Tips For Moving House At Christmas This Holiday Season

Tips For Moving House At Christmas This Holiday Season

Nov 15, 2023

Christmas and New Year holidays are perfect for home relocation. Most people in Brisbane prefer moving during the holiday season for various reasons, such as starting a new job, enjoying the warmer weather, or being close to family and friends.

Some families leverage the benefit of school holidays and plan their house move accordingly. Whatever the reason, make sure you prepare and plan everything in advance to avoid potential risks, logistics errors and delays.

The real challenge is to manage both events without taking stress. The best thing you can do is to hire budget removalists Brisbane and enjoy the festive period.

However, it is pivotal to create a proper checklist and ensure the utmost safety of your precious possessions. In this guide, you will explore useful tips to help you move house during the Christmas holidays.

Make sure you have all the necessary packing supplies and other tools for a stress-free and successful move.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Plan Your Move in Advance

Moving during the holiday or festive season requires planning and preparations. Start the process at least 7-8 weeks in advance- give yourself enough time to de-clutter and pack your belongings without any hassle.

Create a moving timeline to keep track of all the tasks and avoid last-minute chaos. You can also ask your friends or family for help during the holiday season. Don’t forget to reward them with a gift or a delicious meal to thank them for their precious time and assistance.

You can jot down everything, such as:

  • Types of packing supplies you’ll need
  • Appointments for servicing your car and bikes
  • Updating new address
  • Transferring utilities, etc

2. Shop for Christmas online

It is good to buy Christmas gifts and décor items early to avoid the last-minute chaos when relocating home. To save time and energy, you can prepare a shopping list and arrange all the necessary items, including Christmas cards and food items, online.

3. Keep a Few Christmas Decorations Out

When de-cluttering your house, make sure you keep a couple of Christmas decorations out to maintain that festive vibe. You can pack liquids, such as wine, and décor items, including bells, a Christmas tree and other décor items separately so that you can unpack them immediately once you arrive at a new abode.

4. Donate Unwanted Items to the Local Charity

Bring smiles to the faces of underprivileged people this Christmas by donating pre-loved household items to the local charity in Brisbane. It can be anything from your old furniture to bedsheets and blankets, books to clothing. Make sure all are in good condition.

Instead of tossing or packing unwanted items, you can do this and reduce the shipment load and moving expenses.

5. Book A Moving Company Early

This is one of the biggest decisions to make as soon as possible. Get the best removalists Brisbane on board early when moving a house at Christmas.

This is because the demand for movers during the holiday season is always high, and getting the preferred schedule at the best price becomes quite challenging.

So, start your research in advance. Ask your friends for referrals or get a few quotes, and consider customer reviews to choose the right company.

6. Start Packing As Early As Possible

The few weeks before Christmas are the busiest time for everyone. Instead of waiting for the last moment, start the packing process at least 6 weeks prior to your final moving date.

Pack seasonal items, garage and garden room first. Use high-quality packing supplies like packing paper and bubble wrap to keep your fragile items intact.

7. Share Your New Address in Christmas Cards

You can send your friends and family a Christmas card with a new address. This can be a subtle and fun way to inform everyone about your new house.

Make sure you update your new address in the post office before the final moving day.

8. Let Your Kids Enjoy the Process

Kids love the ambience and celebration of Christmas. Preparing for the move during the holiday season may upset them. So, it is good to be open with your kids and understand their emotions.

You can create a curiosity about a new house and ask them to help you in packing. It is also good to share your Christmas party plans with your little ones and plan things accordingly.

Read on the article if you are moving with a newborn baby.

9. Decorate, Celebrate and Enjoy Post Relocation

Once you have arrived at a new house, deck up your house and enjoy this special festive time with your family.

Let professional removalists Brisbane help you unpack boxes and reassemble large furniture pieces so that you can prep your house for the Christmas Eve.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you relocate your house at Christmas without ruining the festive vibe. Make sure you hire professionals for the safe and sound transportation of your valuable belongings.