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Local Removalists Brisbane

We are one of the most reliable and cheap removalists Brisbane, who take pride in providing quality moving services in Brisbane and its suburbs with 100% Service Guarantee. Moving locally is as hard as moving interstate as you still need to pack, load, unload and unpack everything. Thus, hiring professional ensures you get high-quality service for your house move. Our team is trained and experienced in conducting residential and office removals without damage to the property or its contents. We are considered leading furniture removalists in Brisbane because of our successful track record, customer-friendly approach and managing your move from start to finish. We customise the process according to your needs and provide you with the final quote upfront. Our support team further makes removals Brisbane a cakewalk for our clients with a prompt service. Thus, if you are planning to move, call us on 1300 766 422 to get your free estimate.

Our removalists in Brisbane are adept at packing and have the best tools in their kit to complete your move quickly and safely without risking your belongings.
We do not make you bring the boxes out or leave them outside. Our professionals pick up everything and drop it inside the new house. We even do the unpacking and arranging.
Our team is fully insured and verified by the local police, which makes them highly trustworthy. They have worked with a variety of clients and have received excellent reviews.
Our Deep-Rooted Moving Process

We Have A Systematic Removals Procedure

Book With Us
Give us a call to book your house move and our friendly customer support team will be happy to help.
Schedule a visit
We set an appointment for a free assessment of your belongings and advise the size of the moving truck accordingly.
Packing Services
We provide safe & secure packing service for all your household and commercial belongings with utmost care.
Our Moving Process
Our team of trained and verified local removalists relocate your possessions safely and securely to the new property.

Why Choose Better Removalists Brisbane?

Looking for renowned removalists company in Brisbane? We are the most preferred & highly recommended choice because of the following reasons:

  • Trained and Systematic Removals Brisbane -

    Our furniture removalists follow your instructions and have a removal procedure in place to offer a seamless move. Our skilled staff members know all the right packing and moving techniques.
  • Cheap Removalists in Brisbane -

    You can book our reasonably priced removals services in Brisbane without worrying about hidden costs and extra charges at the end of the removal. We provide the final quote before the process and do not add any new costs to it.
  • Flexible House Moving Schedules -

    Most families and businesses do not wish to move on working days because of the traffic and their availability. We understand this and provide the advantage of choosing the moving date and time
  • Safe House Moving Process -

    Every piece of furniture and belonging in your house is a cherished and loved possession. Thus, we make every effort to keep them protected from breakage, scrapes, cracks, falls, etc.
  • Experienced Removalists Brisbane For Moving Bulky Goods -

    Whether it is a house move or a business, there are some items that are too heavy to be loaded and lifted, such as a huge pool table or a king-size bed. We have the tools and expertise to move them with ease.
  • Fast and Efficient Moving Techniques -

    Most businesses need a quick removal so that their employees do not have to wait, or their orders do not get delayed. Thus, they rely on our professional removal services that make the process speedy and damage-free.
  • Stress-free Moving Experience -

    Troubling thought about losing or damaging your stuff during removals Brisbane is natural. However, when you hire our highly rated and expert removalists company in Brisbane, you do not need to stress about the safety of your inventory. We keep it safe and secure.
  • Friendly Customer Support -

    We have an excellent team of customer care executives who are there to help you with the free quote after understanding your requirements. They make the booking and customise the process for you.
  • Protective Packing Services -

    Our world-class packing is our speciality because we use top-of-the-line and sturdy packing materials that keep the objects safe and insulated during transit, loading and unloading.
Let Our Experienced & Highly Recommended Removalists in Brisbane Manage Your Move efficiently!
1300 766 422

Brisbane Removalists: Your Local Moving Partner

Locally moving in Brisbane may seem like going from one neighbourhood to another, but it can be challenging. You need to uproot your life from one place and start afresh in the new one. Children and pets can have a hard time during the move and need special attention and care. Besides providing emotional support to the family members, you must take care of packing everything in a way that there is no damage. The task makes you anxious and stressed, and the approaching deadline doesn’t help. Thus, hiring professional Furniture Removalists in Brisbane who are trained and proficient in the process is highly recommended. They bring their packing materials, moving trucks, and equipment to offer the support you need during the exhaustive time. Contact our Customer Service team today for a free quote and 10% discount!
two men and woman carrying cardboard boxes
man and woman in uniform carrying packing boxes

Providing The Best Removals Brisbane

Moving can be backbreaking if you decide to lift the heavy furniture and load it in the moving truck on your own. It can also lead to injuries and damage of your belongings. Thus, it is an intelligent decision to book our services for removals in Brisbane and enjoy a restful relocation without lifting or loading. Our Brisbane Removalists pack every item with utmost care and ensure that the boxes are securely sealed. They carry the packed items using advanced moving equipment, such as sliders and dollies. These help in lifting and loading them on the truck and unloading them at the destination. Our primary focus is to provide you with the best removals in Brisbane experience without causing any physical or financial distress.

Let Our Brisbane Removalists Make Your Move Stress-free

It is common to feel stressed about your relocation because of the enormous work involved in the process. Besides packing for the removal in Brisbane, you have several other responsibilities like the end of lease cleaning, property inspection, broadband disconnection, address change, etc. The pressure of completing all these tasks within a few weeks can take a toll on your mental health. Thus, you must gift yourself an effortless move with Better Removalists Brisbane. Our knowledgeable, trained and insured staff members know all the quick packing techniques and are well-versed in safely delivering your stuff to the new place. When you witness that they have taken all the load of the removal, it makes you tension-free and relaxed. So, book our customised packages today for a hassle-free move.

Book Your Brisbane Removals Today and Get 10% Off

  • House Removals in Brisbane

    Move the entire house without any hassle.

  • Office Removals in Brisbane

    Reduce disruption and business downtime.

  • Interstate Removals

    Moving to another city becomes super easy.

  • Piano Movers Brisbane

    We are familiar with moving a piano safely.

two men in uniform carrying sofa

Trust our Furniture Removalists Brisbane Service

Furniture handling and moving is a highly challenging task during removals in Brisbane. The bulky items like large beds don’t even move an inch while pushing, and getting them out of doors means you damage the walls and the wood. Also, the bed will have its share of scrapes and cuts that will destroy its look. Thus, you need a specialist furniture removalist service that can disassemble such huge items and make the process easy for you. Our local removalists in Brisbane use the instructions manual to manage the removable parts, reduce the weight, and then use sliders or lifts to carry them out of the property. It saves a lot of time and effort, and you have the peace of mind that you did not cause any destruction while moving your stuff.

Move Stress-free with Better Removalists Brisbane

Are you feeling stressed about your upcoming move? You don’t have to get worked up when you can choose to partner with the most dependable & highly recommended removalists in Brisbane. Our wide range of services ensures that your relocation becomes a piece of cake and is completed on time. We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated removalists who are committed to offering a 100% Service Guarantee. They have helped several families and businesses move without damage or stress. Our all-inclusive local removals service provides end-to-end moving solutions and the freedom to sit back and relax while we complete the move. The best part about our service is that it can be customised to accommodate your specific needs. Thus, our professional Brisbane removalists work according to your instructions throughout the process. It implies that you can manage the move your way without lifting a finger.

man and woman loading the moving truck
woman in uniform standing in front of a moving truck
Seamless Corporate Removals For Effortless Relocation

Moving a business is a complex process that requires the guidance and support of expert commercial removalists in Brisbane. They have the knowledge and skills to complete the relocation without causing any disruption and with minimal downtime. Whether it is the headquarters of a big company or a small start-up, we are proficient in making your removals in Brisbane simpler and more organised. They understand the delicate and fragile nature of the equipment and the computers used by the business and pack them efficiently for zero damage. They use advanced and modern tools to lift the heavy machines and safely load them in spacious trucks that allow them to stand erect without any damage. They bring their superior quality materials and supplies for packing, which keep the business assets safeguarded from dust, shakes, bumps and pulls, etc. Thus, our corporate clients can maintain their operations and continuity to avoid loss of sales during the move.

A Few Facts About Brisbane

Planning to move to Brisbane?Know the city better with the following information.
  1. The capital of Queensland, Brisbane, is positioned on the Brisbane River and boasts of a dynamic commercial, arts, sports and entertainment scene.
  2. With the Brisbane Olympics slated to take place in 2032, the population in the city has been on the rise and many developmental projects are taking shape in the suburbs, such as Southbank and Kangaroo Point.
  3. Brisbane offers the opportunity to acquire waterfront properties without paying a high price. It is still more affordable than Sydney and Melbourne and is becoming popular for its apartments and units.
  4. The median price for 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom units stands at $940,000 in Brisbane in 2022.
  5. The rent for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom unit stands at $800pw in 2022.
  6. House prices have been steadily increasing in the city because of the infrastructure development and growth in population. Several interstate buyers and offshore investors have been responsible for this boom.
  7. With its multicultural population and fast growth, the city has become a perfect settlement option for families and businesses that wish to expand in a growing region.

We Are Your Preferred Brisbane Removalists For A Reason

Better Removalists Brisbane is a highly reputed and well-recognised moving company for a variety of reasons:

We are a one-stop solution for managing your house and office removals. Our professionals offer door-to-door removal service that takes away the pressure of moving.

  • Our team of removalists in Brisbane have the insight that allows them to place the boxes carefully in the trucks without causing any risk of damage. They know the city and its suburbs thoroughly and reach the destination on time through the shortest and safest route.
  • Our moving trucks are covered and have enough space to accommodate your belongings for safe transit.
  • You can include the valet service in your removal package to get your stuff organised and arranged at the destination.
  • Our removals in Brisbane come with transit insurance that safeguards your valued possessions against theft, accidents or natural disasters.
  • We bring all the required tools to ensure that the heavy items are easily lifted and loaded without any injuries.
  • Our professionals are adept at packing and moving the electronics and appliances like experts. They do not mix up the wires and label them appropriately for easy recognition.

We offer the best removal services in Brisbane, which includes packing your belongings efficiently. Our tailored service helps you to get your stuff packed as per your needs.

  • We use corrugated, highly durable and strong boxes. They are quality checked by the team and used for safely moving household items and business assets.
  • We use advanced tools and know the right techniques for packing and lifting boxes. Whether it is a laptop, fridge, glass top, mirror, or LED TV, we have the boxes and the equipment to move them without any damage.
  • We are working towards becoming a carbon-neutral company, which means we recycle our packing supplies and take them back after unpacking your stuff. Also, our moving trucks are well-maintained and do not cause excessive pollution.
  • Businesses that downsized during the pandemic use our storage service and are highly satisfied by the effective protection extended to their assets and stock in the secure facility.
  • Our storage building is a strictly secure property that protects your possessions from external threats like dust, rain, storm, pests and theft.

Every household is different and has its unique needs. While some clients are concerned about moving their plants, others are worried about transferring their pets. We can accommodate these requests during the booking time.

  • Many households and businesses have an array of potted plants that need to be transported with love and care during removal in Brisbane. Our team understands this need and carefully moves your greens to avoid breaking the pots or harming the leaves.
  • After loading them in the trucks, we ensure they are ready for travel and will not topple during transportation. We also ensure that the soil is not too dry for the duration of the transit.
  • If you cannot take your pet along when moving interstate, we can offer our specialised services to transport your pet to the desired location.
  • Our trained professionals are animal lovers who take care of your pets like their own and feed and protect them during the move. They allow the pets to take a break to relieve themselves and continue the journey without any stress.
  • These are some special requests that we accommodate for our customers. However, if you have such needs, you must inform us in advance and speak to the specialists to customise the process.

Brisbane offers a warm and sunny climate throughout the year. However, unexpected rains can make things difficult during the removal. Thus, we are prepared for all weather conditions.

  • Our professionals carry plastic sheets and moving blankets to cover the boxes consisting appliances, electronics, books and clothes during the rainfall.
  • We wrap up all the upholstered furniture and wooden items in plastic sheets so that water does not cause damage.
  • Our removalists in Brisbane have proper gear to cover themselves. They ensure they do not frequently come in and out of the house with muddy boots to reduce filth on the property.
  • They use plastic sheets and cardboard boxes on the path while carrying the boxes to the trucks to avoid slipping over the mud. Also, they keep all the boxes stacked at the entrance to reduce the walking.
  • They do not bring out the boxes when it rains heavily to ensure they do not get soaked. They usually wait until it comes down to a drizzle and then continue the work.
  • Our removalists in Brisbane know that wet cardboard boxes can lead to odour and dampness and even occurrence of mould. Thus, we do not allow any wetness to affect the packed boxes.

Moving tools are an essential part of removals in Brisbane. Without them, the whole process can become tiring, time-consuming and disorganised. Thus, we use the best ones for excellent results.

  • We use dollies for moving heavy items without any mishaps. The sofa chairs, kitchen appliances, and other electronics can be moved damage-free with their help.
  • Another significantly vital tool our Brisbane removalists use is the furniture slider that allows them to carry heavy loads down the stairs or through the door without chipping the corners or defacing the walls and doors.
  • We also use lifting straps or forklifts to load the furniture and the boxes into the trucks. It reduces the risk of falling or the removalist getting hurt.
  • Our removalists are aware of the moving techniques that make them cautiously handle each item. They know which items need to be lifted from the base and which should be held from the corners. They wear gloves while holding mirrors and glass tops.
  • They can also disassemble huge items and then assemble them back at the destination for maximum convenience.

Our Removal and Packing Services in Brisbane

Whether you are moving to the next state or a nearby suburb, we make the process easy and efficient with our first-class packing and removals services in Brisbane. Our personalisation feature ensures that the removal caters to your needs and fits into your budget.

Carbon emissions lead to rising temperatures and global warming. Our company has been trying to reduce its carbon footprint through recycling and reusing.

  • Our moving boxes are biodegradable. Also, we ensure that we take them back at the end of the Brisbane removal to recycle them for the next move.
  • We pack the boxes carefully with eco-friendly materials. Thus, we rely on moving blankets, packing paper and shredded paper that gets recycled.
  • We even ask the customers to provide us with old clothes and socks to cover the fragile items or insulate the corners of the boxes.
  • Our removalists in Brisbane also use discarded books, newspapers, magazines and notebooks to create packing paper for the glasses and bottles so that they do not get cracked.
  • If there is extra space in the moving trucks, we allow backloading. It reduces the need for other vehicles that create more pollution.

Local moving can be completed within the same day if the list of inventories is not long and the distance is short. We come equipped to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

  • Our Brisbane removalists know every postcode which helps them to identify the shortest route for faster removals.
  • Our support team provides an upfront quote that is calculated after understanding the size of the property, the type of inventory and the distance to be covered.
  • You are not charged for the services you do not need or wish to be excluded. We even provide specific services such as supplying packing materials or moving trucks for the removal.
  • Another advantage of booking Better Removalists Brisbane is that you can book the removal on the date when you are free to supervise the move. So, there is complete flexibility in scheduling the move.
  • You can save a lot of money because our comprehensive service includes costs for the moving truck, transportation, packing and packing supplies.

Professional removals in Brisbane ensure that you have an organised packing of your belongings. We go above and beyond to keep your stuff safe.

  • Our team prepares a checklist of inventory for each room. They have boxes for every belonging ranging from clothes and paintings to TV and fridge.
  • We provide our customers with moving blankets to cover fragile items that can be broken easily and keep them away from harm.
  • We do not stack the delicate items on one another inside the boxes as they can break at the slightest jerk. We wrap them in packing paper and place them in boxes with compartments to avoid rattling and cracking.
  • We have special boxes for sharp items that are insulated to avoid injuries to our Brisbane removalists during loading and unloading.
  • Our removalists follow your orders while packing the contents of the house and label them carefully. It helps in quick unpacking without any confusion or mix-up.

Many families and businesses have vehicles that need to be transported when they are moving to another location. However, they do not have the time to do so. Thus, Better Removalists Brisbane comes to their rescue.

  • We have helped several clients to move their private vehicles in our covered trucks over long journeys.
  • Our trained drivers and removalists carefully inspect the vehicle and get it loaded into the truck without any dents or scrapes.
  • They deliver the vehicle at the desired address with the keys and papers. You can inspect the vehicle before taking charge of it to ensure no damage.
  • Our removalists are trained to manage the paperwork needed to move the vehicle from one state to another.

When you reach the new place, you need it to be in order as soon as possible to start your new life. We take care of everything with our supplementary services.

  • With our supplementary services, you do not have to unpack and organise the stuff in its right place. We do it for you as per your instructions.
  • Fitting the appliances and electronics is essential to enjoy the new house. We help you to get these items fitted and working in no time.
  • We provide you with a fully equipped house ready for comfortable living as soon as possible.
Book Our Local Removalists Brisbane For Stress-free Removals.
Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to hiring removalists in Brisbane, there are a lot of questions in the minds of individuals, families and businesses. To make things clear about our services, we have listed down all the commonly asked questions with our answers.

At Better Removalists Brisbane, we have developed a customer-centric strategy that helps us to manage your local and interstate moves efficiently from start to finish. We give priority to the safety and security of your belongings while keeping the service affordable. Our workers are fully insured, police verified and trained to handle all types of residential and commercial removals. In addition, we provide 100% service guarantee and the final quote upfront without any obligations.

The support team will ask for all the relevant details to calculate the final quote, such as the size of the property, list of inventories, distance to be covered and any other supplementary services. We add all the costs to come up with the quote instantly through our specialised booking systems and provide you with the estimate for free. We do not add any extra charges or fees at the end of the process. We assure you that our packages will be the most reasonably priced.

Yes, our local removalists in Brisbane are trained in packing and unpacking services for all types of household items and corporate equipment and assets. Our packers bring a variety of boxes that can accommodate your belongings. We are extra cautious about fragile and breakable items. We drive cautiously and arrange the boxes in a manner that they do not fall over each other. We use packing techniques that keep your stuff safe and intact.

Some harmful chemicals and dangerous products are not moved by our removalists in Brisbane. These include petrol, kerosene, firelighters, cooking oils, pesticides, weedkillers, etc. They are not allowed on the moving trucks because of their flammable nature, which can lead to fires. Thus, you must dispose them off before the arrival of the removalists because a fire or explosion is not only harmful to the truck and your belongings but also to the removalists. To discard these items, you must find out the hazardous waste collection and disposal service in your area or you can give them away to your family and friends.

We are fully prepared for the move as we have the list of inventories with us. However, you need to do a few things before our arrival to make the process smooth and streamlined. It involves getting your electronic items and appliances ready for the move. Thus, you must get the original packing and instructions manual ready. If you do not have the original box, our removalists in Brisbane will pack the items. An important thing to remember is to clean the oven and the fridge and remove all food items along with the removable parts. The appliances must be unplugged, and the ice box must be emptied.

If you are planning to move locally in Brisbane, you can call us at 1300 766 422 or fill our online form to get an instant quote without any obligations. We provide the final price upfront free of charge. However, since the removal needs of every customer are different, there is no standard pricing for local removal services. We can calculate the cost for you after understanding your requirements, size of the property, list of items to be moved and the distance to be covered. We do not have any hidden costs and provide a 10% discount to our first-time customers. So, you do not have to worry about breaking the bank when you hire our services.

The timeline of the removal varies for every removal because bigger houses with more furniture will need more time for the same distance. We provide an estimate of the duration of your move after understanding your individual requirements. Usually, local moves for small units can be completed on the same day, whereas interstate removals for bigger properties and businesses take 2-3 days.

The load of responsibilities during a removal cannot be measured by the distance to be covered or the size of the house. You will have tons of tasks besides packing and transporting your stuff, such as getting the utilities disconnected at the current place and getting them connected at the new house. You will also have to clean up the rented space thoroughly to get the bond back. With so much to handle, packing and moving can be stressful and exhaustive. Thus, it is ideal to hire experienced removalists in Brisbane who will do all the hard work and allow you to relax.

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