Complete Guide To Renting A House Or Apartment In Brisbane

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Complete Guide To Renting A House Or Apartment In Brisbane

Jul 31, 2020

Reckoned as the capital of Queensland – the sunshine state of Australia, Brisbane is a metropolitan city that competes with Sydney and Melbourne in terms of economy, infrastructure, and amenities. Therefore, residents and newcomers benefit tremendously by staying in the city.

The standard of living here is excellent, and the options for residency are multiple, which can get confusing for anyone whether he/she is already living in Brisbane or moving from another state or country.

If you are planning a move and need guidance for finding the right property, here is a complete guide to renting a house or apartment in Brisbane with insights are by real estate experts, property counsellors and professional removalists in Brisbane. Through the guide, learn the median rent rates in Brisbane, how to find the most suitable housing options, how to plan your move and more. Have a look!

Median House or Apartment Rent in Brisbane

Brisbane is a modern and thriving city with a host of houses and apartments available for rent around the central business district and its suburbs. For people planning to lease a residence around Brisbane, here are the median house and apartment median rent rates according to experts.

• Overall the median rent for houses in Brisbane is about $400 per week, and it is $380 per week for units. The city is the third cheapest capital city in the country for renting a house. Sydney and Melbourne have higher median rents than Brisbane, making it the preferred choice for getting a house or apartment for many domestic residents and foreigners.
• Getting a house or unit in Brisbane City can be expensive considering it is closer to the central business district. As per the data available on Residential Tenancy Authority for the April to June 2020 quarter, the median rent for two-bedroom flats or units is about $500 per week and houses is $450 per week. Understandably, the average increases with the space and number of rooms.
• According to experts, the median rents for properties in Brisbane have remained the same since 2013, which means the market is stable and you can budget your move accurately.

Best Suburbs in Brisbane to Live

Over the years, more and more people who are already residents of Brisbane and those who have migrated have started to settle in the suburbs rather than the city. The reasons vary, but the most common ones are the availability of reputed education institutes, low crime rate, sense of community, and affordable housing options, among others. Therefore, if you are moving, please consider the following suburbs for renting a house or apartment.

East Brisbane

Reckoned for its excellent schools and public transport system, this suburb is a popular destination for working professionals, families, couples, and singles to settle. Renting a house or property here is easy and wise because the suburb is close to the Brisbane Central Business District and other amenities like shopping centres, health care facilities, etc.

The median rent for a house here is $565 per week and for an apartment is $365 per week. The cheapest option for residency is to lease a one-bedroom apartment, and the average rent for these units is $320 per week.

Rochedale South

Ranked among the tops suburbs of Brisbane, Rochedale South is connected to the city via the Pacific (M1) Motorway. It has a host of reputed schools, shopping centres, entertainment/leisure spots, and cafes/restaurants. At present, this is a hot market for leasing properties and the median rent here for a house is $435per week and for a unit is $330 per week. This suburb is an excellent place to live with your family for whom you can get a 3-bedroom house at a median rent of $405 per week.


This suburb is centrally located making it a suitable choice for working professionals, students, and young adults looking for opportunities to settle. Taringa is a busy, modern, and well-connected suburb which may be a bit pricey but worth having a house or unit in.

Its median house rent is $533 per week overall, and the average rent for a three-bedroom house is $500 per week. For units, the median rent is $385 per week, and the cheapest option of renting a one-bedroom flat/unit comes at a median rent of $310 per week.

Russell Island

If you are looking for an affordable area to rent a house in Brisbane, then consider Russell Island. Although a little far from the main city, people are flocking to this suburb for its cheap properties, greenery, tranquillity, and low crime rate. The median house rent here is $260 per week for a three-bedroom house. The suburb is home to a host of well-structured houses, and it is a fast developing suburb with great infrastructural development projects underway.

How to find the most suitable housing options?

While saving and creating a budget to rent a house or unit in Brisbane, it would be wise first to analyse your requirements, income, and your savings. You can start by charting your expenses and asking yourself the following questions.

• How much rent are you willing to pay or afford comfortably?
• Are you moving alone, with a partner, or a family?
• What type of property are you aiming to rent – a house or a unit?
• Are you willing to split with housemates or have a residency independently?
• What are the amenities you are looking for in the area of residence – schools, good public transportation systems, healthcare facilities, shops & retails centres, etc.?
• Is proximity to work, family members, and friends a priority?

Asking these questions is crucial to make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to take the assistance of professional real estate agents or counsellors to help you find the best housing options along with the help of near and dear ones.

In addition, search for viable options online via reputed residential property portals that have a host of options for renting and buying. Surfing through these portals will give you an idea of the kind of properties available on the market and which ones are within your budget.

Empowering yourself with knowledge is essential to plan your move because you not only have to think of expenses such as the rent but of booking professional removalists in Brisbane, getting packing supplies, hiring experienced end of lease cleaners and more.

How to Plan Your Move?

After you have completed the formalities for renting a property like depositing the security amount, paying one month’s rent, and have a definite moving date, other things to do for moving smoothly according to professional removalists in Brisbane are mentioned as follows.

• Reread your current lease contract and serve the notice to your landlord for moving
• Create a checklist of all remaining moving-related tasks to complete and start delegating the tasks to family members and friends. Also, set deadlines for all the tasks to ensure everything is completed on time.
• Book reputed removalists in Brisbane at least a month before the moving date to get their services at the best prices and feel stress-free while completing other moving-related tasks.
• While booking removalists in Brisbane, also book professional end of lease cleaners if you are a tenant to help speed up the moving process.
• Take the assistance of family members and friends with decluttering, packing, setting utilities, and other moving-related responsibilities.


If you are planning to move to or within Brisbane, this guide will help clear any confusion regarding renting a house or apartment here. Empowered with knowledge, you can rent a good house or unit, know which reputed removalists in Brisbane to hire and manage your move safely and smoothly. Therefore, use the information to know the median rents around Brisbane, how to find a suitable property, and other valuable insights.