How To Pack Your Electronics And Move Them Safely

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How To Pack Your Electronics And Move Them Safely

Jul 09, 2019

According to the census 2016, it was revealed that 30.9 % of the properties in Australia are on the lease, with Brisbane being the favoured city to stay for many people. Hence, it’s common for people to move from one place to another and the reasons can vary from needing more space, shifting for a new job, relocating for a better neighbourhood, end of the tenancy agreement etc.

If you are also planning to make a move, you need an adequate plan to make sure all your belongings, especially the electronics, get shifted to the new place safe and sound.

Moving electronics is a challenge as you need to be extra careful while packing to avoid causing damage to external and internal components. Considering this fact, it is better if you can get affordable removalists in Brisbane to do the job for you.

They are skilled professionals who are well-versed in packing delicate and heavy belongings. But, if you want to try to pack the electronics yourself, here are some useful tips.

Create A Checklist

Don’t forget that moving is a stressful process. It doesn’t matter how far you are moving, make sure you create a checklist of electronic items you want to take along with you. This step is essential as it helps you to know how many electronic items you need to pack and you accidentally don’t skip one. The checklist also helps you to make sure that all items got moved to your new space when you reach there.

Tip: Make sure you prepare a checklist at least 6-8 weeks before the final moving day. It will help you pack all these items safely without any mess.

Follow The Instructions

Every electronic comes with an instruction manual, which contains information about installation, operation as well as storing of the product. You can follow the instructions given by the manufacturer regarding packaging.

If you’ve misplaced the manual, you can check the manufacturer’s website and read the instructions online.

Keep The Boxes

This proactive measure is exceptionally beneficial while packing. If you have the original boxes of the product, it is great because it’s usually hard to find boxes that fit so well. However, you can get customised packing boxes from an experienced removalist in Brisbane.

Get Your Supplies

In the absence of original boxes, you can visit your nearest store to get the following items for packing your electronics well:

  • Sturdy corrugated boxes in different sizes
  • Packing paper and newspaper
  • Bubble wraps
  • Packing peanuts
  • Duck tape
  • Blank labels and stickers
  • Cellophane paper
  • Packing foam

Note: If you hire professional removalists in Brisbane, they bring the packing materials and custom packing boxes, which saves you the hassle of getting it yourself. Thus you can save a considerable amount of time, especially when you are moving during the holiday season.

Set a Colour Code

Believe it or not! Colour coding boxes when moving to a new place is the most overlooked task. If you want to keep a close track on your electronic items and organise the unpacking process, make sure you set a colour code for different devices.

For items like cords, chargers, etc., of electric devices, make colour schemes. For example, for your television’s HDMI cable, power cord, and any other accompanying item put a blue sticker on each of them. This way you’ll know each blue stickered item is with the television.

Box Them Well

While packing your electronic items, make sure they are sealed securely to avoid damage. For instance, if you are packing your laptop, put a piece of packing paper between the screen and keyboard, then wrap the device in packaging foam.

Next, secure it in bubble wrap with tape. Choose a small flat box for keeping the laptop. You can fill this box with packing peanut or place the packed laptop in it and seal shut the box with tape. Similarly, you can box other electronic items as well. Carefully pack your expensive electronic items for relocation.

Tip: You can search for the best Brisbane Removalists who can assist you in packing and transiting expensive electronic items with care and precision. They use the best materials and know the tricks of packing all types of household materials.

Disassemble The Items

Wrapping assembled electronics is complicated, so make sure you disassemble them first. However, keep all the accessories together in one box and follow a colour code.

Take Pictures

This step will help you to put your electronics together correctly. If you have an image to refer and it’s a lot easier to put the whole item together.

Store Them Correctly

After you’ve packed all the electrical good safely and securely, you’ll need to store them correctly to protect them. Avoid keeping them in a damp or dingy place. It is best if you can store them in an airy area. Don’t crowd or stack too many boxes together.

Label The Boxes

Labelling the boxes will make the moving process convenient for you. If you have put up labels like ‘Delicate’, ‘This Side Up’, ‘Desktop’, etc., you can easily decipher the items and also store them according in the moving truck.

Get Help

Packing electronics can be a daunting task. It is time-consuming, tedious, and requires a lot of energy. Hence to pack it is suitable if you can get family members or friends to help you. The more people you have to assist you, the easier it will be to do the job within the stipulated time.

On the other hand, you can forgo the hassle of doing it yourself and call in professional removalists in Brisbane. They will bring in the supplies and have the human resources to carry out the work efficiently.

Wrapping Up

Whether you choose to do the packing yourself or opt for affordable removalists in Brisbane, the result should be the electronic goods reaching your new destination in perfect condition.You can consider the tips mentioned-above in this article to protect your electronic items from being damaged during the transition process.