Different Types of Moving Insurance & Costs

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Different Types of Moving Insurance & Costs

May 10, 2021

Commonly, homeowners and tenants relocating to a new home make the mistake of not getting moving insurance. They take this risk because many believe having homeowners, contents or renters insurance is enough. Some people also assume their hired removalists in Brisbane would cover all the cost of losing items or damages.

However, it would help if you got moving insurance within your budget, and that meets your requirements whether you are moving for the first time or have moved multiple times. There are three types of insurance policies you can choose from, and each provides a different type of cover. Here is a complete guide outlining these insurances and their costs to help you know which one will be the best for you. Have a look.

Basic Carrier Liability Insurance

It is the most basic and economical moving insurance option, and it’s also called released value protection. When you choose this option, the insurance company promises to offer a certain sum for every pound of your belongings. It is the cheapest moving insurance because most companies reimburse less than $1 per pound, which is extremely low and insufficient to cover significant damage or loss.

Reputed removalists in Brisbane also provide a basic cover for your belongings during transit and provide it free of charge with their services. Thus, make sure you do not confuse released value protection with the promise of protection of your belongings the removalists give.

Declared Value Protection

Getting this moving insurance is ideal when you have a significant moving load, and you are relocating long-distance. Declared value insurance is expensive than basic carrier because in case an item is lost or damaged during a move, the company reimburses according to its current market value. Most property contents’ value depreciates with time and usage, which is why when you choose this protection, you can claim costs of belongings at their present worth.

This cover is better than basic carrier as you create an inventory of items you want to insure, and the insurance company takes note of their current value. However, you get cover only for things you declared, and it usually amounts to 1% of the total cost of your property contents.

Full Replacement Liability Insurance

For people wanting to get coverage that guarantees you get a complete reimbursement for loss of items or damage, full replacement liability insurance is the best option. However, there is a catch that this cover is the most expensive option. If you are moving to a new home and have valuable things you want to ensure are handled and moved securely, get this insurance. Most reputed insurance agencies may reimburse the full cash value of the declared and insured items.

This insurance is ideal for when you are moving interstate or internationally because in such relocations, chances of your property contents getting lost or damaged are significant.

Cost Of Moving Insurance

People considering getting moving insurance need to create moving budget accordingly. Your moving budget is decided on which cover you choose and what services you are getting from your hired removalists in Brisbane.

If you have a tight budget with little money to spare for insurance, consider getting a basic carrier liability cover. The other types of insurances should only be chosen when your moving budget is susbtantial.

To get estimates of how much each insurance premium will cost, get free quotes from various reputed insurance companies. While getting a quote, make sure you understand the services offered by a company and notify if you have any extraordinary value items.

What Else to Consider?

Moving insurances need to be selected very carefully, and you should not confuse them with other types of covers you can get as a homeowner or renter. Additionally, you should:

• Always get multiple quotes for the same cover from different insurance agencies.
• Ask your hired removalists in Brisbane which third-party agency they recommend for moving insurance.
• Ensure you read all the term and conditions before purchasing a policy and get a copy.
• Always check if your insurance policy covers loss and damage of items both.
• Ask if there is an excess for the insurance policy you are taking.
• Inquire how you can personalise or customise your insurance policy to reap the most benefits.
• Never trust removalists in Brisbane who claim to sell moving insurance. Removals companies cannot sell policies as it is illegal. They can arrange for insurance via a third-party agency.

The Bottom Line

Contrary to popular belief, your homeowners, contents or renters insurance cannot ensure your belongings are covered when you are moving. Therefore, it is essential you know the different types of policies available for people planning a house move and how much each costs. Getting moving insurance is important, and you should explore your options while looking for removalists in Brisbane to manage the packing and transportation of your belongings.