Where Can You Donate Furniture In Brisbane When Moving?

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Where Can You Donate Furniture In Brisbane When Moving?

Oct 25, 2021

Moving into a new home is more than packing household belongings and lifting heavy boxes. You have to make some hard decisions when it comes to de-cluttering your home.

Whether you are searching for a studio apartment or a luxury residential property, getting rid of unwanted furniture pieces is one of the best to minimise the load. You can make a list of items you no longer need so that you can plan other things and book the best Brisbane Removalists ahead of time.

Apart from selling your old couch or table, you can also donate them to local charities and NGOs. Many organisations can even come and pick your furniture from your home- saving you time, money, and energy.

So, what are you waiting for! Help underprivileged people by donating your old furniture pieces, such as a dining table, cabinets, beds, couches, etc that are in good condition.

Today, we bring you the list of places where you can donate furniture in the capital city of Queensland before the final moving day.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Salvos Stores

To minimise waste from the environment and help needy people, Salvos stores collect old household items and recycle them.

They also accept furniture pieces that are in useable condition. The Salvation Army is a renowned Christian movement committed to sharing the love of Jesus by building helpful communities around them. They work on providing better lives to needy people.

There are various Salvos Stores in Brisbane that will accept your furniture items at their shops. You can also fix a pick-up service from your home free of cost if you don’t have enough time and energy.

2. Lifeline

De-cluttering a house needs a lot of time and planning. It is good to make a list of all household furniture you no longer need but are too good to throw away. You can donate old furniture to Lifeline, and they have stores all around Queensland to help homeless and needy people.

They accept all types of furniture pieces that are in good condition. So, make sure you only donate furniture pieces that are not broken.

All you need to do is to visit their official website and schedule a pick-up or directly call the warehouse in your local area, where you can drop off the items.


Do you want to donate your unwanted quality couches and a dining table before the final move? GIVIT is an ideal place where you can make a good deed by donating your old furniture items.

It is a national NGO that supports needy people, ill children and their families. GIVIT works with various charities in Australia that meet the needs of local communities. You can contact them and schedule a pickup service if you plan to donate your much-loved old furniture pieces.

Make sure you arrange everything ahead of time and donate these items before the arrival of Brisbane removalists. This will save you from unnecessary chaos and silly mistakes.

4. The Animal Welfare League Op Shop

You can help some animals, such as dogs and cats, by donating your old furniture to them. Whether you have the old upholstery furniture or a dressing table, you can give them a second life by donating them.

If you have larger items to donate, call the AWLQ op-shop and schedule a pick up from your home. Hundreds of people associated with this NGO raise funds for animals via the sale of recycled and donated belongings.

Tip: Make sure you follow the right tips when moving with dogs and cats. They need extra care and attention throughout the process.

5. St Vincent de Paul Society/Vinnies

It is one of the most reliable names when it comes to donating household items. You can pack and drop off your unwanted sofa set, closet, a dining table at their store. They let you support Australian who are vulnerable and underprivileged.

Vinnies happy accept old furniture pieces and other small items if they are in useable condition. The volunteers can also come to your place and pick up the larger items. Yu can call them and schedule a pick up before you move into your new home.

6. The Smith Family

It is one of the most trusted charity organisations supporting homeless, underprivileged and poor children across Australia. Their sole aim is to create a better and brighter future for them by fulfilling all their needs, from education to clothing, healthy food, to other basic amenities.

If you are relocating a house and want to minimise your belongings, you can donate unwanted furniture items to The Smith Family.  Contact them directly or visit their website to schedule the date for a pickup service.


Your small effort can transform the lives of many disadvantaged/ underprivileged people across Brisbane, Queensland. It is good to de-clutter your home at least 7-8 weeks prior to your moving day and make a list of furniture items you no longer need.  The options mentioned above in the article will help you donate the belongings without a hint of stress. You can also book the best removalists in Brisbane for the safe and sound transition of your precious possessions.