How To Move When You Have Dogs And Cats

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How To Move When You Have Dogs And Cats

Oct 08, 2021

Relocation is a time-consuming process that can be overwhelming at times. From sorting and packing your stuff to change of address and utility transfer, you have to complete all the tasks within a limited time. Adding your pet to this mix can further elevate the stress level.

On the one hand, you have to focus on the moving-related tasks, while on the other hand, you have to make sure your pet is relaxed, safe and happy. Luckily, there are some ways to help you move with your dogs and cats in a stress-free manner.

Many pet owners prefer to hire experienced removalists in Brisbane because it saves a lot of time. So, you should also consider hiring them. However, there are several other things that you need to do to ensure a stress-free relocation with your furry friend. If you want to move with your pet smoothly, then you need to follow some guidelines.

Read on to know more about how to move when you have dogs and cats.

Plan Properly

The first thing you need to do is to make a plan. If you have dogs and cats, you need to understand their requirements and prepare a plan accordingly. Gather as much information as possible and research various things. If you are moving from another state, you need to know about the laws for pet owners in Queensland. Also, know how to move your pet through the air as well as a car. The more information you will have, the easier the move will be.

Schedule a Meeting with Vet

Before you relocate with your dogs and cats, it is advisable to take them for a thorough check-up. So, schedule a meeting with a vet and make sure that your pet gets all their pending vaccines. Motion sickness is a common problem in pets so if your furry friend also has such a problem, take advice from the vet.

Spend more Time with Pets

Being a pet owner, you must understand one thing that relocation is not only difficult for you but also for your pet. The idea of leaving a familiar place can make them anxious. Therefore, you must keep them relaxed and happy throughout the process. The only way to do that is by spending more time with them. So, hire the best removalists in Brisbane to save your time and energy.

Pack your Pet Essentials

Packing pet essentials is one of those things people forget to do before they move.  So, pack your pet essentials separately and keep them with you all the time. The essential items should include medications, prescriptions, favourite toy, food and water, travel bowl, poop bags, etc. You never know when you will require these things. Keep the bag separately would reduce your stress and confusion on the moving day.

Purchase a Pet Carrier

A pet carrier is essential for cats and small size dogs. It keeps them safe during the journey, and they also feel more secure inside it. However, you need to make sure that they find the carrier familiar. So, purchase it at least one month before moving and introduce them to it. Keep food and toys inside the carrier so they stay inside it for a longer time.

Keep Them Safe on Moving Day

You need to make sure that your dog or cats stay away from the action on moving day. Their presence can not only distract the professional Brisbane removalists during loading, but furry friend can also get severely injured. Therefore, book a pet sitter in advance and empty a particular room for them. You can also ask a friend or the family to take care of the pets for the day. Your dog and cat will be much relaxed to see a familiar face.

Take Your Pet in Your Vehicle

If is it possible to drive to your new home, then choose the option over going by air. It will allow you to take your pet in your vehicle. As a result, they will be more relaxed and happy. For the night stay, look for places that are pet friendly. Research about such places in advance so you do not face any problem at the last moment. Also, during the travelling, take frequent breaks. It will help your pets, particularly dogs, to deal with the problem of motion sickness.

Visit the New Place before Moving

If you are moving to a nearby suburb or within Brisbane city, you should take your pet with you and explore the new locality. Look for the nearest veterinary clinic and pet shops. Also, meet the neighbours and allow your dogs to explore the neighbourhood. There are more than 150 dog off-leash areas (also known as dog parks) where your pet can run, play with other dogs and socialise with dog park visitors. Look for such a park that is easily accessible. Such a visit will make the new place more familiar.

Take Away

The relocation process is never easy when you have dogs and cats. However, you can make the task easier for you by following the right ways. So, the next time you decide to move, keep in mind the tips mentioned above. To experience a move without any hassles and stress, contact a certified removals company in Brisbane. The experts will ensure the safety of your belongings, save your time and let you focus on your pets.