Experts Tips to Keep Pets Safe on Moving Day

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Experts Tips to Keep Pets Safe on Moving Day

Jun 23, 2021

Moving with your pets is always a challenging task. On one hand, you have to deal with packing, arrangement of boxes, address change and utility transfer. While on the other hand, you need to make sure that your pet stays healthy, remain safe and does not cause any trouble in your neighbourhood. Otherwise, you may have to face the consequences as per the law of Brisbane City Council.

The relocation process is not only stressful for the owners, but it can also make your furry friend anxious. Being an owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the pet remains relaxed and safe on the moving day. The majority of the pet owners hire reliable removalists in Brisbane to stay with the pets for a longer time.

The professionals carry out the packing, loading and transportation task perfectly so that you can experience a stress-free and hassle-free relocation. If you want to ensure the safety of your pet, you need to follow some guidelines. Here are some expert tips that will keep your pets safe on moving day.

Get Advice from Vet

Before the moving day arrives, it is essential that you take your pet to the vet for a thorough a check-up. Use this opportunity to ensure the vaccination and medications are up to date. Dogs usually have issues like motions sickness and nausea. So, if you are driving to your new pace, take some valuable advice from the vet and the medicine to tackle the issue. If possible, also get a recommendation about a vet nearby your new home.

Find a Pet Sitter

You should find a pet sitter in advance to look after your dog or cat on the moving day. Whether you are relocating on your own or with the help of the best removalists in Brisbane, the relocation day can be extremely hectic. The process needs your complete involvement. And you can only focus on the task if you know someone is there to take care of your furry friend. Instead of a professional, ask your friends or family to help you out. It will save some money, and your pet will be more relaxed to see a familiar face.

Purchase a Travel Carrier

If you are moving to another city and need to move your pet through the air, you will require a pet travel carrier. It will keep them safe throughout the journey. So invest in a good quality carrier and purchase it in advance. It will allow the pet to get familiar with it. As a result, your pet will feel secure even if you are not around.

Hire Professionals

To ensure a safe and hassle-free move with your pet, you need professional help. That is why you need to hire the best professionals who pack, load and transport your belongings safely and in time. It will save a lot of time, which will allow you to focus on your pet. As there are so many moving companies in the market, choosing a reliable one can be difficult. To find good removalists in Brisbane, you need to research properly.

Keep Pets in a Separate Room

The relocation day can be risky for your pet. They can not only cause a distraction for you or the professional who are loading the heavy boxes and furniture but can also get seriously injured. Therefore, you keep them away from the centre of the action so they can stay safe. Designate one room for the pet and make sure you or the pet sitter keep them inside the room. They should not come outside until all the belongings get load into the truck.

Contact a Pet Moving Company

If you are moving in your car, then you can take your pet with you. But what if you are relocating to another state? You need to travel through the air, and in that case, you need professionals. The experts can move your pet through the air in a safe and stress-free manner. Contact a reputed pet moving company and book their service in advance. The professionals give proper attention to the safety of your pets throughout the journey.

Pack Essential Supplies of Pet

If you are travelling a long distance and driving for several hours, you need to make sure that your pet does not feel hungry or get dehydrated. Thus, you should pack sufficient food and water and keep them handy with you. In fact, you should pack all the essential supplies for your pet. The essential things include food, water, medicines, familiar blanket, toy, litter box, poop bags, etc.

Research Properly

If you drive a long distance with your dog, you must know what to do and what to avoid. It is advisable to take breaks frequently as it will help them to deal with motion sickness and nausea. The breaks will also help your furry friend urinate and stretch their body, keeping them relaxed. If you are moving to Brisbane from any other state, you must know the restricted or regulated dog breeds in Queensland. Gather sufficient information about your pet and the place where you are moving.


It is no secret that your pets can make a moving day more stressful. However, you can minimise your stress level by keeping them safe and relaxed. All you need to do is to stay with your pet and follow the tips mentioned above. To avoid the unnecessary stress and hassles of the relocation process, you need to contact a professional removals company in Brisbane. The professionals will ensure the safety of your prized possessions.