5 Ways to Hire Help in Brisbane For a Move

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5 Ways to Hire Help in Brisbane For a Move

Nov 20, 2018

It can be challenging and time-consuming for a person who is moving to a new house for the first time. The entire relocation process requires both money and physical strength. Whether you are moving your delicate items or lifting your heavy furniture, you need someone who can assist you in this and make your work a bit easier.

Either you can ask your friends and close knits to help you move or hire professionally trained furniture removalists in Brisbane who can take care of your belongings until delivering them to your new residence.

Well, there are numerous ways to hire help while relocating to a new house. From outsourcing professional movers to hiring on-demand storage, you can opt for anything that best fit your needs.

Below are the five best ways that you can hire help while shifting your household belongings from one place to other.

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1. Moving Labour Professionals

If you are running out of your moving budget but need professional assistance for your precious belongings, then you can opt for moving labour professionals. Unlike a comprehensive moving company, labour-only movers assist you in disassembling your furniture and loading & unloading your belongings.

They won’t help you in packing your belongings. They will take care of your household items during the loading and unloading process. For those who have friends and family for DIY packing chores and can wrap their belongings carefully can hire labour-only movers. They are reliable, professional and provide customer satisfaction guarantee.

Just make sure you choose the best option available in the market who can help you minimise the time spent on each moving task. Always compare the up-front prices and reviews of all the shortlisted companies before making the final decision. This will help you find the best labour-only movers across Brisbane, Queensland.

2. A Professional Organiser

Hiring a professional organiser is an ideal option for those who can’t bear the burden of relocation. If you don’t have any experience in packing or moving household belongings, then take assistance from organisers. They will help you in organising your entire moving process.

For example, If you have plenty of items, they can help you in sorting out the ones that can be relocated to the new house. Others will be left for donations in Brisbane or online selling.

In case, you need to cut down your moving budget, they can help you in prioritising your tasks and organise everything before packing. Though they are not as helpful as professional removalists, they can reduce the stress of your move to the great extent.

Do thorough research before hiring an experienced organiser for your move. Try to opt for the one who can understand your needs and give you quality service at the best price.

3. On-Demand Storage Service

This type of service is recommended to those who are moving to a new city. Storage units are the best options when you are involved in a long-distance move. It can also be perfect for those you don’t have enough time to load and transport their belongings (especially the heavy ones) to storage. On-demand storage services can make your process easier and also reduce the stress out of your move.

There are many companies in Brisbane that offer valet style storage services. Under this service, the professionals come to your place, pick up your packed items and deliver them to the storage unit. They can carry all the belongings from precious items and art pieces to heavy furniture, pool table, etc.

4. Professional Movers Only for Valuable Possessions

Those who are confident about DIY move may need professional assistance for particular items. They may move their closet, moving boxes and even disassemble their bed with the help of their friends. But, they may need help while moving delicate or valuable stuff such as Piano or any instrument.

For those specific belongings, you can hire help from these professionals. They are specialised in moving a particular item and can assist you throughout the process. Though they won’t help you in packing and moving all of your belongings, you can trust them when it comes to extremely delicate possessions. This is how can save your valuable items from getting damaged.

5. Experienced and Trusted Removalists

In Brisbane, many people rely on hiring a professional removal company who can assist them in packing, moving and unpacking household belongings. Professionally trained removalists not only help you in loading and unloading chores but also pack your boxes, assemble and disassemble your furniture and transport them safely to the new location.

If you are looking for a full-fledged Removalists Company in Brisbane, then you should look for the one who can assist you in all these tasks and make your life easier. Such reliable companies take care of your belongings using high-quality packing materials and supplies.

Apart from this, they can assist you in lifting your belongings, packing your stuff, moving your heavy furniture to unpack your boxes. Choose a company who can assist you in minimising the stress of a move and offer you exceptional moving experience at the most reasonable price.


The decision of outsourcing a reliable service while moving will completely depend on you. You can estimate your budget, your potential and available time two-three weeks before the move. For better outcomes, hire fully-trained and trusted Removalists in Brisbane and make your journey safe and hassle-free.