Moving House: 9 Tips For First Time Renters

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What Every First-Time Renter Needs to Know

Moving House: 9 Tips For First Time Renters

May 18, 2020

Relocating to your first rental apartment is a big decision of moving out of your parents’ house. Many people also move to new places for a job and higher education. They also look for a rental property. The freedom of living on your own can be very exciting, but being a first-time renter is not at all easy. This independence comes with a lot more responsibilities.

And that’s why people hire cheap removalists in Brisbane as they can significantly reduce the overall moving stress. But it is not the only thing that can help you. Here are some useful tips that can be very helpful for the first time renters. Let’s have a look!

1. Plan a budget and stick to it

When you are looking for a rental property, it is essential that you prepare a moving budget and stick to it. People who do not follow a budget usually end up paying unnecessary money. With a budget, you can keep thing under control and make adjustments to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Ideally, you should try to focus on those places where you only need to spend 30% of your income on household essentials like rent and utilities. This is why the budget is so essential for first-time renters.

2. Give priority to your requirements

If you are moving to a rental property for the first time, one of the most important things is to understand your basic needs. Instead of looking for a fancy house, you should look for a rental property that can fulfil your requirements. For instance, if you do not have your own vehicle to move, you should look for a place which is at a walking distance from public transport. This is a crucial factor that can make your daily life a lot easier.

3. Read the agreement properly

If you have finalised a property for rent and ready to sign the agreement, be a little careful and read it correctly. Many people, particularly those who are moving to a rental property for the first time, do not read it thoroughly and later they regret it.

You should always read the agreement properly so that you can know about the clauses that the landlord has included. Many agreements clearly mention whether the renters can bring any pet or not, what should be the notice period and other similar essential information.

4. Take pictures before moving in

Before you move into a rental property, take photographs of the property properly and share it with the property manager. This helps you when you will move out the property. The pictures will not allow the landlord to hold you responsible for any damage to the property that was already there.

You can use them as proof to get back your security deposit. Take pictures of all the rooms one by one and keep it in your file as essential documents. If you are moving to a rental property for the first time, this is a handy tip.

5. Hire removalists for moving

If you are moving for the first time to a rental property, you will have to get involved in too many responsibilities, and that can be very stressful. In this scenario, cheap removalists in Brisbane can be very helpful. They can take care of all your belongings and transport them safely to your new destination.

The professionals save your time and energy which you can use in other vital aspects of moving. However, you should take your time to choose a reputed removals company.

6. Declutter before relocating

Many move to a new place in search of job and education and opt for rental property. If you are also one of them, then you must consider the fact that rental properties are usually smaller in size in comparison to the original house. So, you need to declutter your home before moving out. It will save your time, efforts and money. If you are hiring removalists in Brisbane, it will be easier for the professionals.

7. Do not modify without owners’ permission

Many tenants make a huge mistake during their stay in the rental property. They make modifications in the property as per their requirement but do not realise the importance of consulting the landlord. In the end, the tenants lose their security deposit due to these changes. Whatever changes you want to make in the property always ask for permission from the landlord and that too in writing.

8. Identify the scams

The First Time Renters often experience scams when looking for a rental property. Thus you should know how to avoid the frauds and choose the genuine one. Here are a few things that can be considered as an indication of scams.

• If the rental is much lower than the standard market rate.
• If you are asked to deposit the security amount without signing any lease agreement.
• If the property in reality, do not match with the pictures of the advertisement.
• If you are not allowed to visit the property before paying the bond money.

9. Clean the property before moving out

If you are first-time renters, then you should know that before moving out of the property, you must clean it perfectly and do all the essential repairs. If your landlord feels the property is not properly clean, you can lose your security deposit. Hire experienced removalists in Brisbane so that you can focus on the cleaning part.


First-time renting thing is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is be concentrate on the essential aspects of a rental property, and things will get a lot easier. If you are also planning to move to a place as a tenant for the first time, consider the useful tips mentioned here.