Complete Moving Checklist To Make Your Move Easier Than Ever

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Tips to Make Moving Easier Than Ever

Complete Moving Checklist To Make Your Move Easier Than Ever

Apr 06, 2020

Moving to a new home is never easy because there are different tasks to be completed simultaneously. Everyone involved in the moving process is stressed, confused, anxious, and apprehensive, which is natural because relocating is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing.

For most people moving is one of the most challenging times of their lives. According to professional removalists in Brisbane – the process of shifting to a new home can be easily managed with less stress and confusion by creating a moving checklist.

What tasks should your list contain? Although each move is different and there are varied tasks to be done, certain things remain the same. Here is a complete moving checklist by experienced removalists in Brisbane to make your move easier than ever.

60 days (8 weeks) before moving

The planning for the move should start at least 60 days (8 weeks) prior – once the new property is selected, formalities for occupation are complete, and the move-in date is set. Here are tasks to complete within 8-7 weeks.

• Create your moving budget by charting out expenses for packing supplies, taking professional assistance, travelling, insurance, etc.
• If you are planning to take professional assistance for moving, start searching for reliable and affordable removalists in Brisbane.
• If you are moving with a family, then talk with your children about the move and provide them with support to get through this significant life change.
• Visit the location you are moving to with family members/ roommates to familiarise with the neighbourhood.
•Reread your lease agreements and give the moving-out notice to the property owner/realtor. Many landlords state in the agreement that a notice of 60 days is required before a tenant moves out.

30 days (6 Weeks) before moving

The month before the moving day is the most stressful and hectic as there are a host of tasks to complete and little time. Listed below are the things to complete within this time.

• Shortlist affordable removalists in Brisbane to get quotes from them to compare and book the most suitable one.
• Start decluttering your entire house by adopting the KonMari method. It requires taking out all your belongings, touching them, and deciding if they make you feel joy or there is no connection. In addition, you can declutter by getting rid of things that are broken, obsolete, or haven’t been used for over six months.
• Donate things that are in good condition and can be used by those in need. Furthermore, have a garage sale for items that can be sold. You can add the money made from the garage sale to your moving budget.
• Make an inventory of all the things you can and want to take to your new home. Ask your hired removalists in Brisbane for the things they cannot move. Making the list of things to move is essential to know what you should pack to load on the truck and what you should carry in your vehicle.
• Arrange for packing supplies in case you are not availing professional packing services. You can use old boxes at home or source them from a local store. Ask your relatives, friends, or neighbours for packing supplies you could recycle. You can purchase used boxes in good condition online or locally at dirt-cheap rates as well.
• Complete formalities like changing/updating address, discontinuing/revising subscriptions, giving notice for utility services, paying pending bills, and letting your bank, local authorities, etc., know about the move.
• Start getting food supplies that will last for a week and make a plan to consume perishable goods before the moving day. This step is necessary to avoid food wastage as perishable goods cannot be donated.
• Now would be the right time to get moving insurance according to your requirements. Although reputed removalists in Brisbane offer damage-free movement of belongings, it is wise to insure property contents.
• With the assistance of family members, relatives, and friends begin packing your belongings. While packing make sure everyone packs their essential kits containing first-aid, medicines, snacks, chargers, and other things they may require on the moving day.
• For tenants, it is essential to hire reputed end of lease cleaners in Brisbane so that they can get back their bond amount easily. Therefore, make arrangements for the cleaning to be completed within the last week of moving out.

On Moving Day

Here are the things that will need to done on the moving day and should be part of your checklist.

• Confirm the arrival time of your hired removalists in Brisbane again.
• Make sure everyone has their essential kit on-person, and there is enough drinking water to last the journey to the new home.
• Do a final sweep of the real estate and see everything is okay
• Hand over the keys if there are no other tasks to complete and you don’t have to revisit the property.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new home can be smooth and less stressful by being proactive and planning everything. Hence, follow the checklist above to stay ahead of schedule and manage on-time completion of essential tasks like booking removalists in Brisbane, providing moving out notice, sourcing packing supplies, and decluttering, among others.