How To Properly Pack And Move Musical Instruments

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How To Properly Pack And Move Musical Instruments

Nov 26, 2020

Managing the removal of household items is usually challenging and confusing. Transporting heavy and delicate musical instruments adds to the stress and difficulty of moving. Music pieces like piano, organ, trumpets, saxophones, and drums, among others, require care, the right packing materials, and expertise while moving.

You can hire professional removalists in Brisbane to pack and move your musical instruments without any hassle or stress. However, if you are keen on moving them yourself, here is your complete guide on how to pack and move musical instruments properly.

Outlined below are tips for packing and moving a piano, brass instruments, string instruments, and drums. Additionally, you will find an answer to the question of why you should book removals experts in the city.


One of the most challenging instruments to pack and move is the piano because it is heavy and delicate. To pack this instrument, you will need moving straps with locks, blankets, and moving dolly. Here are the steps for packing and handling the instrument.

• To protect the keys, shut the lid and secure it with a moving strap.
• Wrap the piano in the blankets
• Please don’t lift the piano from legs and always keep it upright. Don’t shift it to the side or let it wobble.
• Get the piano on a moving dolly and strap the piano securely. Once you reach the moving truck, lock the wheels of the dolly and place the piano against the wall of the truck.

Tip: Moving heavy instruments like a piano and organs is difficult and may result in serious injuries and accidents. Thus, it is best to let professional removalists in Brisbane manage it for you. They have the required supplies and equipment to pack, lift, load/unload, and transport these instruments safely and efficiently.

Brass Instruments

For packing and moving brass instruments, you will need velvet-lined hard cases for keeping the body and parts. If a case is unavailable, you can use bubble or foam wrap to protect the pieces. Additionally, you may need packing peanuts, tape, flat or rectangular boxes etc.

• Take removable parts from the instruments and place them carefully in the hard case. If you are using bubble or foam wrap, secure the pieces and place them carefully in the box.
• Wrap the instrument in a blanket, towel, or foam wrap before placing in the box
• Wrap the instrument correctly to avoid packing peanuts from getting inside it.

String Instruments

Moving string instruments is more challenging than brass ones because the delicate strings can snap and the body of the instruments is usually made with wood. Also, wood gets damaged easily than brass which is a metal. Here are some tips for packing and moving string instruments.

• If possible, loosen strings of instruments and remove the straps.
• Get appropriate boxes for securely storing guitars, violins, and other string instruments
• Wrap the removable parts in bubble or foam wrap
• Make sure to secure the instrument in a foam wrap or blanket before placing in the box


Packing and moving drums can be tiresome because the instrument has numerous removable and delicate parts. If you are not taking assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane, here is how you can pack them.

• Disassemble the drum set and wrap each part like legs, drum heads, cymbals, and sticks with foam or bubble wrap.
• Get boxes to place these items together securely. Before placing the pieces or drums inside the box, line them with bubble or foam wrap using packing tape.
• Store smaller drums inside larger drums by removing the tops and wrapping them separately.

General Packing and Moving Tips

Here are some useful tips by expert removalists in Brisbane to help you pack and move your instruments efficiently.

• Invest in high-grade packing materials for maximum protection of your instruments.
• Use original packing boxes and cases if they are available and in good condition.
• Measure the instruments to get the right sizes of boxes
• Use moving equipment like straps, dollies, harnesses, etc. to support packed instruments and make it easier to load them on the moving truck.
• Always lift heavy instruments with the strength of your legs and keep your back and stomach taut.

Book Professional Removalists

Moving musical instruments is challenging for non-specialists due to lack of training and the right moving equipment. If packed incorrectly and handled without care, many instruments can sustain irreversible damage. Professional removalists in Brisbane are experts who have years of experience of moving small, large, delicate, and heavy musical instruments for long and short distances.

Professionals use the correct packing materials and ensure the instruments are packed securely to protect them from harm during handling and transit. Hiring professional removalists in Brisbane is an economical way to move your musical instruments and prevent loss of items.

Moving bulky instruments like a piano are difficult to manage during the lifting and loading process. They use padding and quality packing supplies to protect them from scratches. Some large instruments like drums can be taken apart and packed- which is great for long distance moves.

Make sure you search for a company which has at least 5 years of experience in packing and moving heavy appliances, musical instruments and large furniture from one place to another. They will take care of your much-loved possessions throughout the process. From packing your expensive instruments to loading them safely onto the truck, they leave no stone unturned to give you quality service at the best price.

The Bottom Line

With the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane who specialise in moving delicate and heavy musical instruments, you can manage the moving process without any hassle. Alternately, you can move your instruments by following the tips mentioned above. Make sure to get the right packing supplies, use correct techniques, and take professional help when required.