8 Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Cheap Removalists In Brisbane

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8 Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Cheap Removalists In Brisbane

Feb 26, 2018

Moving can be a tough and stressful occasion. Packing alone is a time-consuming task even for the best multi-tasker. Performing a removal on your own can even more challenging. To successfully relocate from one area to another, one should consider many external factors such as difficult buildings to man oeuvre and uncertain traffic conditions.

Hiring cheap removalists in Brisbane who will get the job done at a favourable price is a valid option. However, it is important to understand the upsides and downsides that they come with. Here are 8 Pros and Cons of Hiring CHEAP removalists in Brisbane:

The Pros:

There is nothing better than enjoying the satisfaction of moving with the help of the most affordable professionals. Here are the benefits you will enjoy:

Storage options

In case your new place is not ready, but you still need to move, removalists can always pack your items and put them in a storage unit until you are prepared to relocate.

Reliable moving equipment

Brisbane removalists usually bring their equipment to make your move a lot quicker. Whether the equipment is high-end or not, items such as dollies and trolleys will easily lift more substantial pieces of furniture and packing boxes.

Enhanced safety

With do-it-yourself moving methods, you may end up with serious injuries when you attempt to move heavy items. Removalists will always take this danger out of the equation and safely move your possessions.

Saves time

During the moving process, there are many tasks to complete. You will have to prepare your children, pets, change the address, contact your internet provider and so on. Adding packing and transporting on your to-do list will consume too much time. Cheap removalists help you save time by offloading extra responsibilities.


Removalists will always be available when you are ready to move. They go out of their way to work with your time and schedule.

Straightforward estimates

If you hire cheap removalists after enough research, there are no hidden costs. The charges only depend on the distance or storage services you may choose. Distance costs are relatively lower for local moves.

Know-how of the locality

You will not need to run any locality checks before moving. When transporting your items, removalists already understand the neighborhood as well as the routes. This knowledge will help in efficient transportation.

End-to-end services

Removalists are there from the beginning to the end of the moving process. They carry your items out of the house, put them in the van and unpack them at your new destination. They will be around until the job is complete.

The Cons:

As someone once said, cheap may be expensive. Granted, hiring cheap removalists in Brisbane will enable you to move within your budget. However, they may come with the following concerns:

Lack of moving insurance

As cheap removalists are already providing their services at a discounted rate, they may not offer reliable moving insurance that will cover your belongings during transit. As such, you have to clarify if you will be liable for damages that occur.

Lack of job satisfaction

Most people believe that they get what they pay for. When relying on cheap removalists to get the job done, there is always the potential for bumps in the road. For instance, the professionals may not carry out the task to your level of satisfaction.


If you are not present on the first day of the job, the removalists may turn up late to start the job, especially if their last one took longer than expected. If you book an afternoon time slot for your moving, you may end up waiting for hours.


Cheap removalists may not be willing to make several trips, back and forth to your new address. Once you exceed your agreed moving mileage or time limit, you may need to make extra payments.

Lack of appropriate moving equipment

As you expect removalists to have the proper equipment to safely secure and transport the items, cheap removalists may not be able to provide top-notch equipment for the process.

Lack of Trust

It is normal to be insecure about entrusting your valuables and expensive antics to mid-range professionals.


If you overlook the importance of choosing reputable removalists and consider price above all else, you may end up being scammed. In fact, you may pay much more than necessary, deal with damage or lose certain belongings. Thus it is advisable to check the licence of the company before engaging them for the task.

Frequent upfront checks

You will need to make continual upfront checks before the movers can be able to get the job done. It is essential to ensure that they will still show up on moving day.

Wrapping Up

It is evident that cheap removalists have a lot of benefits, but they do not come without their concerns. Just like any other professional companies, it is important to conduct proper research before hiring cheap removalists. Planning to move? Hire a reliable and affordable removalist like Better Removalists Brisbane for the job.

All their moves, whether local or interstate, are fully insured. They have a team of professionals to perform the moving tasks, with latest equipment and technique, to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all their moves.