7 Things To Remember When Moving With Small Children

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A family is packing their house for a move

7 Things To Remember When Moving With Small Children

Dec 30, 2019

Researches show moving for small children can be traumatic as it disrupts their daily routine, school activities, friendships, playtime and much more. Children, especially between the ages of 0-8 years, are developing neural pathways. They are incredibly susceptible to negative experiences. Moving is stressful even when you have control over most of the aspects. But, as a small child, it feels like losing control. Therefore, when moving to a new place, it is common for small children to become clingy, petulant, unresponsive, and angry.

As a parent, you need to step in your child’s tiny shoe to understand how daunting it for them. They have to say goodbye to a familiar environment, move to an unknown place, adapt to a new school environment, and leave behind friendships. So, what are the things you must remember when moving with small children that can make the process more manageable? Read on to know.

Explain Why are You’re Moving

Keeping your children in the dark will do more harm than good. Therefore, it is vital you inform your children about the move. Give them time to adjust and think. Depending on the nature of your child, the initial reactions can range from excitement to being angry. If your child becomes upset or starts to throw tantrums, understand it is how they are trying to cope. If you remain patient and handle everything with love, the transition will be smoother, and it won’t be a negative experience for them.

According to expert Brisbane removalists, while explaining the reasons for moving, you should motivate your children and make them see the move as an adventure. Focusing on the positive aspects of the movement will help your child overcome the fear of the unknown.

Plan, Plan, Plan

From the day the moving date is fixed, start planning everything. Children pick up on stress, especially their parent’s. Hence the more organised and calm you will be, your children will not panic or get scared. Complete all the tasks related to moving without disrupting the daily routine of your children. Get a family member or friend to babysit your children while you update documents, file for utility discontinuations, book a removalists, pack, declutter, etc.

To make the move easy for your children, plan by researching about places to visit & play, schools, extracurricular activity centres, and other things the new location has that might interest your children.

Keep Your Child’s Personality in Mind

It is vital to know what your child’s personality is to gauge how the move will impact them. According to studies, children who are introverts or ambiverts have a hard time coping with the news of moving and adjusting to new places. Extrovert children are more likely to see the move as an exciting new venture. So, when you plan a move, break the news to your child at the right time. Be there to comfort them and make sure you make them feel loved.

Judging your child’s personality will help you make the transition for them easy. For example, if your child loves reading, get them things to read about the new place. If your child likes outdoor activities, get them motivated by telling them about the centres in Brisbane that are close to the new house.

Keep Them Involved

Children can feel helpless when moving. You can mitigate the negative feeling of losing control by involving your child in all the activities. Ask them to help you do chores you think they can do. Take their help to declutter the house. Let them help you pack easy to lift & store items. Get them to help you clean.

In addition, on holidays, take them along for tasks such as dropping the mail for change of address, going to authorities, visiting the new house/apartment for inspection, browsing reputed schools in Brisbane, etc. Involving your children will help keep their mind focused on the process. Also, it will familiarise them with the notion of moving, and the new place may seem exciting to them.

Essentials Kit

For moving day, everyone in your family should have their essentials kit. Packing an essentials kit for your children is wise. While planning and packing, ask your children what they wish to pack in the essentials kit. It can have their favourite toys, candies, food, drinks, etc. Once their essentials kit is packed, you can add items that you think your child may need during the journey like a change of clothes, hygiene products, medication, contact information etc.

Let Them Say Goodbye

Even as adults, during the hustle & bustle of moving, it is common to forget to say goodbye. Therefore, make sure you don’t forget to allow your children to bid farewell to their friends, neighbours, school mates, and family members. Biding a proper farewell will provide closure to your children. Engage your child and get him/her excited for the farewell by asking questions like: What kind of party he/she wants? What should be the theme? Which is their favourite restaurant in Brisbane? Who to invite? Etc.

By involving your children in the planning process, you can make them feel appreciated, cared for, and important. Furthermore, this way, you can make them feel in charge and confident about moving on.

Get Help

Moving to a new house in Brisbane is a challenging task, especially with small children. Hence, it would be best if you take assistance. Get your family members or friends to help. They can babysit your children while you complete tasks related to the move. In addition, research about affordable removalists in Brisbane & book them to help you pack and move without disturbing your children’s routine. The professionals will help you save a ton of hassle, time, and money.

The Bottom Line

Moving is physically and mentally exhausting, particularly for children. It is vital, as a parent, you make the transition as smooth as possible for them. Do proper research on how to make moving with children easy. Contact reputed Brisbane removalists companies to get advice. But most importantly, keep your children involved, listen to them, and make decisions keeping their best interest in mind.