term move and what are the pros and cons of moving in a limited period.

Analyse Your Situation

The unprecedented situation has created challenges for everyone, especially tenants because there is a lot of confusion related to the new regulations. Also, they have to make quick decisions related to moving during the pandemic. Therefore, a thorough analysis of the situation is necessary for making the right decision.

If for any reason you feel the time is not right to move, then have a chat with your landlord regarding the lease extension. However, if you have to move quickly for any of the following reasons, then moving in a short period should be planned carefully.

• The property owner is impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and needs the property for personal use or a family member.
• You feel it would be right to move swiftly rather than delaying it due to safety and health concerns.
• You have legal grounds to terminate the lease agreement and need to move out as quickly as possible.

Whatever reasons you have for moving in a short period, it is manageable with the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane. But, before you start planning, knowing the pros and cons of a short-term move are essential to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Contrary to popular belief, planning a move with little time to spare does have its advantages which are outlined as follows.

1. You Don’t Have Time to Procrastinate

It is easy to get into the habit of putting off moving-related tasks when you know there is time to complete them. However, when you are planning a move in a short period, then you don’t have the liberty to procrastinate. Thus, household members involved in the process are motivated to finish all moving-related tasks in time to ensure an easier relocation.

2. A Little Pressure is Good

There is a thing called good pressure which helps us feel inspired to fulfil our responsibilities. When under pressure, you are forced to think creatively, manage your time better, and be more productive. Thus, the pressure of moving in a short time gets your adrenaline pumping, and you will declutter, pack, and book removalists in Brisbane while taking care of other tasks more efficiently.

3. It will Motivate You to Reduce Your Moving Load

The more time you have to pack things the more things you pack. This is the reason why when people have ample time to decide what they want to take to the new home and what to discard, most end up packing more things to move.

However, when you have to manage a move in a short period of time, you need to declutter to have fewer things to pack and transport. It helps to reduce the moving load for your hired removalists in Brisbane. You are further motivated to either donate things or sell them through a garage sale.


While planning any move, you have to be aware of its cons to manage the problems effectively and find suitable solutions. Here are the disadvantages of planning a move in a short period.

1. It can be Expensive

One of the major cons of planning a move in a short time is that it can be expensive. You may not have the time to arrange used or recyclable packing supplies making you spend more on new ones. In addition, you may have less time to create a budget and manage your expenses which can make you spend more.

2. You’ll have to Compromise

Due to lack of time, you will have to compromise on a lot of things when moving in a short period. For example:

• Your preferred removalists in Brisbane may not be available on the dates you have to relocate
• You may have to pay more for additional services which you could have completed yourself if you had more time.
• You will have to take leaves from work to manage the move
• Your physical and mental health may be compromised due to the stress of getting things done on time

The Bottom Line

Moving is a challenging and difficult process under normal circumstances, and during a pandemic, it can cause more stress. It may prompt you to consider and plan a move in a short period of time for which you need to know the above-mentioned pros and cons to ensure your move is managed without any hitch.