Moving Paperwork – Important Moving Documents And Forms

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Moving Paperwork – Important Moving Documents And Forms

Dec 15, 2021

Moving household belongings from one location to another is a tedious task. Preparing everything at least 6-8 eights before the moving day ensures a streamlined process throughout the journey.

Apart from arranging necessary packing supplies, make sure you keep track of important moving documents and forms. The moving paperwork includes all the necessary forms, documents, and permissions required when relocating to a new place.

Whether it is an estimate from your local removalists in Brisbane or a bill of lading, it is good to compile all important documents in a moving binder to carry out the moving tasks without any stress. Make sure you consider the Queensland border restrictions if moving across the new state during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a list of all the required documents and forms that entrails your home relocation paperwork:

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1. Moving Estimate

After evaluating all the household belongings, the moving company will send you a written quote for your relocation. This estimate involves transportation charges, packing services labour, Storage charges, insurance and other additional services. So, it is good to check different types of moving estimates before making the final decision. These are:

Non-binding Quote: Companies send you the estimates depending on the weight of your move.

Binding Estimate: It is a fixed price based on a shipment’s calculated amount of weight. You will need to pay what they were actually estimated, regardless of the actual weight of your shipment.

Make sure you keep this document with you on the final moving day. It is good to arrange all moving documents together in a folder.

2. Bill of Lading

If you want professionals to transit precious possessions to the new place, you will finalise the quote and book the service. At that time, you will receive the bill of lading, which is an official binding contract between you and the removalists. Everything will be included in the bill of lading -from moving rate to payment method, insurance information to origin and destination.

Keep this document in your moving folder, especially if you are moving across the state.

3. Order for Service

When hiring Brisbane removalists, you will receive a copy of the order for service for your moving belongings. This crucial document is attached to your bill of lading and involves moving estimate details, delivery dates, pick up dates and added services. You and the moving company will sign the order for service.

4. Inventory Documentation

You will receive a descriptive inventory form after the evaluation of your inventory by the driver. This documentation includes all household belongings, boxes, etc loaded onto the truck or moving vehicle.

So, you need to review that form to see all your belongings are in place before you move.

Of course you are excited about your new home, but don’t forget to check all your belongings or precious possessions. Also, consider 12 things while inspecting an apartment before you actually move. This will give you a better idea that the new place is safe and secure for your family.

5. A copied document of “Your Rights and Responsibilities

When you hire a removals company for an interstate move, they will give you a copy of the “Your Rights and Responsibilities while moving” document. This includes comprehensive information about your rights and responsibilities and instructions to help you know how to register a complaint or raise a query related to the move.

Do not hire removalists if they refuse to give you a copy of “Your rights and responsibility” document.

6. Documents of Liability Options

Usually, all the different levels of liability are already mentioned in the Your Rights and Responsibilities document. But, you will also get an added document of liability option.

Local moving companies, who are obligated to state transportation laws and not federal regulations, may have different liability options for their customers.

Being a responsible customer, you should request full details of these options before picking your plan. Make the documents have proper information regarding the released value protection and full valued protection.

7. IRS Tax Deduction Forms

If you are moving to a new city or state for work, you may need to claim moving expenses deductions using the IRS form. According to this, all moving expenses must be related to starting work in a new place.

Deduct the charitable donations from your taxes if you donate pre-loved items to the local charity in Brisbane before moving. Keep the donation receipts with you as you have to file them with your taxes.

8. Change of Address

Make sure you change your mailing address while relocating your home. You can update the new address with the local postal service so that you will receive important mails without any problem. So, keep that document with you.

9. School Documents

Are you moving with your school-aged children? If yes, then request a copy of their school records while transferring schools. It includes report cards, immunisation certificates, test scores, etc that will be required at a new school in Queensland.


Whether moving within the city or across the new state, make sure you complete all the paperwork and gather important documents and forms on time. It is good to research reliable Brisbane Removalists to get the estimated quote and other necessary details in an organised manner.