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Trustworthy Local Removalists Brisbane

Being one of the leading Removalists Brisbane, we take pride in offering a smooth, well-defined and quality services for moving in Brisbane at the most competitive price with 100% Service Guarantee. Whether it’s a house move or office removals, our removalists company will take care of all your treasured belongings and guarantee you a safe and sound Removals Brisbane. Our team of Furniture Removalists in Brisbane makes sure that your goods and furniture items are packed with best packing material and moved safely to the new destination with the utmost care. With the use of expert moving techniques, we can help you in relocating your house or office in Brisbane and its suburbs quickly. Our expert customer service team is always there to guide you throughout your removals Brisbane.

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With our advanced moving techniques and high-quality equipment, our team of professional removalists Brisbane finish the packing, loading and unloading tasks quickly & efficiently.
Whether you are living in North Lakes, Spring Hill or South Brisbane, we offer door-to-door service in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs to give you a stress-free moving experience.
Our highly safe and secure removals in Brisbane are carried out with the utmost care. Our team of professionals is well trained and verified to give you a sense of relief.
Our Brisbane Removalists Team

Our Deep Rooted Moving Process

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Why Choose Better Removalists Brisbane?

We are the preferred choice among our customers in Brisbane as we offer the following advantages:

  • Trained and Methodical -

    Our furniture removalists are trained to move all kinds of furniture items and appliances with utmost care. We utilise proven methods to move your belongings through challenging passages and cramped spaces without causing any damage.
  • Cost-Effective -

    We have the most reasonably priced service in Brisbane. We do not have any standard rates and charge as per the workload and provide you with an upfront quote without any hidden costs.
  • Flexible Scheduling -

    Unlike other removal companies, we allow the customer to choose the day and time of moving as per their convenience. We also accommodate changes informed in advance to help you move seamlessly.
  • Precious Belongings -

    Most People are concerned about the safety of their prized possessions while moving. These include heavy and expensive furniture items like a piano or an artefact. We are professionally trained in moving them flawlessly.
  • Heavy Stuff -

    Some heavy items in your belongings, such as refrigerators or LCDs and other expensive items like large antiques and big paintings are handled with care and precision. We are trusted by our customers for secure packaging and transportation of these items.
  • Efficient and Quick -

    We are adept at moving all kinds of objects, furniture and electronic devices in a well-organised manner. Our furniture removalists are punctual and prompt in packing everything quickly and making the relocation fast and effortless
  • Peace of Mind -

    We understand that moving can be a stressful time for the family, and thus make every effort to make it smooth and relaxing. With our removalists taking charge of the process, you need not worry about a thing and can enjoy this new phase of your life.
  • Robust Support -

    You can get in touch with our customer care executives to inform them about your specific requirements for packing material and removals. We will follow your instructions correctly and customise the process effectively.
  • Protective Packing Services -

    material and wrapping papers. Our professionals follow eco-friendly methods to pack all items safely and provide quality packing services.
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Brisbane Removalists: Your Local Moving Partner

Do you reside in one corner of Brisbane and plan to move to the other? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Our removal service is available from Newstead to Paddington, Hamilton and Bellbowrie. We are ready to serve you across the length and breadth of the city and its suburbs. Our professional Furniture Removalists are well-versed with the latest techniques for packing and moving in Brisbane, and utilise them to offer a seamless service. The process is customised according to the packing, loading and unloading needs of the customers and is priced reasonably to fit their pockets. We understand the emotions attached to the precious belongings and keep them safe throughout the journey. You can rely on our Brisbane removalists for a thorough and detailed moving services that allows you to enjoy an effortless relocation. Contact our Customer Service team today for a free quote and 10% discount!

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Providing The Best Removals Brisbane

Better Removalists Brisbane utilises top-of-the-line packing material to wrap up all the items in the house or office. From cutlery and glassware to appliances, electronics and furniture items, we have specialised boxes for every belonging. Our Brisbane Removalists are trained to handle and pack all types of materials and do their best to secure their packaging. Besides robust packing, our locally recruited removalists are well-versed in loading the heavy furniture into the moving truck and unloading it without any harm. Our removalists company experts make sure that we do not create any dents or defacement of the rented properties and complete the task of moving in Brisbane with perfection. Whether it is a high-rise apartment or a corporate office, we are ready to provide best services for removals in Brisbane & suburbs.

Let Our Brisbane Removalists Make Your Move Stress-free

Moving is not easy because your kids feel that they are being uprooted and will not be able to see their friends again. It can be emotionally and physically taxing as well as financially draining. To make things less hectic and tense, we offer our specialised removals in Brisbane which can be booked at a pocket-friendly price. With the assurance of safety and security provided by our able professionals, you can stay calm and relaxed throughout the process. which make sure that you do not have to worry about your stuff while we keep it safe. You can utilise the saved time to cover all other responsibilities of a move and spend quality time with your family. Also, we make sure that your needs are taken into consideration at every step of the way, starting from packing services to delivering and unpacking.

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  • Home Removals Brisbane

    Moving precious belongings with care.

  • Office Removals

    Enjoy a stress-free relocation process with us.

  • Interstate

    Relocate to the new state without any hassle.

  • Piano Movers

    Let our professionals move piano with extreme care.

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Trust our Furniture Removalists Brisbane Service

Most people find it hard to trust strangers with their much-loved possessions, such as expensive furniture items, painting or heirlooms. We are aware of this concern of the customers and offer 100% Service Guarantee to give them peace of mind. Our removalists in Brisbane are professionally trained and police verified. They have been working in the industry for several years and have worked with both commercial and residential tenants and homeowners, moving in Brisbane. From moving heavy furniture to small and fragile pieces, we do everything with competence and efficiency. With our superior packaging supplies, moving tools and machines, you can have the most convenient move within the city. We bring along trolleys and sliders to avoid heavy lifting of furniture items and the threats associated with it.

Are You Looking For Experienced & Affordable Brisbane Removalists?

If you are searching for removalists in Brisbane, then you need not look further as we are the one-stop-shop for local removals. Our extraordinary services for packing, loading, transporting and unloading follow the highest industry standards. The focus is on keeping the needs of the clients at the forefront so that the process works as envisaged by you. We put our best foot forward and use quality packing material to pack all your possessions and furniture items with care and make sure they reaches the destination without any damage. Our highly attentive Brisbane Removalists do not waste time and complete their work within the specified timeframe. They follow a step-by-step procedure which ensures that you get your belongings in the same condition in which you left them. What’s more, our qualified professionals have the expertise, equipment and experience to provide personalised solutions. Contact our Customer Service team today to book with us!

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Expert Brisbane Removalists For Seamless Office Removals

Businesses can find it utterly challenging to move from one office space to another. It means that they have to move everything present in the current workplace to the new one. We make your office removals easy with our exemplary packing services for removals in Brisbane. From packing wires, cables and desktops to files, machines and heavy cabinets, we perform every task flawlessly. Our professional furniture removalists bring along industry-grade tools and moving equipment and have the knowledge of dismantling and assembling heavy items. They do not misplace any important documents or pieces of machinery and label everything clearly. We are adept at moving business-related items and take lesser time than others to complete the job. Our swiftness is preferred by our clients because they do not want their trading hours to get affected by the move. The customised plans are priced according to work and do not burn a hole in your pocket.

A Few Facts About Brisbane

Here are some interesting facts about Brisbane removals for your reference.
  1. With a population of 2.5 million, the capital of Queensland is located on the Brisbane River and is home to a plethora of businesses, art galleries, theatres, parks and sporting venues.
  2. The city has been experiencing an uptick in the emergence of apartment living and more new riverside developments are underway in the region, including Southbank and Kangaroo Point.
  3. The median house price in Brisbane is exceptionally favourable at the moment for buyers and is much lower than Sydney. It is a cost-effective way to live in the metropolis without paying exorbitant rents and house prices.
  4. The median unit price for 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom homes stands at $520,000 in Brisbane as per the latest data collected in February 2020.
  5. The rent for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom unit stands at $500pw as per the data collected in March 2020.
  6. The house prices in the inner-city suburbs increased by 0.56% in June last year while the unit prices declined by 2.04%, making them more popular among young professionals.
  7. With the population growing at 3.17% over the past decade, almost 140,000 people are added to the population every year. It means that more people are settling down here and buying a property in the region.
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We Are Your Preferred Brisbane Removalists

People who are planning their homes or offices removals, choose us over our competitors because of a plethora of reasons:

We understand that relocation brings along a variety of tasks and responsibilities that cannot be completed without help. This is the reason why we provide an all-inclusive removal service.
  • Our experienced and trained removalists in Brisbane arrive at your doorstep with all the packing materials and start their work while adhering to your directions. We pack everything, big or small, tall or short, and load it carefully into the moving trucks.
  • We transport the belongings in a secure way to your destination and unload the packages with extreme care and attentiveness.
  • With our valet service, you can get the stuff unpacked and organised into the closets, cabinets, shelves and cupboards to relax on the moving day.
  • We provide insurance service so that you don’t have to worry about any damage due to an unforeseen situation or accident.
  • You can get our support in getting your utilities connected in the new home and disconnected in the old place.
  • We also provide handyman, electrician and plumbing services to get the appliances fixed into their places and become functional from day one like TV, fridge, hot water systems, etc.
  • With our help, you can begin a peaceful and comfortable living experience in your home from the first day and forget about all the chaos and stress related to normal removals.
The most significant concern of the family which is relocating is the safe transit of its belongings. Similarly, a business owner is worried about the transportation of the official equipment and documents in one piece. We take away this stress by offering an exceptional packing service.
  • We have our exclusive range of moving boxes which are sturdy and can move a heavy load with ease. These boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and we have different varieties for packing all kinds of things.
  • We follow technologically advanced lifting and loading techniques which do not harm the boxes in any way and ensure easy transfers within a defined timeframe. Our proven systems follow all the industry benchmarks to offer you the best service.
  • Our eco-friendly packing technique creates zero plastic waste, and we recycle our moving boxes to reduce the impact on the environment. Our moving trucks are fuel-efficient and do not leave a carbon footprint behind while travelling.
  • You can rely on our packing while putting your things in the storage. Our expert removalists are skilled in packing each piece with complete efficiency, which ensures that your stuff stays dust-free even when kept in storage for months.
  • Your belongings are first packed and then sealed into steel containers to be stored in our secure warehouses so that no one can identify the contents.
The highly secured facility is equipped with security cameras which monitor the place 24/7 and do not allow any entry without permission.
There are various things in your household and workplace which need special attention while moving from one place to another. We have a team of expert removalists working exclusively on the transportation of these things.
  • Plants are the prized possession of every nature lover, and we understand the importance of your greens which make your house look beautiful. Thus we have a team of garden and green experts who work diligently to make sure that they reach their new destination without harming them.
  • We make sure that water levels are optimum for travel and do not let the leaves touch other belongings. We keep them away from harsh conditions and allow them to breathe inside the moving trucks.
  • We also have a team of pet removal experts who take care of your canines and other pet animals at home during the transit. If you cannot take them along, we will arrange for their transportation with the expert guidance of our animal-loving squad.
  • They ensure that the animals are fed and do not feel warm or cold during the move and have a playful companion with them so that they do not feel distressed or uncomfortable.
  • We show similar expertise in packing all other fragile items in your home and can systematically pack them to reduce the chances of damage.
Although the subtropical climate of Brisbane keeps the city warm and sunny, the unprecedented rain showers can play a spoilsport. Thus it makes sense to prepare well.
  • We bring along biodegradable bags to pack the books, clothes and documents and then place them in the boxes.
  • We shrink-wrap all the furniture and wooden shelves and other such items in eco-friendly plastic sheets so that drops of water do not fade or affect the texture of wood.
  • We bring all the boxes and place them in the living room closest to the moving truck so that our removalists do not have to move through the house with wet boots covered in mud.
  • We put mats and plastic sheets on the path joining the parking area and the house so that we do not mess up the path with our dirty boots and reduce the chances of slipping while moving your stuff out.
  • We take out the plastic items first and place them in the truck when it is pouring heavily and then bring out the fragile materials when the rainfall has reduced.
  • When we have placed everything in the truck, we wipe the plastic-wrapped containers to remove the moisture from the surface and keep them dry.
  • We unpack them proactively as soon as we arrive at the destination to stop the bad odour of wet cardboards from entering into your stuff and eliminating the chances of the growth of mould and mildew on books and clothes.
We are aware of the love you share for your expensive sofa, dining table, study table, shelves, cupboards, etc. Our removalists in Brisbane are expertly trained in moving furniture without getting them scratched or damaged.
  • We have the right equipment to transport all types of furniture and appliances in your home, including your dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, bookcases, speakers, LCD, etc.
  • Our well-trained professionals make use of the moving dolly to lift and transport the heavy items to the truck without dragging them, which can cause scratches on the floor as well as scrape the bottom of the furniture.
  • We bring along furniture sliders which easily remove the sofa and tables and other such items in a few minutes and reduce the time spent in moving.
  • The forklift helps our staff members to place the boxes and other heavy items into the moving truck, so there is minimal chance of slipping or flipping of the boxes.
  • Our professionals are skilled in disassembling those furniture pieces which cannot be taken out of the room in one piece. For instance, king-size beds which need to be moved out of a small bedroom door or down the stairway. We assemble them back in the new house so that you don’t have to worry about that part.
  • We inspect the property thoroughly before leaving so that we ensure that nothing is left behind and all your stuff gets moved without any challenges.

Our Removal and Packing Services in Brisbane

Your belongings mean the world to you, and we keep them safely with us during the relocation through our removal and storage service in Brisbane. We take every step to help you throughout the process and make it as stress-free for you as possible.

With the rising pollution levels in the country and the hazardous air quality due to the recent bushfires, it has become all the more necessary to adopt an environmentally-friendly approach towards moving. Thus we take all the required measures to make it a green relocation.
  • The first step in this mission is saying no to bubble wrap, which creates a lot of plastic waste and pollutes the oceans. We make use of wrapping paper which is cheaper and biodegradable.
  • Besides bringing our own supplies, we ask the customers to keep ready the old newspapers and magazines to pack the fragile materials and glassware. Also, they help in keeping the items safe from dust and dirt.
  • Our removalists in Brisbane our adept at using household items to pack your belongings perfectly. For example, we use old blankets and bed sheets to fill the bottom of the boxes so that the turns while transporting do not lead to breakage.
  • The spaces between items in a box can be easily filled with the help of old clothes, socks and towels to avoid any damage.
  • We bring along the shredded paper to fill the boxes with delicate items. The shredded paper is collected from the disposed of documents during office relocations.
Moving within the city is done quickly with our prompt service. Our local removalists in Brisbane chalk out the plan for the packing and transit before arriving at your doorstep and complete the job within the timeline.
  • Since we are working locally for a long time and are experts in the field, moving your belongings over a short distance or a faraway corner in another suburb is a cakewalk for us.
  • We have a team of experienced and rigorously trained professionals who have been working for us for a long time and can be trusted blindly.
  • They have the precision of an artist in packing each type of material, including glass, mirrors, china, bottles, artefacts, murals, etc. The highly protective covering offered by us ensures that your valued stuff reaches you unscathed.
  • We have a treasure trove of moving boxes at our office which come in all shapes and sizes and can effortlessly fit all your house items.
  • Our rough and tough moving trucks have been in transit for a few years and are completely fuel-efficient and offer more mileage. They transfer your stuff with utmost care and love.
  • We make sure that the luggage stays away from dust, water, hail, winds so that no harm comes to them. We have the logistics planned in the most commendable way for an unmatched service.
While moving, packing is an essential aspect of transporting your things safely. This is the reason why we stress on packing everything logically and carefully. Here is how we take care of your stuff:
  • We have wardrobe boxes which are specially made for hanging clothes while moving so that they do not get crumpled in the transit. It is very much needed for your business suits and wedding dresses.
  • We are among the very few removal companies in Brisbane which provide you with mattress boxes. These boxes pack the mattress so that it doesn’t get stained or filled with dust during the transit and is not torn from anywhere.
  • Many customers do not store the packing boxes of their electronics and appliances so we bring appropriately sized boxes which can accommodate the LCD, refrigerator and other such heavy and delicate items.
  • We have exclusive boxes for storing cutlery and glasses as well as china so that they get extra protection and stay away from destruction.
  • We do labelling of the boxes as per your instructions which helps in organising the boxes and unpacking them in the right spaces. It aids in finding things easily when you are settling into your new home on the first day.
It is quite possible that you own more than one vehicle which needs transporting or storage at the time of relocation. We take care of this chore by offering easy transit of your vehicles from one place to another.
  • We provide transportation of boats, cars, bikes, motorbikes, etc., in our special trucks which are highly secured and protect the vehicle from environmental hazards.
  • With our affordable pricing and quick delivery, you can get your vehicles transported with maximum expertise. We inspect the motor vehicles and prepare them for the transit by making sure that they do not contain any personal materials and give the key to you.
  • We get the vehicle delivered at the right address and hand over it to you or your representative and ensure that it has reached its rightful owner.
We take care of the paperwork required to complete the transit anywhere in the country.  
When you reach your new home and there is no electricity or gas or hot water supply, it can turn out to be a disaster. Besides the utilities, you also need to get things working quickly to get back into your routine. Our removalists in Brisbane make this possible with our supplementary services.
  • The place can be dirty, without any utilities and in a mess when you arrive. Thus you need our ancillary services including cleaning which will help you move into a spick-and-span house.
  • You can further utilise the valet service to get your things organised seamlessly and feel comfortable with your belongings at the right place.
  • Hire our ancillary service to get the utilities connected in the new place and disconnected from the old place so that you can start using your laptop, charge your mobile, and cook your first meal with ease.
  • Get your LCD connected and other electronics like washing machine and dishwasher up and running to use them without any delay.
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Book Us For Stress-free Removals in Brisbane
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Have any Question?

We know you have questions about our services. That’s why we have introduced the FAQ section to give you a better clarity about our local moving process and other key information. Here we go:

Alike other moving companies, we strive to provide custom local or domestic removalists services to ensure safe, secure and affordable move. We will ask a few questions before the final move to determine the right size of truck based on the available furniture and inventory that are going to relocate. Hire us and save your money.
Our pricing is transparent, and we provide an instant quote free of charge. It is calculated by enquiring about the number of rooms in the house or unit and the level of the residence. We also ask about the availability of elevators and their distance from the apartment. It helps us to calculate the final price and we provide it to you upfront without making you wait. We are fully capable of moving bulky fragile items, such as big musical instruments like a piano or a full-size drum set. We are committed to offering a safe transportation of all your prized and loved possessions without causing any damage. We are careful to avoid any accidents as we utilise the best tools in the industry to complete the process. Our prices are completely dependent on the labour and work and does not include any hidden costs. We also offer a 10% discount on your first booking of our removalists in Brisbane.
Yes, we do provide packing and unpacking for local removals in Brisbane. You can book our packing service prior to your moving day if you want quality and safe packing.
  • We can pack heavy to fragile items using best packing supplies. Our special and robust boxes come in a variety of sizes and have compartment spaces to fit all types of items in it.
  • We utilise packing paper to wrap the breakable pieces, such as China, glasses, liquor bottles, ceramic pots, etc. We use cardboard and foam wrapping for glass tops, mirrors and LCD TVs to keep them safe during the transit.
  • Our removalists also have mattress boxes which make sure that the cushion doesn’t get damaged in the handling and loading. It also helps in keeping it safe from dust and dirt.
  • We create a shock absorption layer over the fragile items with the help of moving blankets and other old items to keep them protected from bumps along the ride.
  • The labelling is done with visible markers in different colours to denote different rooms. Also, we create an inventory list which has the catalog of the items packed in each box. It helps you to find an item quickly in the new place.
We can move everything barring dangerous and harmful chemicals and items such as firelighters, petrol, kerosene, cooking oils, pesticides, weed killers, etc. These are prohibited by all removalists in Brisbane because they can cause serious damage during the transit. You should get rid of all these substances which can lead to a fire or explosion due to a mishap while travelling. They can destroy the whole truck and harm the removalists. Thus, they are not moved by us. The best way to eliminate them is to offer the usable items to your friends and family or you can sell them in a garage sale. If you want to dispose of these items, then you must identify the hazardous waste collection and disposal service in your area. You should be aware of the fact that if you try to dump them with regular waste, you will be making an unlawful move.
Our superior packing service, well-maintained trucks, experienced removalists and protective measures ensure that your possessions are not damaged in the process.
  • We use high-quality and sturdy boxes with industry-grade protective coverings to wrap the fragile items like glassware, paintings, photo frames, lamp shades, ceramic dinner sets, etc.
  • We use blankets and wrapping paper to secure different surfaces and make sure everything is tightly packed without any gaps and spaces to avoid damage.
  • Our moving trucks are fully covered to keep the stuff being transited protected from external temperature changes and wind and dust. These solid vehicles are in best condition and have ample space to accommodate the luggage.
  • Our removalists in Brisbane are experts in the field and have abundant experience of handling and managing the belongings of both businesses and families.
  • The professionals are vetted by the local police and are fully insured which gives our customers the assurance that their belongings are in safe hands.
  • We keep you informed about our whereabouts during the transit and if we get stuck or delayed due to any unforeseen circumstances, then we keep you updated about our position.
  • Our storage facility is equally efficient in maintaining maximum security of the warehouse which stores your luggage.
Every house has a plethora of appliances that make our lives easier. However, when it comes to moving, it becomes extremely challenging to transport these delicate electronics. You must be extremely cautious about keeping them protected at all times during the transit. While many people hire removalists in Brisbane, they do not know about preparing their appliances for the move. It is essential to cover this step to make sure that they are ready to be packed and no time is wasted in this pursuit. You must follow the instructions mentioned in the manual of the appliances to arrange for the move. It is better to put them in their original packing if you have preserved it. If the original box is not available, then our removalists will pack them for you. Also, you must clean them before the move so that the professionals do not face any difficulties while packing. For instance, the oven and the fridge must have all the food removed from them. You must also remove all the detachable parts and place them separately for packing. The appliance should be unplugged, and all the ice must be removed from the freezer. It is important because melted ice can seep out of the box and mess with other boxes.
We do not have standard rates for local removals in Brisbane. Our prices are calculated after understanding the size of the house, level of the unit, presence of elevators or stairs, size of the luggage, distance to the destination, etc. However, we assure you that our prices are reasonable and do not drain your financially during the relocation. We understand that you have several other expenses in the pipeline when you are moving. Thus, we do not include any additional charges at the end of the job. The final quote is provided upfront to the customers without any obligations. You can even compare it with other removal service providers to check if the price is right. Our prices for local moves start from just $55 only. You can call us now at 1300 766 422 or fill our online form for a quick instant quote. Since the distance is reduced in local removals, the prices are within your budget.
The duration of the move depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the shipment, weather conditions, distance and other aspects that can affect the transit. Thus, there is no standard timeframe for the job. We understand your needs and offer a customised package with the duration. The date of the removal is chosen by the customer as per their convenience. The removalists reach your doorstep at the precise hour. They are aware of the number of rooms and the level of the property and perform the task accordingly. Better Removalists Brisbane has provided industry-leading tools to its teams which allows them to complete the job quickly and without getting tired. They have sliding tools to move out heavy items like the refrigerator and are aware of all the techniques that reduce the time consumed in the work. Since we have been doing this for a long time, we do not take much time in thinking how it should be done.
Packing and moving is always challenging and with personal or work commitments, managing a small scale and short-distance move is difficult. Thus,you can reduce a lot of stressby taking professional assistance from experienced removalists in Brisbane.
If the weather conditions are not feasible, then we try to postpone the removal. However, if it is not possible or we face a sudden weather change, then we are fully equipped to handle it.
  • Our removalists have moving blankets at their disposal which are used to cover the cardboard boxes so that water does not seep into the packages.
  • We are aware of the impact of water on wooden items, and thus take extra care to keep them safe from all kinds of moisture by wrapping them in plastic sheets.
  • Our aim is to avoid any accidents, and thus we make sure that our removalists do not have to walk on slippery or muddy floors. Although we bring along boots for the purpose, we make a passage of flattened cardboard boxes to avoid any slips.
  • Our removalists are covered in protective gear which helps them to work comfortably in rain and loose cotton clothing during peak summer months.
  • They are trained to handle such situations and move the items that are not affected by water first into the truck and the fragile items later when the intensity of the rain has reduced.
  • Our removalists make sure to dry up the boxes to avoid water from getting inside and wetting the contents.

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