Step-By-Step Guide To Pack Your Books For Moving House

Step-By-Step Guide To Pack Your Books For Moving House

Mar 27, 2024

It is common for people to love reading, and that is why they have many books in their homes. But when it is time to move, packing them will be a challenge. At first glance, it might seem like a straightforward task, but that is not the case because books are large and heavy. They also hold sentimental value for many people, adding to the stress of packing them safely.

The first thing to do here is to simply reduce the number of books you are moving. Next, learning the best strategies for packing the remaining books is a must. This way, your preferred expert removalists Brisbane can transport them safely. Here is the step-by-step guide to packing your books for moving house. It will help you ensure your books are protected during the move.

1. Organise Your Books

Before getting started with the packing process, it is important to sort your books. You can do so either alphabetically or by category. This will make packing easier and facilitate easier unpacking, helping you organise them at the new residence. If you own many books, separating hardcover from softcover will also be a great way to sort your books.

During this process, it is a good idea to reduce the number of books you own by simply donating or reselling the unwanted ones. It will decrease the number of packing supplies you need which will save you some money. As for donating, you can give away the book to places like local libraries and local schools. Companies that offer packing services Brisbane recommend this step before proceeding with packing.

2. Buy the Correct Moving Boxes

woman with packing box and preparing for a move

There is no better way to make the packing and moving procedure easier than by investing in the right moving boxes. Trying to fit a hundred books in a single box is never a possibility. Stuffing boxes with as many books as possible will make them quite heavy, which is not ideal for a move. As for the boxes, it is best recommended to invest in heavy-duty cardboard boxes. They are quite strong, and it would be difficult to overload them, helping your preferred expert removalists Brisbane move them safely.

It is also advisable to get small-sized boxes. It can be tempting to fill the remaining space in larger boxes. But that is not the best thing to do because keeping too many books in one box will make it tough to carry. You might also break it. Rather, you should stick to small boxes that would be able to hold about 40 pounds.

3. Keep the Heavy Books at the Box’s Bottom

It is best recommended to place the heaviest books at the bottom of the box when packing. It will help prevent them from tipping over during the transit. Wrapping your coffee table display books in packing paper or newspaper is also recommended to keep them in perfect condition. Ensure the hardcover books are lying flat in the box. You can keep the paperback books lying flare on top of hardcover ones.

Packing them sideways is also an option. Just ensure the spine is facing downwards and the pages are facing upwards. This will help prevent unnecessary page bends. Comic books and special magazines might be more tricky to pack since they are more delicate. Using packing paper to wrap them will be ideal. Keep them lying flat on top of the heavy books in the box.

4. Properly Label Every Box

Once you are done packing all your books, do not forget to label every box correctly. Mention the category of the box and any other similar details on the box’s exterior. Completing this step is essential before you proceed, as labelling allows you and your preferred cheap removalists Brisbane to understand what is inside the box. Doing so before using packing tape is crucial or else you might forget what is inside and will have to remove the tape to see.

5. Fill the Remaining Space

If there is space left in the boxes, you can fill it by adding things like packing paper or newspaper to it and then keep that box aside. It is also recommended to leave an inch or two of gap on top of every box. If the boxes have uneven books or other similar reading materials that move around easily, such as comic books, use old newspapers or packing paper to pack the inside firmly. If the books you own are fragile, separately wrap them in bubble wrap. Let the professional removalists Brisbane you hired know about the boxes that contain delicate items is also helpful.

6. Apply Packing Tape

Lastly, it is time to finish packing your boxes by applying packing tape. Buy a few rolls of good-quality packing tape and apply them without skimping out. The investment and effort will be worth it as it will ensure that all your beloved books make it to the new home safely. After applying the tape to every box, start loading them on the vehicle. If you have hired professionals, let them know about which boxes contain books. Ensure all the boxes fit snugly to each other so that they are unlikely to move during transit. After successfully moving house, unload and unpack the boxes and organise all your books.

Tips to Pack Books for a Move

tips for packing books for a move

Wrapping Up

Packing books might appear easy at first glance, but it is not. You need to equip yourself with appropriate knowledge and use the correct packing supplies. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to pack all your books for a move.