Weatherproof Packing Tips When Moving In Brisbane

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Weatherproof Packing Tips When Moving In Brisbane

Aug 29, 2019

It is no secret that moving is one of the most challenging events of your life. But when you have to deal with bad weather along with other regular responsibilities, it can become a nightmare. In most cases, you don’t have the option to postpone the move.

All you can do is prepare yourself for nature’s fury and keep your belongings as secure as possible.

Typically, hiring professional removalists in Brisbane is the best option when you are expecting heavy rains. With their modern tools, technical knowledge and high-quality packing materials, they are capable of tackling even the worst weather conditions.

But few things need to get done at your end as well. Here are some excellent weatherproof packing tips that can be very helpful when you are moving. Let’s have a look!

1. Replace Cardboard Boxes With Plastic Boxes

Use of cardboard boxes can be a huge mistake in bad weather. You should not take any chances with your precious belongings and essential documents. Thus you must consider plastic boxes to move your belongings. These types of containers are considered ideal if it’s raining.

These boxes not only give you complete protection against rain but are also easier to load. And let’s not forget that they are sturdy in comparison to the cardboard boxes. So, you can carry a lot of stuff without the fear of any damage. If your cardboard boxes get wet, you won’t be able to protect your items inside it.

2. Pack Your Belongings Carefully

If you are expecting bad weather on your moving day, you should pay extra attention while packing your belongings. There are many things in your home that are susceptible to damage, particularly sofas, mattresses and cushions. If you don’t pack them properly, they can get waterlogged.

Purchase enough waterproof material like bubble wrap, heavy-duty tape, etc. If you are having difficulty to do it on your own, contact removalists in Brisbane and ask if they can provide shrink wrapping services. Even if your belongings are properly packed, make sure they get minimum exposure to rain. If possible, remove the moisture with a dry cloth.

3. Consider Using Plastic Garbage Bags

A bunch of plastic garbage bags can be of great help in bad weather. So, make sure you have enough of these bags. Put a stack of clothes, essential documents and your books in these bags before packing them in the boxes. The bags act as an additional shield to protect your stuff from the rain.

Plastic garbage bags also take care of the soft furnishings like pillows, cushions and bedding, so these items do not get wet if it’s raining. Keep some garbage bags handy as you never know when you have to pack an item at the last minute.

4. Invest In High-Quality Furniture Covers

It is totally fine to leave the larger furnishings uncovered if you are moving in dry weather. However, in wet conditions, the furnishings require proper protection. Otherwise, your expensive belongings will be damaged. And when you are purchasing the furniture cover, make sure that you are buying a high-quality product only.

Always remember that wood and other similar materials are susceptible to water damage. So if you don’t want the moisture to warp these materials and cause any damage or expansion, hire Brisbane removalists.

5. Use Silica Gel

Silica gel packets can be beneficial in such a situation. You have seen these packets several times in numerous packaging, such as newly purchased food or gadgets. The gel effectively absorbs all the moisture present inside a box.

Thus, whatever you are packing in your boxes, such as clothes, fabrics, footwear, essential papers, electronics, etc. add silica gel packets to the boxes. It is an exceptional drying agent. Experts believe that this type of gel can absorb up to 30 to 40% of its weight of water.

6. Hire Professional Movers

Another great way to prepare for bad weather on your moving day is to hire experienced removalists in Brisbane. That is what people usually do because they have professionals with technical knowledge, modern tools and high-quality packaging material.

All you need to do is contact professionals in advance and give them a moving date. If you see, there are chances of rain, discuss with your removalists and check if they are ready with all the required materials for packing and loading.

What Else You Can Do?

• You should wear clothes as per the demand of the weather. If it’s raining, you should wear a waterproof jacket that has a hood, rain boots and other stuff that can protect you from rain. This will help you to load the boxes into the moving truck without getting wet.

• If it is raining on the moving day, make arrangements so that the moving vehicle can be parked close to the house. This will reduce the exposure time of the boxes, and there will be no mud inside the home.

• You should carefully follow the weather report of your area for at least a week before moving. This will not only solve all your problems, but you can also be ready to tackle the situation.

• While loading things into the truck, you will have to enter the home several times. That will bring the mud inside your home, so the carpets and floor can get dirty. You can easily avoid that with makeshift mats made of old rugs, old sheets, cardboard, etc.


Light rain does not cause any problem, but if it gets heavy, particularly in the middle of loading, it can be a huge challenge to keep your belongings dry and safe.

Experts in Brisbane have backed the tips mentioned here so you can follow them without any hesitation. Moving in the rain doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You just need to know some smart strategies.