5 Essential Moving And Packing Tips from Professionals

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5 Essential Moving And Packing Tips from Professionals

Mar 22, 2019

It is a well-known fact that moving house is a pain in the neck – literally as well as figuratively! Whether you live at a place for a couple of years or almost a decade, you are most likely to have a lot of stuff. And you will identify this problem when you will start preparing for a move.

While some people hire trustworthy removalists in Brisbane, others want to do it personally. If you are one of them, here are some essential moving and packing tips from the professionals that can be very helpful.

The moving and packing don’t have to be a challenging task if you have plan everything properly and make smart strategies. Follow these essential tips to make things less stressful and more manageable.

1. Start your packing as early as possible

You must start your packing procedure at least 30 to 40 days before the moving day. Always remember that the more time you will spend in packing your stuff and organising things, the more you will be relaxed in the final days of moving.

According to the experts, the main benefit of the starting you packing early is that you can do the packing along with your regular tasks.

Smart Strategy: All you need to spend is a couple of hours daily to pack up your belongings into boxes, and your job will finish smoothly even before you realise.

2. Get rid of all the unnecessary items

Make sure that you don’t take any of your belongings to the new home that you will not require in future. That is why experts recommend packing early so that you have sufficient time to identify all the unnecessary items that you have and start to de-clutter as soon as possible.

Once you have a list of such thing, get rid of them. You can donate the old and unused items like shoes, clothes, books, etc. and sell old appliance and electronic items like television, computer, refrigerator, dryer, washer, etc. in a garage sale!

Smart Strategy: This step will not only help you pack your stuff in an organised manner, but also reduce the overall moving cost.

3. Take special care of the expensive and delicate items

We usually have heirloom china, champagne flutes and other expensive and delicate crockery in our house and we all know how difficult it is to pack them. This is a significant reason why people take the services provided by professional removalists in Brisbane as they have years of experience in handling such delicate items.

So, you can expect the packing of crockery in a hassle-free manner. However, if you do it yourself, you need appropriate packing material like corrugated cardboard, crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap. This material will prevent valuable items from breaking.

Smart Strategy: You can also use stuff like dish towels and paper plates to fill the space and create a cushion between the items.

4. Use special moving boxes and packing labels

Professionals say that you must not choose the boxes obtained from liquor or grocery stores, even you are getting the boxes for free! This is because these type of boxes are not always clean and more importantly, they might not carry the weight of your belongings.

Moreover, different box size can make loading more challenging. Always go for the boxes that have been particularly designed for the moving purpose. The professional removalists in Brisbane even use sturdy plastic boxes that are perfect for moving your belongings.

Also, use packing labels properly to identify the items without even opening the boxes.

Smart Strategy: Write a brief note about the contents and the room it belongs to. If possible, try different coloured markers for each room to give yourself more clarity (also your movers).

5. What you should not pack with other things while moving

It is essential to know how to pack your belongings properly, but it is also equally important to identify the things that should not pack with other belongings.

The removals company in Brisbane doesn’t transport hazardous flammable items and other stuff like ammonia, fire extinguishers, cleaning chemicals, chlorine granules, etc. Apart from that, you should carry your pets, essential documents, plants, etc. in your vehicle.

Smart Strategy: Make a separate box with all the essential things including kettle, medicine box, phone chargers, towels, night dress, shaving kit, etc.

Apart from these five essential packing moving and packing tips from professionals, there are also several other tips. They are as follows:

• Make a checklist of all the boxes
• Hire removalists in Brisbane or ask for helping hands to carry heavy furniture.
• Use high-quality boxes and packing materials
• Do not mix the belongings of a different room in one box
• Finish packing before the moving day
• If you want to hire a removals company in Brisbane, book them in advance

The boxes you need first at your new home, load them at last


The moving and packing process is not as difficult as we make them. Our disorganised approach, unplanned ways and the shortage of time make it a stressful job. However, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can make things quick and simple.