How To Organise A Move With A Moving Checklist

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How To Organise A Move With A Moving Checklist

Nov 08, 2021

Moving much-loved household belongings from one location to another seems to be the most treacherous task. Packing delicate items, transferring utilities, updating a new address and lifting heavy boxes require a lot of time, planning and elbow grease.

You also need professional assistance from reliable Brisbane removalists for a safe and sound transition of valuable possessions. They carry out tasks according to a moving checklist to avoid last-minute chaos.

However, you need to keep in mind certain things if you don’t want to miss anything important. If you want to organise the entire process, work as per the following moving checklist:

8 Weeks Prior to Your Move

Starting early is one of the best hacks to streamline your complicated move. You should begin the preparation at least 8 weeks before your final moving day. So, make sure you include the following in your checklist:

Prepare the Moving Folder

It is good to take pictures of receipts, quotes, records and agreements related to your home relocation. Organise them by creating a digital folder in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Create a Rough Moving Budget

You should create a proper moving budget to track your expenses throughout the process. Whether you want to hire professionals or planning to do it yourself, make sure you have a proper budget in mind for better outcomes. Include packing materials costs, fees of Brisbane removalists, rental truck fees, insurance policy, etc.

Search for the correct Moving Company

Good to research some of the good moving companies in your city depending on the nature of your move. Make sure you read reviews, shortlist at least the 3 best companies, compare their quote and ask relevant questions before making the final decision.

Research New Schools

Do you have school-aged kids? If yes, then find a decent school in your new location. To find best schools in the new neighbourhood, you can search online or talk to your real estate manager.

• Request transcripts for your children from their current school for their new school.
• De-clutter your home

This is the best time to get rid of unwanted household items from your home. You can inspect the entire house and make a list of belongings you no longer need. It is good to toss expired and broken items, and you can sell or donate items that are in good condition.

• Plan and organise a garage sale to earn some extra dollars.

Six Weeks Prior to your Move

You should have a proper plan for a safe and sound move. Some important tasks need to be completed at least 6 weeks before the final moving day.

Schedule a Moving date

This is the perfect time to schedule the removalists. While choosing a moving date, keep a specific day, week, and month in mind as it will affect the cost of your move. It is good to avoid home relocation during peak season as it will cost more. If you are tight on a moving budget, choose a weekday for the safe move of your belongings.

Arrange Packing Supplies

Make sure you arrange all the packing supplies, such as boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wraps, furniture blankets, etc. You can also use towels, blankets and bedsheets to pack up your delicate items.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Do not forget to contact your health insurance company to assure smooth medical coverage during and after the relocation.

• Collect free boxes from local grocery stores, liquor shops and office supply stores.
• Start utilising refrigerated food and pantry items. You can also donate non-perishables to needy people.
• Prepare a Packing Strategy

If you want to pack up your belongings on your own, then prepare a good strategy. Pack all your non-essential or seasonal items first. You can also hire professional removalists in Brisbane for the quality packing of fragile items and heavy furniture pieces.

• Spruce up your kitchen appliances and items you want to take along with you.

4 Weeks Prior to your Move

This step is all about executing plans for a smooth and hassle-free transition of your belongings. Make sure you consider the following tasks:

• Pack up all your household belongings, including your large items.
• Label boxes using relevant names to keep them intact throughout the process.
• Dispose of hazardous items, such as chemicals, paints, fertilisers, etc.
• Confirm the date and time with your removalists
• Notify your friends and relatives. You can also throw a goodbye party and invite all your friends.
• Make sure you notify all your utility service providers. Schedule a date so that they can disconnect the service and re-connect the services at the new place.
• Update the new address with your post office, banks, insurance service providers, driving license company and other important organisations.
• Arrange a babysitter for your moving day.
Pack up your home gym equipment properly using quality supplies.

Two Weeks prior to your move

• Prepare two weeks worth of food and use everything in the freezer.
• Remove expensive light fixtures if they belong to you.
• Pack an emergency kit bag and include everything, such as a first-aid box, a pair of clothes, etc.
• Pack up your precious items, such as pieces of jewellery and credential documents.
• Clean the entire house.

Moving Day Checklist

It is good to stay relaxed on the final moving day. You can follow this checklist to stay organised:

• Get up early on a moving day.
• Keep your floors and carpets protected while shifting heavy furniture
• Check your inventory list
• Follow COVID-19 precautions while moving belongings.


You should follow a complete moving checklist if you are moving for the first time, and it will help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the phase. Make sure you hire experienced removalists in Brisbane for the safety of your precious possessions.