Tips For Easy Move During December

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A couple packing things for a house move

Tips For Easy Move During December

Dec 22, 2017

December is a hectic month with the many things craving for your attention. You need to plan for the festivities, catch up with friends, bond with your family, buy gifts and make plans for the upcoming year. Doesn’t it feel good to start a new year in a new house? If your goal is to move during this time of the year, then you should brace yourself for more tougher days.

Relocating is a heart-wrenching task, especially when it comes to December when you have copious issues to deal with. However, it is not an impossible task. You can still do it without going through all the drama and stress with the help of professional furniture removalists in Brisbane.

Here are smart tips for an easy move during December in Brisbane.

1. Prepare Early

It sounds easier when said than done. Of course, early preparation applies to all the major undertakings that you plan to make and moving is not an exception. Preparing early saves you from the last minute rush that comes with the relocation. Familiarise yourself with the regulations of the new place and packing your belongings.

Timely preparation will also help you enjoy the December holidays to the maximum. Your life won’t rotate around the relocation as you will have adequate time to focus on other equally important issues such as getting gifts and enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

2. Allocate Funds for Moving

There are many expenses to take care of in December. The moving process will just be an addition to your long list of costs. If you are not careful, you may find yourself in a financial fix or even fail to pay for some goods or services. No one wants to start a new year with debts.

The best thing is to plan set aside funding for the move early enough. When it comes to finances, consider issues such as labour, transport, packaging materials, insurance and other minor costs. You can start saving months before the moving date.

3. Get Free Packaging Boxes

With all of the travel and gift-buying expenses incurred during the December months, it is quite difficult to stay on a budget at this time of year, especially when you are moving to your new house in Brisbane. From hiring professional removals company to buying moving boxes, you need to find best ways to control your budget this season. One way of cutting down your relocation expenses is by getting quality boxes without spending a dime.

If you carry out a quick research, you will find that many people and businesses in Brisbane are looking for means to dispose of their used corrugated boxes. Grab such opportunities to get free packaging containers. You can also buy used boxes on rent from a local grocery store and a liquor shop to save those extra dollars. Alternatively, you can reuse some of the boxes that you have in your house. Just ensure that they are of good quality not to compromise on the safety of your goods.

4. Pack and Label Boxes

Once you get enough boxes or other packaging containers, pack your household items early enough. The whole process of packing can be tedious and time-consuming. Doing it in good time will save you from last minute hassles. Do not place your belongings in any available box that you see. Each group of the item should have its specific container. For instance, do not mix your fragile utensils with work tools or shoes.

After you are through with the packaging, label your boxes accurately. Indicate the boxes depending on their contents. Let it be known that particular boxes contain fragile items so that people will handle them with care. You can also label the containers depending on the specific rooms that they belong to.

5. Get Rid of the Unwanted Stuff

When packing your household goods, you will notice that there are items that you may never have to use. In fact, they just fill up the house and deprive you of the much-needed space. Did you know that the extra boxes that you carry to your next location can increase the total cost of moving? It is wise to start getting rid of crap months before moving. You can sell or donate to charities those that are in good condition and discard the ones that you don’t intend to use.

6. Protect your Items Against Damages

Getting packaging boxes and labelling them isn’t enough. You need to assess whether the items will arrive at your new home safely. The moving exercise will expose your house to different types of risks, which include erratic weather conditions.

Some items like electronic appliances are sensitive to water while others are affected by extreme temperature variations. When moving, consider covering the boxes that contain these things with a waterproof material or thick blankets to provide an adequate shield against temperature changes.

You should also consider getting packaging materials whose interior are made of thick layers that act as shock absorbers. These provide adequate protection against physical and mechanical damage during the transit.

7. Prepare an Inventory

A lot of things happen when relocating to a new place, whether you are doing it on your own or using a moving company. Some goods can mysteriously disappear while others can get damaged. The most efficient way of monitoring your belongings is by preparing an inventory. Give each item a unique number and a brief description of its state when packing. Crosscheck the items when you are unpacking them to ascertain their condition.

8. Look for a Reliable Mover

A local moving company in Brisbane can help you to relocate to your new house smoothly. However, it all depends on the removalist that you hire. Take your time to scout for reliable moving companies in the region.

Check whether they have suitable trucks, staff, packaging items, insurance, and customer care service. You should also check on the number of years that the mover has been in the business. Doing all these early will help you to select the best removalist like Better Removalists Brisbane, that will give you reliable services.


Moving during December shouldn’t be stressful as most people tend to assume. You also don’t have to postpone the dates just to avoid relocating during this month. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will settle in your new house with less drama.

You can also consider hiring a professional moving company in Brisbane to protect your belongings from damages. But make sure you do a proper research and choose the moving day wisely to avail affordable removals services. Hope you have a safe and hassle-free moving experience in the month of December.