What Is Driving The Influx Of People Relocating To Brisbane?

What Is Driving The Influx Of People Relocating To Brisbane?

Oct 11, 2023 Australia has recorded one of the highest numbers of internal migration globally. The majority of people are relocating to capital cities and coastal areas, and Brisbane is a key hotspot among all metropolitan cities. The capital of Queensland has witnessed categorical net gains in internal migration in the past few years. As the third-fastest growing city in the nation, Brisbane welcomed more than 24,000 people from interstate moves in the last year. There are numerous factors that are driving the influx of people moving to the capital of Queensland. Affordable housing options, a low unemployment rate and quality education facilities are the three most common factors motivating families and young individuals to relocate their homes to Brisbane. However, you can’t overlook socio-economical aspects, community and safety, high-end amenities and other components when making the final moving decision. Here is a complete guide to help you discover the key factors driving the influx of people towards Brisbane, QLD.

Why People Are Relocating To Brisbane?

There is no death of top-notch amenities, best job opportunities and other diverse factors that make people fall in love with the city. So, here are some of the most influential factors to consider:

Affordable Housing Options

Housing is one of the most prominent reasons for moving. People are heading towards big cities for better opportunities and living standards. The capital of Queensland offers one of the most affordable homes in Australia. It is a relatively new city with a low population density compared to Sydney and Melbourne. This means there is an undisruptive supply of new and affordable housing projects. The median house price in the city is currently $742,500, which is less than Sydney and Melbourne’s median house prices. According to the statistics, the average unit price in Brisbane is also lower than other capital cities. It is around $498,374- which is significantly affordable. These numbers clearly state that affordable homes are one of the city’s most common reasons for interstate migration. You can also create a proper plan, book budget removalists Brisbane and visit the new house in advance for a hassle-free moving experience.

A Low Cost of Living

Apart from affordable housing, the majority of families are likely to move where the cost of living is low. Being a growing city, Brisbane offers comparatively a low living cost, and below are some of the stats to consider before making the final decision.
  • Clothing, Food and other consumer prices are around 3.9 per cent lower than in Sydney.
  • Rent prices are 52.47 per cent lower than the capital of NSW.
  • Groceries are also cheaper in Brisbane
  • Affordable transport facilities as you can use trams, ferries and buses for travelling across suburbs and local areas.
You can consider these factors, do your own research and plan your home relocation accordingly.

Unlimited Job Opportunities

The capital of QLD has a booming economy with diverse industries. The most thriving sectors are education, technology, healthcare, IT and construction. That’s one of the main reasons why it has around 4.1 per cent unemployment rate, which is below the Australia’s average, which is 4.5 per cent. You can easily find a dream job if you have apt skills and experience in your field. It is good to plan ahead if relocating for a job and book reliable removalists Brisbane in advance to save money.

It boasts Great Lifestyle

There is no denying that Brisbane is one of the most vibrant places to live and raise a family. It offers a fantastic amalgamation of leisure activities and pleasant weather, making it an ideal place for a laidback lifestyle. However, the top-notch amenities and entertainment hubs also leave a dash of the eclectic nightlife scene. Overall, the city has everything, ranging from:
  • Golden stretched beaches
  • Lush green parks
  • Recreational sports centres
  • New-age shopping Malls
  • Fine dining restaurants and cafes
  • Clubs and pubs
  • Adventure parks
  • Heritage sites
  • The Best Culinary Scene
  • Museums and Art Exhibitions, and much more.
If you want to live a vibrant yet relaxed lifestyle, move to this beautiful city with your family and explore iconic places after setting up your belongings in a new home.

Top-Quality Educational Facilities

The city has more than 540 schools, two-thirds are public, while others are private ones. The best part is that children from non-English speaking backgrounds are eligible for help via Education Queensland International programs if they want to study in an International school. Brisbane also offers some of the world-renowned universities and technical institutions, including
  • University of Queensland: Ranked at 43 all around the globe
  • Queensland University of Technology- Ideal for engineering, Science and Creative industries.
  • Griffith University- Perfect for Nursing, Public Relations, Digital Media and IT.
That’s one of the reasons why families with kids and teenagers are moving to the capital city of Queensland.

Brisbane is the Safety Capital City

Safety is one of the crucial factors that have been encouraging people to move to the capital of QLD. As per the QLD Police Service Report, there is a decline in the city’s crime rate. In the 2021-22 year, it was around 63.3 offences per 100,000- which is relatively low. However, it is good to do proper market research and know your neighbourhood before moving in your belongings with the assistance of Brisbane Removalists.

What are the Major Suburbs to Consider When Moving to Brisbane?

Are you planning a home relocation in Brisbane? Consider the best suburb options and make the right decision:

Alderley: A Family-Friendly Suburb

Nestled close to the Central Business District, Alderley is counted as one of the best suburbs in the city. It is known for low crime rates, luxury homes and top-notch schools. The median price for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house is approx $1,112,500, while the average rent for the same is $620 per week. You can even find a housemate in Brisbane and share your accommodation to save money.

Paddington: A Lively Inner Suburb

Located just 2 kilometres west of the CBD, Paddington is among the key hotspots for home relocation. The suburb is known for its lush-green streets, spacious homes, stylish cafes and an amazing culinary scene. It also has a number of good schools and close proximity to the University of Queensland, making it an ideal place for families and students. The median house price in Paddington is $1,575,000 for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom property, and the average rent is $750 per week.

Kelvin Grove : A Residential Suburb

It is an inner northern suburb of Brisbane, offering high-end amenities, great housing options, best schools, parks, shopping retreats and much more. The median house price in Kelvin Grove is $1,215,000, while the average rent is $680 p.w.

Toowong: A Riverside Suburb

Do you want to live close to the riverside? Toowong can be an ideal choice for you. The proximity to the CBD, laidback lifestyle and over 200 cafes and retail options make it a perfect place to live and raise a family. The median price for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is $1,207,500, and the median rent is $695 per week. Read on to discover the best suburbs in Brisbane for anyone new to this beautiful city.


The influx of people moving to Brisbane contributes to the key factors mentioned above in the article. The city has been a major hotspot among all the capital cities in Australia because of affordable housing options, a low cost of living, unlimited job opportunities, the best education facilities, a lively atmosphere and high-end amenities. You can also relocate to this place with the help of the best Removalists Brisbane, who can take care of your possessions throughout the process and give you peace of mind.