Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving House

Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving House

May 21, 2024

Moving to a new home is exciting yet daunting. There are plenty of things that you need to do regardless of whether you are moving interstate or locally. It is true that the procedure not only involves a lot of physical work but also time and financial management challenges, which can lead to stress. It is quite clear that almost every person prefers a simple and easy move. However, unanticipated and inevitable things can always occur, particularly if you have never moved before.

You can also make some obvious mistakes that will lead to a very poor moving experience. Even if you hire budget removalists Brisbane, there are still some mistakes you can make. Learning about the common ones will allow you to avoid them when the time comes. Here are the top 7 mistakes to avoid when moving house. Just by avoiding them, you can ensure a successful move.

1. Doing Everything at the Last Minute

Procrastinating when it comes to completing the moving tasks is the most common moving mistake most people make. Doing things like packing at the last minute will make the work stressful as you will be in a hurry. The chances of you forgetting to pack the item will be high. Ideally, you should start preparing before 2 months and use a checklist to take care of all the tasks so you do not forget anything. It would also be better to assign a deadline for every task.

This will allow you to stay organised. As for the packing, it would be better to pack the non-essential items, such as extra linen, seasonal clothing, etc., as soon as possible. Essentials like the items in the kitchen should be packed during the last few days of your stay at the old home.

2. Packing Before Sorting the Belongings

Before packing your household belongings, it is a must to declutter, sort and organise your stuff. There is no better time to do such things than when preparing for your house move. You can get rid of the old clothes that do not fit anymore, non-functioning appliances, or any other unwanted items. Get rid of the things that are broken and donate the usable ones.

Decluttering before moving decreases the number of items you need to pack and unpack at your new home. Your preferred expert removalists Brisbane will only need to move the important items. Refrain from throwing things in the box and sort them later. It is a must to sort first and pack later.

3. Using Cheap Packing Materials

packing tips for moving house

You will need to buy several different types of packing materials for your house move. This includes stuff like moving boxes, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. The last thing you should do is buy the lower-quality ones. Remember that you will be using these supplies to pack your delicate and expensive household belongings. Using the cheaper ones will risk the safety of your valuables during transit. Apart from using cheaper supplies, avoid over-stuffing the boxes to ensure they do not break.

4. Not Packing an Essentials Box

Forgetting to pack an essentials box is one of the biggest moving mistakes you can make. Similar to how packing takes a few weeks, unpacking also takes some time. You cannot unpack all the boxes on the moving day itself. But you will need some essentials to go through the day after arriving at your new place. Finding them will be difficult due to the number of boxes. This is where packing an essential box that contains essentials such as medicines, a few clothes, basic toiletries, etc., is important. Taking this box with you is ideal rather than loading it on the vehicle of your preferred expert removalists Brisbane.

5. Loading the Boxes Without Labelling

Labelling is a crucial packing step because it allows you to understand which box contains what item. Most moving boxes look the same, which is why once packing is done, you will have a tough time knowing the contents of a particular box. In fact, sometimes you might need something that is already packed before the move. If not labelled, you will need to unpack every box, which is a huge waste of time. So, it is best to label every box and mention its content.

6. Forgetting to Update Address

It is a must to inform your friends, family, neighbours, landlord, bank, insurance company, utility providers and any concerned parties about your change of address. Doing this a few weeks before your move is important to avoid any inconvenience later on. In case you need to send documents, do so as soon as possible.

7. Not Hiring Reliable Removalists

Moving house is one of the most stressful things to do. It is never a good idea to do all the work yourself. Ideally, you should hire a reliable professional removalists Brisbane. Just choosing any company won’t be enough, you should research. Get quotes from at least a few companies and compare them. Reading the customer reviews will also be helpful to ensure the moving company provides high-quality services.

Common House Moving Mistakes You Must Avoid:

Mistakes To Avoid When You Are Relocating House

Wrapping Up

Relocating to a new home can certainly be daunting, but it does not have to be that way. If you stay aware of the common moving mistakes, it will be easier to complete your move successfully.