9 Useful Moving Tips For First-Time Home Buyers In Brisbane

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9 Useful Moving Tips For First-Time Home Buyers In Brisbane

Jul 22, 2021

Brisbane is considered one of the most liveable cities in Australia because of various reasons. It is cheaper than places like Sydney and Adelaide; the weather is perfect here, the city offers lots of greenery, good employment opportunities and so on. That is why many people purchase home in the capital city of Queensland and settle here permanently. If you are also planning to do the same, then you are making the right decision. However, you need to make sure that you relocate to your home in a smooth manner.

Moving to your new home is always exciting because finally, you have a place that you can call your own. However, the stress and challenges of the moving process can take the wind out of your sail. If you want to move to your own house in a stress-free manner, make sure your focus on all the key aspects of moving. The majority of first-time homebuyers prefer to take the help of professional removalists in Brisbane, and it is undoubtedly the correct way. However, there are many more tactics that you need to follow.

Here are 9 useful moving tips for first-time homebuyers in Brisbane.

1. Prepare a Budget

If you have purchased a home for the first time and planning to move, it is essential to make a budget and stick to it. After spending your lifetime saving, you might need to relocate on a tight budget, and for that, you need a budget. It will help you to keep track of all your expenses and also help you to do the cost-cutting if required.

2. Give Yourself More Time

Another important tip first time home buyers should remember while moving is to start the preparation early. It is essential because by starting early, you can get more time. As a result, you will be able to carry out the packing task in a much better manner. You can also focus on other essential aspects of the move.

3. Get Rid of the Unwanted Things

When you move from a rental property to your own home, it is advisable to get rid of all the unwanted things. It will keep your home free from clutter and allow you to add some new things with time. So, make a list of things you don’t need anymore and sell them in a garage sale. Such things include old electronics, appliances, furniture, clothes, books, etc. Use the money to cover the cost of relocation.

4. Hire Professionals

Moving is already a hectic task, and when you are moving to your new home, things can get more stressful. In this scenario, hiring experienced removalists in Brisbane can be very helpful. They can pack, load and transport your belongings safely and within the deadline. However, it is essential that you contact only a reputed company. So, research properly and find good removalists in Brisbane.

5. Transfer Utilities and Change Address

People often get too much involved in sorting out things, packing belongings and in doing so, they forget about other essential tasks like utility transfer and address change. If you don’t want to spend the first few days in your new home without LPG, electricity, water, internet, etc., then transfer your request at the right time. Also, do not forget to change your address and inform everyone about your new home.

6. Update Electoral Roll, Driver Licence and MyGov Details

It is also important for the first-time homebuyers to update their details electoral roll, driver licence and MyGov platform. It will save you from unnecessary hassle in future and also allow you to access government services online. Updating such things will help you to settle down at your new home in a stress-free manner.

7. Know about First Home Concession

If your home is valued under $550,000, then you might get some concession from the government. Therefore, it is advisable to research about First Home Concession scheme and see if you are eligible for it or not. The scheme can help you to save up to $15,925. There are many criteria to be eligible for the scheme, and you should know about it.

8. Pack Moving Day Essential Kit

It is not possible to unpack all your belongings immediately after completing the move. In fact, it can take up to one week to unpack everything. In the meantime, you will need your essential items like medicines, laptop and phone chargers, toothbrush, toiletries, paper towels, extra pair of clothes and so on. So, make sure that you pack all the essentials separately in a box and keep it with you throughout the move.

9. Inspect Your New Home and Surroundings

Once you have purchased your home, it is important to inspect the house as well as the locality before moving. Thoroughly examine the rooms and see if there is any scope of repair work, cleaning, painting, etc. Also, explore the nearby places, market area, playground for kids, etc. and meet your neighbours. It will help you to move smoothly and settle down in your new home quickly.

The Endnote

Relocating to your first home can be a nerve-racking task, but you can make it a little easier by following the tips mentioned above. The key to a smooth relocation is a lot of planning. The more time you spend in planning, the better your chances will be to relocate perfectly. To avoid unnecessary hassle and stress, contact a reputed removals company in Brisbane. Their experts will help you to move smoothly.