How To Protect Your Vacant House After Moving?

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How To Protect Your Vacant House After Moving?

Nov 29, 2021

Often homeowners move out of a house before it is sold and settle into the new residence. In such cases, the property’s structural integrity is threatened by environmental elements, or it becomes a target for burglars, trespassers or vandals. Maintaining the house’s safety, privacy, and appearance is a serious responsibility after your hired removalists in Brisbane move your belongings from it.

However, it is easier said than done because taking care of an empty property while you are in another place is challenging. Therefore, follow these tips to protect your vacant house after moving, in addition to dedicating your time and energy into selling it as soon as possible. Have a look.

Rent The Property

Property owners commonly lease vacant properties under a periodic lease agreement where the renter knows the house/unit is in the market for selling. The lessor can give a notice to leave to the tenant once they sell the property and sign a contract for providing the house with vacant possession to the buyer.

According to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, the notification for vacating a rental property is a notice to leave for sale contract. Through this method, you keep your property safe and maintained while looking for a reliable and reasonable offer.

Ensure The House Has Proper Security

Prioritise the protection of your vacant house to keep it private and safe from trespassers, thieves, etc. Ensure the locks are working properly before leaving the house and regularly inspect them to check for malfunctions.

Additionally, install a security system with alarms and cameras, which you can control and monitor with your phone. You can visually monitor the house and get notifications if there is a break-in.

Maintain Curb Appeal

Maintaining your empty house’s appearance and attraction while it is on the market is crucial for increasing the value of your home for sale. What’s more, it is necessary to give an impression the property is occupied or well-taken care of to prevent it from catching the eye of anti-social elements. Here are some tips for maintaining the curb appeal of your house.

• Get landscaping that requires less attention and braves any weather.
• Install proper smart lights you can control through an app or have motion sensors.
• Mow the lawn and remove weeds to eliminate hiding spaces for pests like rats, spiders, racoons etc.
• Make sure the driveways and pathways are clean.
• Keep windows and doors clean.
• Keep outdoor walls painted and maintained.

You can enhance the curb appeal of your property after your hired removalists in Brisbane move your belongings. It is less messy and cumbersome to complete home advancement projects of an empty property than an occupied one.

Get It Professionally Cleaned

Finding time to clean your property after moving out is difficult, which is why it is best to hire professional cleaners in Brisbane to do it for you. Reputed companies offer a variety of house cleaning services that you can get, as per requirement. Property owners with vacant properties can avail of end of lease cleaning service in Brisbane to ensure their house is spotless and sparkling.

They can also remove the trash, clean the blinds, pressure wash outdoor areas and do much more. A clean house makes a good impression on buyers, and it is easier to stage for you or a design too.

Don’t Cut The Electricity

You should discontinue or transfer all the house utilities after moving out but keeping the electricity supply is important. It helps keep the lights and security system running, making your house look occupied. This solution is practical when you expect the house to sell in a few months and have the time to wait for the right buyer. It is also crucial the HVAC system works while the house is vacant to prevent mould, burst pipes or other damage.

Hang Visible Dummy Cameras

Besides having a real security system with cameras to keep an eye on your empty house, put up a few dummy ones. Make sure they are clearly visible to let anyone coming to your house know they are under surveillance.

This measure can deter burglars, trespassers and vandals from entering the premises. Most dummy cameras have a red blinking light atop the lenses to make them appear real and working. However, don’t make the mistake of only putting these cameras up for protecting your house and not getting a proper surveillance system.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new house is exciting but if your old house is still on the market for sale, feeling anxious about the vacant property’s security is natural. Therefore, you need to follow the tips shared above to protect your house after your hired removalists in Brisbane have moved your belongings from it.