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Toowong – The Prestige Suburb of Brisbane

The beautifully landscaped suburb is surrounded by Mount Coot-tha and the Brisbane River which offers dazzling views of the metropolis. Located 5 kilometres away from the Brisbane CBD, Toowong is a hub of commercial spaces especially shops and office buildings. Lined with heritage-listed places and tourist attractions like the Toowong cemetery and the Botanical Gardens, the suburb is known for an amalgamation of business and leisure. The densely populated hinterland is home to 10,830 people, and the median age of the population is 28 years. The historic Regatta Hotel and the Royal Exchange Hotel attract several travellers while the public bars keep the locals busy every night. With several shopping options in close proximity, it extends a desirable lifestyle. Consequently, the property market is heating up in the suburb and has experienced a compound growth rate of 3.4% in house sales in the last five years.

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Better Removalists Brisbane has highly trained professionals who have become experts in the field and can conduct removals without your supervision.

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Our Holistic Approach At Better Removalists Brisbane

We play the role of that supportive friend who takes care of the entire moving process without batting an eyelid. Our job starts early with putting all your stuff into different boxes and labelling them as per your instructions. We are the most sought after cheap removalists in Brisbane and bring along all the packing material like tape, markers, boxes, packing paper, blankets, etc. We do not leave any vacant spaces between the objects and fill them with clothes and other materials to make sure there is no damage to your stuff. We make special efforts to pack your cutlery, appliances and glassware. Also, we know the right technique of loading heavy materials like beds, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. into the truck. The size of the truck is decided after understanding the amount of load to be transported, and it easily accommodates all the belongings. We make special arrangements for moving plants, but you need to inform us about all such items in advance.

Removals That Resolve All Moving Issues

If you are worried about how to pack certain items in your list and are not sure about the size of the vehicle required to move the stuff, then stop right there. Contact Better Removalists Brisbane and let our professionals take over the process. You can heave a sigh of relief with our proficient and capable workers doing all the hard work.

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