9 Questions To Ask Before Relocating For Work

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9 Questions To Ask Before Relocating For Work

Oct 11, 2021

Moving from one place to another for a job seems to be life’s most prominent decision. Before you pack up your household belongings, make sure you ask yourself a few questions to clear all your doubts.

You may feel a little anxious and nervous while preparing for the relocation. The stress level automatically elevates when you move to a metropolitan city like Brisbane to find a better job. Make sure you do proper research about the new place, the job market, affordable housing options and a lot more. Also, don’t forget to hire reliable Brisbane removalists for the safe and secure transition of precious belongings.

If you are still confused and finding it difficult to make the right decision, ask these 9 questions before relocating for work or a job.

1. What are the Benefits and drawbacks of Relocation?

This is one of the most common questions to ask yourself if you are in any doubt. Of course, you are excited to explore a new city or location, but don’t forget to jot down the pros and cons of relocation.

The pros include better job opportunities, potential growth, meeting new people, exploring a better lifestyle, etc. On the other hand,

A big city like Brisbane has a much higher cost of living, expensive homes and cultural shocks if you are moving from a small town.

Write down benefits and drawbacks into separate columns and decide on going it thoroughly. This will help you a lot in your relocation journey.

2. What are the Pros of my new job?

Salary is not the only factor to determine whether a new job is ideal for you or not. According to Glassdoor’s  Employment Confidence Survey, around 60 per cent of people reported that advantages and perks are major factors to consider when accepting a new job offer.

People want a job with better health, vision and dental insurance as well as flexible working hours. Other benefits include work-from-home options, paid maternity, vacation time, paternity leave, etc.

So, after looking at the company’s track record, make sure you see these potential benefits. The best thing you can do is check employee and employer reviews available on reliable online websites, such as Glassdoor. Do thorough research about the company and your job profile before moving to the new place.

3. Will the Company Cover Moving Expenses?

It is vital to know whether your new company or employer will help you cover the moving expenses or not. The level of moving assistance varies widely depending on the size of an organisation. If you are joining a small employer, then the moving expenses might not be covered fully. They can help you sell your current home, sponsor house-hunting trips or pay you for relocation.

So, make sure you get it in writing and see if you can negotiate extra coverage while relocating home. Also, ensure that your spouse and kids are allowed to come on at least one of the trips while searching for a new house.

Do not forget to read the relocation contract thoroughly. Some agreements need you to repay expenses covered by your employer in case you resign within a certain timeframe.

Also, manage your car insurance during a move if you are relocating your personal vehicle too.

What is the cost of living in a new place?

Make sure you are financially stable while moving to a new place for work. Whether you are getting promoted or finding a better job opportunity, it is important to know the cost of living of a city where you are moving in.

Compare your salary with the average cost of living in Brisbane. If your budget is low, you can live in a suburb too. Make sure it is close to your office. You can also live in a rented property close to your new office.

5. What is the job market in a new city?

When planning a move, many people overlook this question because they have already secured a job. However, it is important to know if your line of work is in high demand or not in the new city.

6. Will I survive with the change?

Relocating for employment is a big decision and brings a lot of change. If you love exploring new places, new cultures, and food, this can be an exciting step for you. However, many people don’t like changes, and they are more comfortable in their normal routines.

7. How will this relocation impact my family?

It is important to decide if your family is supportive and ready for the potential change or home relocation. Most of the moves fail because the family or kids is unhappy in the new place.

The best thing you can do is to discuss everything about the move with your family. Involve kids in the process, ask your family to find the best removalists in Brisbane, visit the new location and search for the new house together.

8. What if the relocation doesn’t work out?

This question will help you create a backup plan if the relocation decision is not in your favour. What if you want to quit a new job or just can’t get used to living in a big city? Ask all these questions and prepare accordingly.

9. Do I need to hire professional removalists?

Whether you are running out of your budget or have prior moving experience, make sure you do some research and find reliable Brisbane removalists for the damage-free transition of your belongings. They will make your journey a relaxing one, and you will be able to focus on other important things related to your new job.


Ask these questions to yourself before making the final decision. You can focus on the factors that can bring joy, excitement and great opportunities when you move to a new city for work.