7 Tips For Choosing The Best Removalist For Your Move

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7 Tips For Choosing The Best Removalist For Your Move

Apr 29, 2020

It is no secret that moving can be very stressful. This is because you have to focus on several tasks at the same time. From packing, maintaining budget and cleaning to utility transfer and decluttering, you need to execute all the tasks with perfection. Otherwise, you will experience chaos on your moving day. In this situation, a little assistance can be very useful.

This is why people look for efficient and cheap removalist in Brisbane so that they can accomplish the relocation in an affordable and hassle-free manner. But what are the parameters to select reliable and efficient professionals? Here are a few tips for choosing the best removalist for your move. Let’s have a look!

1. Ask for Recommendation

If you are looking for an efficient and cheap removalist in Brisbane, then the first thing you need to do is to ask for recommendations. Talk to your family, friends, neighbour, colleagues, etc. and ask if they can recommend you any reliable removals company.

This is considered as an effective way to find the best removalists because you get accurate information about the company from those people who are close to you, so you know what exactly they are good at and where they need to improve. This can help you make the right decision. You might get to know about a local removals company that is reliable and affordable.

2. Search as per your specific requirements

Before choosing the best removalist for your move, you need to understand about your specific requirement. This will help you to select a removals company in Brisbane that will be the most suitable for your moving process. Some companies offer better packing service than others; some have an affordable price, some are good in the residential move, while some are popular for their commercial relocation service.

If you know what exactly you are looking for in a removals company, then it will help you in your research. Whether you are moving your entire apartment or searching for a company that offers trustworthy small scale moving, be specific in your search.

3. Read the Reviews

One of the best ways to choose the best removalists is to visit the official website and read their client reviews. This is a great way to know about the quality of their service from their previous clients.

By reading the reviews, you would know how reliable the company is, what is their price policy, how much transparency they maintain with the clients, where they need to improve and many other essential things. If you find contact details of the previous client, contact them and if there is a possibility, meet them.

4. Know about the price policy

It is important for you to know the price policy of Removals Company in Brisbane. There are many companies who take hourly charges from their client, but experts believe you should avoid such a company. Instead, go for those removalists who offer a complete package. The moving process is an unpredictable process which involves several complicated tasks.

So, it is difficult to calculate how much time you need to accomplish the task. If you opt for the hourly rates, you may end up paying way more than you should. But if you get a quote of the entire package, it helps you to prepare a moving budget, and that will give you peace of mind.

5. How much experience do they have?

You should never overlook the experience factor when choosing the best removalist. All the reputed removals company have experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge about packing, loading and moving things in a safe and hassle-free manner.

When it comes to handling costly furniture, difficult to pack electronics, appliance and fragile items, you need someone who has enough experience. Thus, you should look for those companies that have at least ten years of experience in this industry. Inexperienced professionals take way more time than the seasoned removalists, and they can also damage your belongings during loading. Thus, you should always consider the experience factor.

6. Make sure AFRA approves the company

When you are choosing the best removalist for your move, make sure that the removals company is certified by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). It is an authorised body that makes sure the moving industry of Australia is working as per some set rules and regulations.

If your removals company is AFRA approved, then you can expect professional behaviour and high-quality service at an appropriate price. The AFRA properly examine all the removals companies in the country on various parameters and approve only those ones who work professionally. Thus, when you shortlist a few companies, make sure they have all the essential documents with them, including the accreditation from AFRA.

7. Don’t get impressed by lucrative discounts

It is perfectly fine to look for cheap removalist in Brisbane, but you should not only focus on the price factor. People often make this mistake and choose a removals company that offers the lowest quote. Such companies are not known for their quality service or transparency. They often rent people and present them as their professionals.

This is undoubtedly risky for you and your belongings. Moreover, these companies have various hidden charges. So, you end up paying way more than what you estimated. Always look for a few reputed companies and shortlist to find who is offering better service at a minimum price.


Whether you are moving to a different state or across the street, professional removalists are always helpful. But you should remember that the right removals company can be the difference between a stressful relocation and a smooth moving. So, next time to plan to move, consider the tips mentioned above for choosing the best removalist for your move.