7 Benefits Of Moving To The Suburbs

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Beautiful suburbs of Brisbane

7 Benefits Of Moving To The Suburbs

Nov 28, 2019

In the last few years, people are heading towards spacious suburbs and small towns to live a peaceful and relaxed life. Of course, metropolitan cities like Brisbane offers better job opportunities, thousands of housing options, top-class health and hospital services and vibrant nightlife, but their surrounding suburbs are also gaining a lot of popularity among potential investors and home buyers.

The local government is investing in future development plans outside of cities. Plus, the real estate market in the suburbs is expanding and giving profitable opportunities to those who are planning to move to these areas. If you are also planning for the same but not yet convinced, then you should discover their diverse benefits.

Before preparing for your relocation journey, explore the key benefits of a suburban lifestyle and don’t forget to hire  a trained removal company . They will make your moving process a bit easier and safer- thanks to their high-standard of service.

Here are seven benefits that are encouraging people across Australia to relocate back to the suburbs.

1. Reasonable Price Per Square Foot

As residential properties are quite expensive in modern cities, people are relocating to the suburbs where they can find comparatively affordable housing options. Undeniably, metropolitan cities have better choices when it comes to buying a living space, but you will get spacious homes at affordable prices.

If you are moving to the suburb in and around Brisbane, then you are making one of the best decisions. Being one of the fastest-growing cities, Brisbane’s property market has seen the rise in the median house price by 1.5 per cent. If you are planning to buy a house in the CBD and affluent suburbs of Brisbane, then it could be an expensive deal. But if you want some affordable solutions, then discover more about the following suburbs:

However, some of Brisbane’s beautiful suburbs offer the best value for potential property buyers. If you are willing to go over 10 kilometres out from the city to buy an affordable home, and still have to access the local amenities and other features, then have a look at these suburb options:


This suburb is best known for its seamless public transport and affordable housing options. It is the beautiful suburb of Brisbane. It offers some of the finest public transportation facilities so that you can access to the city centre easily. It is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the city. The median price of a unit in Milton is $363,750 – which is quite cheaper as compared to the other suburbs in Brisbane.


Moorooka is a beautiful suburb of Brisbane which boasts of affordable housing options, trendy cafes, fine-dining options, mesmerising landscapes, smooth transportation facility to the city and cultural heritage. It is just seven kilometres south from Brisbane’s CBD- a perfect suburb to move in. The best part about this suburb is that it is one of the cheapest areas after Milton. The median price here in Moorooka is $367,500/ per unit.


Just 15 minutes drive into the city, Clayfield is one of the ideal suburbs for families who want to live a quality life but don’t have enough money to buy their dream home. The median price of a unit in Clayfield is $382,500. The suburb is beautiful and ensures a relaxed lifestyle. If you are moving with your family, then consider this peaceful yet classy suburb in Brisbane.

Everton Park

Renowned for green parks, spacious units, modern-age shopping centres and high-quality lifestyle, Everton Park is one of the ideal suburbs of Brisbane. Many people shifted to this vibrant suburb from metropolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne. It is also one of the cheapest suburbs when it comes to buying a home. The median price of a unit is around $390,000 – which is difficult to get in high0-class cities.

Fortitude Valley

Best known for close proximity to both the CBD and airport, Fortitude Valley is a suburb which is ideal for families who are wishing to improve their quality of life. The median price of a unit in Fortitude Valley is $391,000 and is home to vibrant bars and restaurants, stylish cafe shops and top-class schools and hospitals.

In a nutshell, when you want to get the most home within your estimated budget, the suburbs are the perfect places. These are the 5 most affordable suburbs in Brisbane where you can hunt your dream home.

2. Less Pollution and Noise

As compared to any metropolitan city, the suburbs offer more peace and less pollution and that why people are moving to these areas. Most of the suburbs in and around Brisbane have a fair amount of green parks, beautiful landscapes, and tree-lined streets which is challenging to find in any big city. These suburbs offer less pollution and more nature trails to enjoy. In fact, various local communities have their own bike trails and hike for neighbourhood residents.

Apart from this, you will hardly listen to the sound of trains, traffic and outside conversation. Life in a suburb is quiet, fresher and cleaner.

Fun fact: With tree cover of around 41.37 %, ST. Lucia is one of the best suburbs in Brisbane when it comes to greenery.

3. More Spacious

According to some reports, people across metropolitan cities are relocating to the suburbs because they offer better space to spread out. The living spaces are comparatively bigger in the suburbs. On the other side, cities tend to offer small units and studio apartments at higher rates. But when you decide to live in the suburb, you will get better housing options that offer more space that can be used as an outdoor garden or BBQ area.

When you have a small living space, you are often limited in how you can utilise the available space. But when you have more space, you can use it for multiple purposes. You can set up a home office or create a playroom for your kids and workshop for your parents.

So, before moving to the suburb, do thorough research and opt for the one that can fulfil your specific requirements within an estimated budget.

4. Less Population

One of the key benefits of suburban living is less crowd and population. Suburbs usually have fewer people- which lead to more peace and less congestion. You go to the market, enjoy meals at restaurants and cafes and other entertainment hubs without any congestion. This will give you peace of mind and makes your life better as you don’t need to face crowded public transports like buses and trains all the time.

For instance, Spring Hill has a population density of 5,363 per square kilometre, while West End has 5,519 people per square kilometre. Both are beautiful and less crowded suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland.

5. Top- Class Schools

If you are moving with your kids, then you should search for a property in the suburbs with high-class schools. This will help you explore better educational opportunities for your kids and also increase the marketability of your residential property and its resale value. Plus, Suburbs tend to offer better education facility because of less population. Plus, schools in the suburbs are higher in quality than big-city schools.

So, it is better to look for suburbs in Brisbane with top schools according to edu suburb ratings – from primary to secondary, higher schools to institutions. Here is the list of 5 Brisbane suburbs with best schools:

• Sunnybank Hills
• Rainworth
• Lucia
• Chapel Hill
• Brookfield

The Queensland government has introduced some programs to improve the quality of education in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

6. Enjoy Local Amenities

Over the past few years, migration into the suburbs has increased in Brisbane- thanks to the high-end infrastructure and local amenities. As more and more people are heading towards the suburbs, the local government is spending more on their development and infrastructure. From shopping malls to organic markets, stylish cafes to entertainment hubs, the urbanism development is bringing more options to residents of suburbs.

And the best part is that these amenities are closer compared to the city centre. The suburbs give you a better quality of life with easy mobility or accessibility.

7. Easy to Take Role in the Development of Local Government & Community

If you are interested in taking an active role in the development and maintenance of your local community, then moving to the suburbs is an ideal decision for you. With less population, it is easier for residents to play their respective roles within local government and share their views and be heard. This advantage gives real estate owners great flexibility to participate in decision-making procedures for issues that can positively affect their property values.


There is no denying the fact that big cities offer unlimited job opportunities and high-class amenities for ensuring a high quality of life. But these days, people can find a wide range of finest dining options, top-rated schools, hospitals, banks, grocery stores and entertainment hubs in the suburbs. Plus, they tend to be affordable; less crowded, and polluted, which is perfect for anyone.

If you are planning to move to the suburbs in and around Brisbane, then consider hiring the best removalists in Brisbane . Do a thorough research and find the one who can assist you throughout the relocation journey without any damage.