What To Do With Empty Boxes After Unpacking?

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a child inside an empty cardboard box

What To Do With Empty Boxes After Unpacking?

Feb 14, 2018

Relocation is a very gruelling task. Once you are done with the whole process and get to your new home, you find yourself standing between piles of empty cardboard boxes. You then realise that maybe the difficult task of your residential move is over, but there are still many critical tasks to be done before you feel free and satisfied with your relocation.

When we move our household from one place to another, we have to shift all our belongings and possessions. We pack almost everything and hence use a lot of boxes. Once you have unpacked everything, you, are left with so many empty boxes that you don’t see a way to get rid of them. Whereas it is a bad idea to keep all these useless moving boxes at home, it is worst to throw them away in the garbage.

You never know how you can use them again or it can come to aid for anyone else in need. If you are struggling hard to figure out what to do with these empty boxes, then you can ask experts from the best removalists in Brisbane, QLD. They will give you proper guidance as they have a friendly staff and are well priced.

Let Better removalists take the pain of moving for you so that you are not left with deciding on different ways to source endless boxes before the big day. Remember that proper disposal of your moving boxes is a must and you cannot ignore it.

Here is a list of 7 constructive ways which will help you in reusing those empty boxes after unpacking:

1. Give them away

Instead of throwing these boxes away, ‘give them away’. It is shameful to throw away usable boxes just because you are done with your relocation. Hence make it usable for someone else in need. You can ask your friends and tell them that you are looking to give away such cardboard boxes in exchange of nothing. If your friends don’t take much interest then pick any stranger in need. You can also post these boxes on free ad websites and give to anyone who shows interest.

2. Reuse for relocation

You have moved to a new place but you may, never know when you will have to relocate again in the near future. And if such emergency arrives, all these empty boxes will come in use again. Therefore, store them in a dry place until you need them once more. You don’t wish to look for boxes again in future.

3. Donate

You can also donate it for charity. Charitable organisation are always looking for unused or little used things. Contact some charities in your area and see if they need them. You can also donate them to other places like community centres, libraries, churches etc. At such places these boxes can be used effectively as they can hold heavy items easily.

Note: Mention this in your moving checklist so that you can inform your charity of about your moving date and the day when they can pick the boxes from your new home.

4. Sell them yourself

If no friends or even strangers are interested in taking your empty boxes then try to sell them out. If you feel that relocation cost you a lot of time and efforts then sell them out and get some money out of it. You can post online ads in the local newspapers. Searching on internet can also help you get some potential buyers.

5. Reuse for storage

These cardboard boxes will serve as the best storage containers. You can use these boxes, and store items that you are not using anymore. In the new house, you will have many things that you packed in a short time during your move, and now there is no use of them. You can store such items in these boxes and keep them safely in a storage area like a garage, basement etc.

6. Recycle

While throwing them away looks like the easiest way to get rid of empty boxes, there are many other ways to recycle them. If your boxes got ripped during the process of relocation, then the best use is recycling them. If they are not in good condition and cannot be used again, then you use the most logical method of reprocessing them. What you need to do is separate the torn boxes from the usable boxes.

Flatten these boxes and give them to municipal waste management services or recycle centres of your city. They will pick it from your doorstep or the common area of your town for recycling purposes. Not only the broken boxes but you can give all of them if you can’t find any other way to use them again.

7. Repurpose them

If any of these methods are not working for you, or you just don’t want to spend any more time in trying to sell them and posting ads online and in newspapers, then try something different and new. These cardboard boxes have other practical purposes as well which you may not be able to see.

If you have small kids at home, then you can use these boxes for creative purposes. You can ask them to build cardboard forts, castles and even puzzles. They will be excited, and it will take out the creative side of not only your kids but you as well. Most kids love playing around with such empty boxes as it lets them engage in fun activities.


If you are not sure what to do with your packing material and moving boxes after moving to a new home, or you are not able to decide how to recycle them, then it’s best to contact Better Removalists in Brisbane for advice and assistance. They are the leading removal company in Brisbane and are well-experienced in the business of moving houses. Moreover, you can also hire their services for packing and unpacking and save yourself from the pain of handling empty boxes after the move.