Complete Guide To Unpacking Like A Pro

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Complete Guide To Unpacking Like A Pro

Jun 17, 2021

Shifting to a new residence is a rewarding and exciting experience, but it also feels overwhelming. You are physically and mentally exhausted after a strenuous and time-consuming move and want to relax. However, your work is not done yet, as paying attention to unpacking is crucial to live in the property and make it home. It is the first step to settling in your new abode and getting comfortable.

If you get full moving assistance from professional removalists in Brisbane, the experts will unpack. But, here is a complete guide outlining useful tips to unpack like a pro if you are managing the task yourself. Have a look.

Be Proactive While Packing

Professional removalists in Brisbane pack property contents you want to take to your new home by creating an inventory. They pack belongings that are occasionally used first and load them in the truck on the moving day. Items are packed in inverse order of importance as it helps unpack regularly-used belongings upon arrival at the new residence immediately.

Therefore, you should follow this technique as well and start packing items room by rooms. For example, the contents of basements, storerooms and guest bedrooms should be packed first and loaded on the truck. Next, focus on packing the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms as belongings of these areas will be required immediately after reaching the destination for settling. Thus, they should be loaded on the truck last and unloaded first.

Additionally, label all boxes carefully and correctly for easy identification of their contents. Colour code labels according to rooms and take pictures of disassembled items for reference.

Tips For Unpacking

Using professional removalists in Brisbane is a wise and practical solution for unpacking, as they have the expertise, equipment and experience. However, if you plan on doing this activity yourself, here are some valuable tips.

Check Boxes For Damage – After your hired removalists in Brisbane unload the boxes from the moving truck, make sure to inspect them for damages. In case you find any, take pictures/video and inform the removal company immediately.
Keep Boxes In The Right Areas – Ask the professionals to keep the boxes in the right rooms to make the unpacking process quicker for you. If you have labelled the boxes, this task will be easy, as the removalists will know which boxes to put where.
Ensure The House Is Clean – Inspect the house thoroughly upon arrival to ensure it is neat and clean. Tenants should ask the landlord if specialists or the previous occupant cleaned the property. If you have bought the house, ensure you get it cleaned by professionals or do it yourself before you unpack.
Prioritise Important Rooms – Unbox contents of rooms that are important first to get comfortable in the new residence quickly and smoothly. Start by unpacking boxes containing items for the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, as these areas are among the most used in a household. After these areas, focus on unpacking contents of the living rooms, kid’s room, and guest bedroom (if any).
Keep The Floor Plan Handy – Before you move into the new home, make sure its floor plan is ready as it will help the removalists to place heavy things such as home decor items, refrigerator etc. It will also make the unpacking process easier for you because you won’t have to worry about lifting or shifting heavy things in place. This step is necessary if you have hired good removalists in Brisbane as you can expect them to keep required things according to the floor plan.
Refer To The Inventory List – If you have an inventory list, refer it to for sorting through boxes and ensuring all your property contents have reached the new residence safely. The list will also help you to unbox contents according to importance and usage.
Don’t Hurry The Process – After unpacking the essential contents that would help you and your household members to be comfortable in the new home, you can focus on the remaining items at your own pace. Try to unpack one area at a time, and don’t rush the process as it can cause damage or loss of items.
Listen to music – Unpacking can be boring and un-motivating, which is why listening to music can help you get this activity done. Music can uplift your mood and help you unwind after a strenuous and taxing move. Create a playlist of songs you and other household members like and play them when you unpack.
Keep Necessary Tools On-Hand – Make the process of unpacking easier and less time-consuming by keeping the necessary equipment on hand. You will need scissors and paper cutters for removing the tape, bubble wraps, foam wraps, and other items. In addition, you would need trash bags, broom, dustpan, and other cleaning tools on hand to collect the packing waste and avoid cluttering your home.


Unpacking is as important as packing and any other moving-related activity, as it is the first step to settling in your new residence. You can take the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane for unboxing property contents as it is less stressful. However, if you plan to do it yourself, follow the tips mentioned in this guide to unpack like a pro.