How To Stage Your Home While Preparing For A Move?

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How To Stage Your Home While Preparing For A Move?

Apr 30, 2019

Are you shifting to a new house in Brisbane? If you are relocating, then you may need to sell your current house first. This means staging a home is one of the most important tasks that can’t be skipped or ignored. Staging is the process of preparing a house to engage as many potential buyers as possible.

A sparkling clean and well-maintained home has the potential to attract buyers and that’s why it is imperative to stick with the basics while preparing a move. Since you are leaving your current property, make sure you de-clutter all rooms and thoroughly clean all the areas before the final move out. With the proper planning and moving checklist, you can prepare your house before the moving day.

First of all, hire the best removalists in Brisbane which can pack and relocate your valuable belongings to the new residence with care and precision. After that, you can create a complete checklist to make your current house as inviting and visually appealing as possible to the potential home buyers. Make sure you get your packing done when selling your current house.

Here is the list of things you can do to stage your house while preparing for a move. Let’s get started!

1. Clear the Mess

House relocation is a burdensome task, and it becomes even more challenging when you need to prepare the house for the potential buyers. Since both the tasks involve an elbow grease, make sure you manage them without any chaos.

You can start by decluttering the entire house. It is good to get rid of all the items that you will not be taking with you to your new home. Go through all the rooms and make a list of all the belongings so that you can organise them into three different piles. You can either donate the items to charity in Brisbane or sell them in the garage sale.

If something is not worth selling, you can recycle it or throw it away. All you need to do is to reduce a load of your packing while staging your home.

2. Systematically Pack your Belongings

A well-planned packing can save you from unwanted hassles and also make your work easier while staging your house. It is vital to have a strategic plan while packing your precious items, wrapping the fragile stuff and moving your expensive and bulky furniture.

It is good to wrap all the belongings in labelled boxes using the best quality of packing supplies. If you want to de-clutter your closet, make sure it is on the top of your moving checklist, so that you can arrange everything and make a box to gather all the clothes that you want to take with you to the new place.

Tip: Hire Brisbane Removalists who can assist you in packing chores using high-quality supplies and innovative techniques to protect your precious items during the entire process.

3. Thorough Cleaning

Staging a home is a concept where you deep clean every nook and cranny of the house for the potential buyer. Once you are done with the packing chore, ensure you remove dust, dirt, grime and mildew from different surfaces of your property to make it look sparkling clean once again. If you don’t have enough time for these chores, you can hire professional bond cleaning company in Brisbane for the task as this is a crucial step when it comes to selling a house before the final move.

4. Paint your Walls

If you want to prepare your house for the sale, don’t forget to paint your rooms using a neutral colour. Don’t go too loud or light while painting your rooms. Stick with beige or a grey palette because such colours quickly appeal to the prospectus buyer. Do thorough research and try to paint your walls after packing all your belongings that you want to take along with you.

Tip: Make sure you touch up baseboards, crown moulding and stairwells.

5. Repairing & Maintaining

Home staging allows you to take the tiny scratches, holes, nicks and other maintenance work that could restrict people from buying your home. You can begin by checking each room to get rid of scuffs from walls. This scenario comes when you are not touching up your walls.

You can apply the paint only on the areas where previously applied paint has removed. It is done to show the potential home buyers that you have maintained the property perfectly. So, repair the scratches and nicks while preparing for a move.


Staging a home to sell before the final move out can be a smart move. Make smart decisions, follow the process, and stick to the packing & moving checklist. If you want professionals for the safe removal of your belongings and heavy furniture, then hire the best Brisbane removalists. They can reduce the stress out of your move and take care of your belonging while letting you focus on the other important things like home staging.